Lexx Little Workout & Diet Plan for Massive Growth

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Last updated: November 26, 2023
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Lex Little is one of the youngest fitness influencers online, and despite his young age, he has gained a great deal of respect for the work he does in sharing his workout routine and diet approach.

As a personal fitness coach, I'm always looking for new ideas from young fitness enthusiasts, and our team spent a couple of days going over his social media profiles to come up with a full list of his exercises.

Fortunately, he's very generous with providing information online, and we were able to test this plan with a few clients.

Quick Summary

  • Lexx Little has developed a workout routine that covers everything from the decline bench press to calf raises and barbell curl to leg raises.
  • By targeting all muscle groups over five days, he gives his body enough time to recover between sessions and maximize muscle growth.
  • Workout programs like this also require careful attention to nutrition, both from a food intake and supplement perspective.

Lexx Little Stats

  • Born: May 2, 2001
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 185 lbs.
  • Waist: 28"
  • Chest: 46"

Lexx Little's Workout Routine

Lex Little flexing in the gym

The Lexx Little workout routine aims to target every muscle group over five days. And what's more important than heavy weights is proper lifting techniques with proper posture.

What I mean is that Lexx is very aware that maximizing the range of motion has more benefits than prematurely choosing a heavier load for the workout plan [1].

I tell all my clients that if they just slow down their movements and increase their range of motion, they'll achieve the muscular stature of their dreams a lot faster than by adding a few pounds to each set.

Monday - Chest And Shoulder Muscles

Here are mainly compound movements that can help minimize muscular imbalances [2].

Try to do three sets of eight to ten reps.

  • Decline bench press
  • Standard bench press
  • Seated overhead press
  • Chest dip
  • Dumbbell chest press
  • Lateral dumbbell raise

Tuesday - Back And Arm Muscles

A person working out arm and back muscles

This is a very rewarding day, and it's all about bringing on the pain as quickly as possible.

You should aim to hit failure by ten reps at the most:

  • Wide grip pull up
  • Cable rope pullover
  • Barbell curls
  • Reverse dumbbell fly
  • Military push-ups
  • Bent-over one-arm rows
  • Seated cable row

Wednesday - Leg Muscles

Making sure that your legs stay in proportion to your upper body, maintaining balance is vital to getting a greek god body, and avoiding the lollipop effect of skinny legs:

  • Leg press
  • Leg extension
  • Hamstring curls
  • Back squats
  • Calf raises

Thursday - Arm Muscles

A person doing preacher curls in the gym

This day is specifically dedicated to developing and training the arms: forearms, biceps, and triceps.

As a personal trainer, these are also the ones I put on my clients' programs most often:

  • Preacher curl
  • Reverse grip dumbbell curl
  • Triceps kickbacks
  • Overhead triceps extension
  • Wrist curls
  • Hammer curls

Friday - Abs And Core

And the social media influencer finishes off the week with a popular session for his core.

All of these workouts should be done to failure and with as many sets as you can do:

  • Glute bridge
  • Standing cable crunch
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Weighted plank and side plank
  • Bicycle kicks
  • V-ups

What's His Diet Plan?

Close up shot of diet food

Lexx Little's diet mainly revolves around getting the right nutrients to maintain and build his lean muscle mass and not end up with muscle wasting from not eating enough.

While he wouldn't be eating the same amounts as a bodybuilder preparing for Mr. Olympia, the fitness influencer still needs 3000 or more calories a day.

That means three large protein and complex carb-rich meals a day.

And to make sure he has enough protein throughout the day to support the workout routine, he also has some snacks that are rich in recommended amino acids.

Does He Take Supplements?

Yes, Lexx Little takes supplements in order to support his diet.

Getting that much protein in through food alone can translate into more chicken breasts than anyone wants to see in a day. 

That means that one of his main supplements will be multiple protein shakes each day.

Those need to come ideally from high-quality grass-fed whey protein to get the best nutrients for muscle protein synthesis.

“Bro when I don’t take any preworkout I don’t even want to listen to music in the gym for some reason like it just doesn’t hit correctly.”

- Lexx Little

The other thing on Lexx Little's stack is a highly rated pre-workout supplement for men.

These can boost your energy, strength, and stamina just enough to add a few more pounds to each set. And when you add that up over a few months, you get big results.


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