Darcey Silva Weight Loss Journey (Transformation Revealed)

Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT
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Last updated: July 18, 2024
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Fans of 90 Day Fiancé will remember Darcey Silva from multiple seasons of the hit TV show. And while I only occasionally watched the show, I did become interested in her weight loss journey and the before-and-after images.

To find out what she did differently to her twin Stacey Silva, we spent a few days going through her Instagram feed and examining the full-body video where she showed off her mommy makeover.

As it turns out, she didn’t take dieting and exercise to a drastic stage but still managed to achieve quite a transformation.

Darcey Silva’s Body Transformation

Darcey Silva rose to fame with her debut on 90 Day Fiancé. Initially, her weight didn't seem an issue, but post-pregnancy, she opted for a lifestyle overhaul, including weight loss.

This mirrors a common trend in entertainment, where maintaining a specific body image is heavily influenced by societal norms.

Despite some public criticism for endorsing certain brands and books, these played a role in her success.

In my experience as a fitness coach, I've seen similar pressures and transformations among clients, especially after major life events like childbirth.

But taking a closer look at the changes in her appearance and the timeline shows that she has done more than just focus on her platinum hair.

“Honestly it was just something I’ve always been passionate about, to keep myself youthful and young and happy in life in general.”

- Darcey Silva

Body Stats:

  • Born: September 23, 1974
  • Height: 5’7”
  • Starting Weight: n/a
  • Total Weight Loss: n/a

How Did She Change Her Diet?

How Darcey Silva changed her diet is not known, as she hasn’t spoken too much about that or how much weight she lost in total.

The only thing she mentioned after being on 90 Day Fiancé was that she managed to lose five pounds in one week. 

That’s a lot of weight loss, and I would hazard a guess that some of that must’ve been water weight, as Women's Health shows [1].

In my experience as a personal fitness coach, I believe that 2-3 pounds of weekly fat loss are a little more realistic.

What’s Her Exercise Routine?

Women doing aerobic exercises in gym

Darcey’s exercise routine and weight loss program involve spending a lot more hours of the day being active, something I often recommend to my clients.

In my experience, incorporating regular outdoor activities like morning walks and runs, like Dorsey does, can significantly contribute to weight loss.

The key to weight loss is being active every day and adding 3-4 aerobic exercise routines every week as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [2].

Your goal should be burning more calories than you’re taking in, and that will ultimately lead to your body burning off fat reserves.

Did Darcey Silva Have Surgery?

Yes, Darcey Silva has had surgery. According to In Touch Weekly, started indulging in plastic surgery makeovers even before she appeared on 90 Day Fiancé [3].

A lot of that focused on facial surgery, but there’s also evidence that she may have had a mommy tuck around her belly and thighs.

Whether you see her in an elegant evening dress or in light blue ripped jeans, you’ll notice that her curves have slightly changed in recent years.

Darcey’s Supplements

Scoop of different supplements

Darcey's promotion of diet products raised concerns for us. It's likely she used two supplement types.

For strenuous workouts and strength training, a pre-workout supplement probably helped boost her energy and lessen fatigue. While not miraculous, these can incrementally enhance performance.

Additionally, her weight loss might have been aided by a natural fat burner to increase metabolism and reduce appetite.

From my coaching experience, supplements can be beneficial but should be carefully integrated with a balanced diet and consistent exercise for the best results.


Has Darcey Silva Kept Off The Weight?

Yes, Darcey Silva has managed to keep the weight off. She is still very active on social media and regularly posts images and videos of herself and the activities she does to stay on top of her weight.

What Does Darcey Silva Do For A Living?

Darcey Silva runs a clothing company called House of Eleven for a living. The company has expanded from just clothing into home goods and beauty products, and they are all available in their online store.


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