10 Hottest Female Track Athletes (2024) Sexy Runners Ranked

Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT
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Last updated: March 21, 2024
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Having been an avid follower of track events for years, I've always been in awe of the speed, grace, and beauty that female runners exhibit. It's no surprise that some of the world's sexiest athletes are these incredible women.

So, what secrets lie behind the speed and stamina of the world's most captivating female runners?

As we prepare to reveal the stories of these extraordinary athletes, reflect on what sets them apart not only on the track, but also in life.

When you think about the hottest female track athletes, can't you help but wonder, what makes them run.

Top 10 Sexiest Female Runners

10. Emma Coburn

I remember watching Coburn's race; the energy was palpable. She specializes in the 3000-meter steeplechase and is the first-ever American woman to win gold at the 2017 World Championship in London.

In the year before that, she also won a bronze medal at the 2016 Olympic Games and was the only woman to do so.

The secret behind her success and beauty is a carb-heavy diet, which is needed as she runs 80 miles a week.

Protein is a major priority for Coburn, and despite what health nuts may tell you, Coburn is living proof that apparently, you don’t need to count calories to become one of the hottest female athletes in the world.


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9. Tirunesh Dibaba

Tirunesh is an Ethiopian athlete who has won the world cross-country sport championship three times.

She is also the first to win the 5000/10,000m double at the World Championships and hold three gold medals.

The secret behind Dibaba’s stamina comes down to light training. She jogs for just over an hour and runs at a brisk pace twice per week. The cute baby-face also does not lift weights nor run for more than 80 minutes per session.

Compared to some of the hottest female athletes in the world that are more brash, Tiru is more reserved in her demeanor, which is attractive in its own way. Tirunesh is often referred to as the "Queen of Long Distance," having dominated both 5000m and 10000m races for over a decade, a testament to her endurance and consistency.


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8. Allyson Felix

I've been following Allyson's career since her early days. Allyson is a U.S. track athlete whose fortes are short distances and racking up gold medals. Allyson is one of the most decorated female Olympians, with eleven Olympic medals under her belt.

She is also the only woman in the world who has won an Olympic gold medal seven times and counting.

Despite being featured in Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential Persons of 2020 list as one of the world’s hottest female athletes, she hasn’t let her success get to her head.

Allyson prioritizes her family, which consists of her husband Kenneth Ferguson and a three-year-old daughter.


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7. Georgeanne Moline

Georgeanne Moline is one of the world’s hottest athletes and track and field marathoners.

Moline finished fifth in the 2012 London Olympic Games but missed the Rio 2016 games due to a back injury.

Since she is one of the world’s sexiest athletes, her fans always find a breathtaking thrill in watching the beauty participate in the 400-meter hurdles as her gentle yet firm muscles stretch themselves on the track toward the finish line.

6. Christina Vukicevic Demidov

Amongst the hottest female athletes in the world, Christina is considered to possess a perfect body and is also a seven-time 100-meter hurdles Norway champion.

In 2003, she was one of the few female athletes who won a gold medal at the European Youth Olympic Games/Festival. In 2004, she finished fifth at the World Junior Championship, but she tremendously improved her performance over the following year, where she came second.

In 2010, the sports star went on to win a bronze medal at the European Championship.

Unlike many beautiful athletes and because of her strong family values, Christina looked beyond the allure of bronze medals to marry the world’s celebrated footballer, Vadim Demidov, and left sports in 2016.

5. Ivet Lalova-Collio

Lalova-Collio is a Bulgarian track and field athlete. She is a contender in 100-meter and 200-meter sprints for which she has competed in 4 Olympic Games.

Ivet has contested in high-level competitions and emerged a champion.

In 2005, Ivet participated in a 200-meter race and won the women’s European Indoor Championships. She is also one of the few hottest female athletes who won gold at the 2012 European Athletics Championships.

Even though Ivet has yet to win an Olympic medal, she is ranked twelfth in the top fastest female athletes in the 100-meter dash. Ivet is a testament to perseverance. After a severe injury in 2005 that could have ended her career, she made a comeback and continued to compete at the highest level.


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4. Louise Hazel

Louise Hazel is both a former U.K. track and field Olympics champion and one of the hottest female athletes in the world. Presently, Hazel works as a podcast and TV host, a private trainer, and a general health expert.

These endeavors have paid off as it is no wonder that Hazel features among the world’s sexy female runners.

Even though Hazel no longer competes, she is still actively training.

Like other hottest female athletes, regular training keeps her in shape for her health and public appearances, like in movies and live reality TV shows, such as The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars, and live workouts for popular sports brands.

3. Michelle Jenneke

Michelle Jenneke,  one of the hottest female world champions, won a silver medal at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics 100 meter hurdles. She has also won gold at the 2016 Australian Athletics Championship 100 meter hurdles.

The Australian hurdler is popular for her bouncy dance warm-up - Jenneke’s pre-race warm-up dances became an Internet sensation in 2012 and earned her global media attention. Beyond her viral dance, Michelle Jenneke has been involved in community outreach, promoting youth involvement in sports.

Her beauty has rightly earned her an enviable spot in the world of beauty, modeling, and perennial affiliation with the world’s most beautiful athletes.

As a result, Jenneke has appeared in the 2013 Swimsuit Issue of the famous magazine Sports Illustrated, courtesy of her pretty looks.


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2. Ivona Dadic

Ivona has participated in the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games as an Austrian heptathlete.

Ivona turned out second in the European Indoor Championships and third at the European Championships. At these games, the sports star attained three personal bests – the javelin, long jump, and 800 meters.

The sports champion attributes her beauty and fitness to healthy lifestyle habits.

By watching what she eats and engaging in a challenging, yet moderate workout routine, Dadic is able to push her limits and be on par with the hottest female athletes in the world.

1. Alica Schmidt

Alica Schmidt is a German runner and one of the world’s hottest female athletes.

The hot tamale finished second at the 2017 Under-20 European Cup in 4x400 meter relay and third at the 2019 Under-23 European Championships in the 4x400 meter relay.

In January 2020, Schmidt was crowned the Sexiest Athlete in the World by Busted Coverage, an Australian magazine. Apart from her track achievements, Alica is also a fitness influencer, sharing training tips and routines to inspire upcoming athletes on her social media platforms.

Schmidt’s beautiful looks, good health, and physical fitness easily make her a top contender among the hottest women in sports.

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