Amara La Negra Weight Loss Journey (Her Secrets Revealed)

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Last updated: November 20, 2023
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From the moment Amara La Negra joined Love and Hip Hop Miami with a larger-than-life afro, fans left kind words about her personality.

And I don’t think it ever dawned on anyone that she was carrying too much weight.

When our team took a closer look at older TV shows and compared her physique to more recent social media posts, we did notice that she went through quite a transformation.

So, we dug a bit deeper and spent a day with our dietitian taking a close look at what she had revealed in public.

Quick Summary

  • Amara La Negra started her weight loss journey weighing 230 lbs, and managed to lose 35 lbs.
  • Negra still amazed people with her weight loss and gained even more followers.
  • Amara eats less portions of meals throughout the day to maintain her current weight.

How Did Amara La Negra Lose So Much Weight?

Amara La Negra was able to lose so much weight because stress led to her eating significantly less on a daily basis.

She says that it was almost accidental weight loss, and she hadn’t considered that she needed to drop some pounds.

She has even gone as far as saying that she didn’t mind being a bit unhealthy and embraced her cellulite and stretch marks.

But when she saw the benefits of dropping over 30 pounds, she seemed to have embraced being more cautious about what she eats and proactive about exercise and staying active.

Overall, Amara La Negra’s weight loss story has achieved a combination of fans voicing support and abandoning her because she is no longer as curvy as she was before.

Losing weight has had both positive and negative impacts on Amara La Negra's journey. While stress-induced decreased appetite contributed to her weight loss, it also unintentionally led to changes in her body, including the reduction of her curves and the appearance of stretch marks.

Initially embracing her cellulite and stretch marks, Amara's perception shifted as she witnessed the benefits of shedding over 30 pounds. This experience motivated her to adopt a more mindful approach to her diet and exercise routine.

While some fans support her transformation, others criticize the change in her appearance. Despite the mixed reactions, Amara's weight loss journey serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding body image and the importance of individual well-being.

“Everyone keeps telling me how they liked me thicker but my thickness and my unhealthy ways were killing me. 230 pounds with no kids. No ma’am! I knew I needed to get my life back on track.”

- Amara La Negra

Body Stats

  • Born: October 4, 1990
  • Height: 5’8”
  • Starting Weight: 230 lbs
  • Total Weight Loss: 35 lbs

How Did She Change Her Diet?

Amara changed her diet more accidentally than consciously at a time when she was under a lot of stress. And there is plenty of evidence that stress can lead to weight loss [1].

However, this is not a healthy way to lose weight as it can cause many both mental and physical health issues.

Amara La Negra’s diet essentially ended up being a calorie restriction, from what we can interpret from the star’s comments to her fan base. 

Our dietitian also confirmed that it can be a common side effect of continued and chronic stress and that the amount of weight that Amara lost would be in line with what she has seen with some of the clients she helps.

What’s Her Exercise Routine?

A woman stretching on stairs

Amara La Negra hasn’t said anything specific about a weight loss exercise routine.

So, we had to do some ‘detective work’ to see if we could find out a bit more. There was one interview where she briefly mentioned that she had a new appreciation for going to the gym.

As a personal fitness coach, I would expect she predominantly does cardio workouts with some light strength training for women to add a bit of tone to her body [2].

Overall, most of her assuring fan base left kind words when they saw her proudly embracing her more athletic body shape.

But, unfortunately, there are some haters and former followers out there who criticized her for abandoning the curvy shape she wasn’t shy of.

While Amara La Negra hasn't shared specifics about her weight loss routine, her gym visits are helping her lose weight.

Amara’s Supplements

Amanda has also not shared any information about any diet or weight loss supplements she has taken.

But considering how fast she was able to lose weight, my dietitian suggested that anyone who wants to achieve the same should consider taking a fat-burning supplement.

These products aim to boost your metabolic rate slightly to burn off more calories. And at the same time, they can help suppress hunger cravings so that you can cut down on food intake.


How Much Weight Did Amara From Love And Hip Hop Miami Lose?

Amara from Love And Hip Hop Miami lost about 35 pounds in just a few months. This wasn’t an intentional weight loss effort initially, but she has adapted her diet and exercise to maintain her new and improved weight.

Did Amada La Negra Have Her Body Done?

No, there is no evidence that Amara La Negra has had her body done or undergone any form of body improvement surgery. Having lost weight quite suddenly, there were rumors of liposuction, but these have never been proven true.


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