Chrissy Metz Weight Loss Journey (Her Secrets Uncovered)

Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT
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Last updated: January 15, 2024
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Chrissy Metz shocked people with her weight transformation after losing 100 lbs in five months.

I always find that celebrities like Chrissy Metz, Chrissy Teigen, Adele, and others who have undergone transformative weight loss journeys, have their own unique experiences, challenges, and triumphs. So I analyze them to gain insight that will motivate my clients.

I spent a couple of days going through Chrissy Metz's interviews, TV appearances, and YouTube videos to learn how she improved her health, build, and fitness.

Let's explore Chrissy Metz’s weight loss journey more closely.

Chrissy's Stats

  • Born: September 29, 1980
  • Height: 5' 5"
  • Starting Weight: 264 lbs
  • Total Weight Loss: 100 lbs

What Is Chrissy Metz’s Diet Plan?

Close up shot of Chrissy Metz diet meal

Chrissy Metz’s diet plan consists of a calorie deficit regimen of 2000 calories per day. In my coaching sessions, I always emphasize on staying on a calorie deficit, similar to Chrissy's approach. It's a strategy that I've seen work wonders for my clients.

Her weight reduction began with her eating six small meals daily, primarily consisting of vegetables, lean meats, and nutritious carbohydrates.

She strictly shunned unhealthy foods and stuck to her daily fewer calories target of 2000. Besides weight loss, such a transformation requires a consistent approach to exercise, diet, and mental well-being to ensure the achievements are sustainable in the long run.

According to the review from the National Library of Medicine, a calorie-excess diet, or feeding your healthy body additional nutrition, is one of the main reasons most individuals gain weight [1].

Our eating habits nowadays include junk and processed food rather than whole meals.

These processed foods are high in fat and low in nutrients, which end up being retained in our bodies, making people gain weight [2].

Chrissy Metz also took supplements to help her with her weight loss goal. She claimed to have used Garcinia Cambogia which promotes fat cell breakdown by boosting lipolysis levels in the body [3].

Metz also took beta-hydroxybutyrate. According to Matthew Stefan, it gives energy by burning accumulated fat within the body [4].

What Is Chrissy Metz’s Workout Routine?

A bunch of people doing cardio in the gym

Chrissy Metz's workout routine consisted of simple yet effective cardio and strength workouts for women. It's a routine that I often recommend to my female clients which consistently shows results for women of all ages.

She exercised for at least five days a week to stay active and melt the stubborn fat on her body.

She alternated between cardio workouts for weight loss and strength training. According to the National Library of Medicine, these workouts enhance lung, heart, and mental health while stimulating muscular tone [5].

In addition, her daily 20-minute walks made her active without fail. The combination of these routines aided Metz in having a healthy weight.

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss Struggle Since Childhood

In a discussion she had with The Hollywood Reporter, she stated that she was "born chubby" but had been smaller at various points in her life.

"My buddies could eat anything they wanted, but I understood as a youngster that if I did eat certain foods, I would totally gain weight. I had to be very careful of what I ate."

- Chrissy Metz, Actress, Singer

Chrissy also stated that she related to Kate since they both struggled with weight loss and had parents who didn't know how to cope.

Chrissy also spoke about her hard relationship with her stepdad in her biography.

She claimed that her physique offended him; however, he couldn't help but gaze, particularly whenever she was eating. He even joked about placing a lock on the refrigerator.

Chrissy had the feeling that her mom preferred shopping and trying on outfits with her younger and slimmer siblings.

Things to Learn From Chrissy Metz's Weight Loss Journey

Close up shot of a person writing down notes in a gym

From my experience as a Health & Fitness Coach, I can attest to the effectiveness of Chrissy Metz's weight-loss tips.

With the right guidance and commitment, you, too, can get fantastic weight reduction results if you apply these tips:

  • Reduce your intake of processed foods: Processed foods contain harmful elements that might undermine your weight loss attempts. Remove the fast foods and replace them with nutritious natural meals.
  • Get started: The best part is that you don't have to spend hours at the gym to see results. Simply increasing your everyday physical activity level will assist in raising your metabolism and burning more calories than you eat.
  • Maintain a steady exercise and diet routine: Sticking to your food and exercise plan is essential if you want to see improvements. This includes no cheat days or missed exercises. If you make a mistake, don't punish yourself; instead, get back up and keep going.

Always keep in mind that consistency is essential for long-term weight reduction success.

Did Chrissy Metz Lose Weight in This Is Us?

Chrissy Mets on This Is Us the show

Yes, Chrissy Metz did lose weight in “This Is Us.” Due to Kate's storyline, Chrissy's contract contained a clause requiring her to lose weight alongside her character.

She stated it was a win-win situation for her since it's more challenging to accomplish it on her own. Moreover, Chrissy Metz stated that she believed in four things that acted as inspiration for her to lose 100 lbs.

  • The past made her physical and mental health stronger.
  • There are negative effects to being overweight.
  • Meditation helped her gain confidence and embark on her journey to lose weight.
  • Self-love is more vital than anything else.

Despite the difficulties, Metz remained optimistic and motivated to attain her weight-loss target.

Who Is Chrissy Metz?

Chrissy Metz inside her house

Christine Michelle Metz, popularly known as Chrissy Metz, is a Florida-born actress and singer best known for her role as Kate Pearson on the NBC television drama “This Is Us.”

Her career began in 2005 with modest appearances in cinema and television. However, after relocating to Los Angeles in 2016, she got her breakthrough role in the TV series "This Is Us."

Like some of my own clients, Metz has suffered with weight since she was a kid. Seeing her connect with her character Kate Pearson, who also struggles with losing weight reminded me of countless stories I've heard from my clients. It made her journey even more relatable.


How Much Weight Did Chrissy Metz Lose?

Chrissy Metz lost almost 100 lbs in five months by strictly adhering to a 2000-calorie-a-day diet and walking for 20 minutes daily.

What Is the Current Weight of Chrissy Metz?

Chrissy Metz currently weighs around 182 pounds. According to conventional body weight, she is healthier than she was previously.

What Disease Does Chrissy Metz Have?

Chrissy Metz has an eating disorder, and it's apparent that she's spent years reflecting and working on her relationship with food.

Losing Weight Like Chrissy Metz

Chrissy Metz's weight loss principles are easy to follow and straightforward. You should fix your diet and start getting active almost every day.

If you still struggle to see the results, I recommend incorporating a high-quality fat burner into your regimen.

We've tested dozens of fat burners, and these stood out to be the best. They can suppress your cravings and give you energy and focus during your workout sessions.


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