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Billie Eilish’s Weight Loss Story (Diet & Workout Exposed)

Christiana Mikesch
Published by Christiana Mikesch | Senior Coach
Last updated: June 2, 2023

Billie Eilish is an American singer whose weight loss and fitness journey have become a hot gossip topic.

While Eilish may have gone through a transformation that’d certainly inspire her fans, many don’t know the dark story behind her loss of weight. And as a fitness trainer, I want my clients and readers to understand that a desire for fat loss shouldn’t come from a negative place.

After spending a week going through her interviews and social media posts and evaluating celebrity gossip, I’d like to share Billie Eilish’s journey of losing weight.

Let’s get started.

Quick Summary

  • Billie Eilish is a gym enthusiast who works out daily but not to drop weight.
  • Eilish has been a vegan throughout her life and she watches the calories she consumes.
  • Billie reveals that discipline is the only way to attaining your desired body weight.

Billie Eilish’s Weight Loss Journey

Billie Eilish weight loss journey

Billie Eilish’s weight loss journey wasn’t a matter of concern to the public until a picture of her in a green tank top went viral on the internet.

Since this was one of the only images of her wearing tight clothing, people began commenting on her physique.

Taunts from body shamers, coupled with an already negative view of her own body, prompted her to lose more weight.

However, her decision to focus on the weight loss at a young age showcases her commitment to long-term health and self-care.

Her Battle With Pills

In a 2021 interview for Vanity Fair, Billie Eilish revealed her struggle with having a negative image of her body and weight issues during her early childhood.

When asked about her early stages of trying to get in shape, Billie stated that she began taking pills for losing weight at the age of 12.

She highlighted that her experience losing weight was a mentally painful one.

“I wasn’t really eating. I was, like, starving myself. I remember taking a pill that told me that it would make me lose weight and it only made me pee the bed — when I was 12.”

- Billie Eilish, American Music Artist

Her Current Fitness Goals

In a new interview, Billie declared her new gym rat status. This year, she commented that she’d been spending more time in the gym “pumping iron.”

Her reason for this has to do with the physical intensity demanded by her musical performances.

Having suffered injuries in the past, Billie mentions that she now works out to strengthen her muscles and prevent future injuries.

Has Billie Eilish Revealed Her Workout Routine?

No, Billie Eilish has not revealed her workout routine. Following the transformation, Billie Eilish’s fans and the media swarmed her with questions about her workouts. However, all of the questions were never met with any answers.

It’s understandable why Billie would keep her workout routine and principles a secret.


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Firstly, she doesn’t want more media attention on her body as she feels that’s something personal to her.

She also said that this is the reason behind her decision to wear big baggy clothes.

Secondly, Billie is a strong promoter of people being comfortable with their physical appearance.

Hence, she feels that talking about her weight loss routine would counter her promotion of body positivity.

Diet Routine and Principles

There’s not much revealed on Billie Eilish’s diet routine, except that she currently follows a plant-based diet.

Having been raised vegetarian all her life, she went vegan in 2014. Her go-to foods are vegan burritos, tofu, and ramen [1].

While Billie hasn’t attributed her weight loss to the vegan diet, it’s safe to say that making healthy vegan choices could’ve helped her drop extra weight.

Combating Disordered Eating

Woman eating burger in yellow backgound

Eating disorders can mentally affect anyone wanting to lose weight and impede their progress.

Having a horrible body relationship seriously gets in the way of your losing weight goals.

If you feel like you have eating disorders or a negative view of your body, we highly recommend seeking professional care to help you overcome those barriers [2].

Additionally, we’d also recommend doing your best to live a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips to get you started.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Billie Eilish eats a balanced and nourishing diet to support her overall well-being and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Before starting losing weight, it’s important to fix your diet.

A diet high in protein and fats and low in carbs can help you burn fat more quickly [3]. If you’re vegan like Billie Eilish, make sure you fuel your workout with the best vegan pre-workout meals.

Equally as important, you need to avoid junk food as it contains empty calories and leads to a lowered mood [4].

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water has been tied to weight loss because it helps increase feelings of satiety. This helps you avoid cravings [5].

Additionally, high water consumption has also been linked with better mood and more positive emotions [6].

Get Quality Sleep

Woman smiling while sleeping

Getting quality sleep every night has also been linked to weight loss.

Lack of sleep leads to lower metabolism, which can lead to unnecessary weight gain.

Also, a good night’s rest helps your muscles recover from working out, allowing them to perform better the next day.

Like water, quality sleep is also linked to better mood and more positive emotions [7].

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Take Natural Fat Burners

Natural fat burners are one of the best ways to supplement your weight loss and control cravings.

The best part is they use only natural ingredients to burn stubborn fat, increase energy levels, and speed up your fat loss goals.


How Does Billie Eilish Keep Fit?

Billie Eilish keeps fit by going to the gym every day. Although she hasn’t publicly revealed her workout routine, it’s safe to assume she does cardio every day and eats a balanced diet.

Why Does Billie Wear Loose Clothes?

Billy wears loose clothes because she doesn’t “want the world to know everything about” her. She doesn’t want people making comments on her body type, and wearing big baggy clothes is the best way for her to hide her body.

Taking the Positives From Billie Eilish’s Weight Loss

Billie Eilish’s weight loss journey may have started out on a bad note, but it seems that her relationship with fitness and losing weight is in the right place today. It has sparked a positive transformation in her relationship with her body, promoting self-acceptance and confidence about body image.

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We personally tested these products, and the data shows positive results in the majority of cases.

They can help reduce your appetite and increase your energy levels to burn away stubborn fat, so make sure to check out our list.


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