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Ben Greenfield’s Supplement List: Recommendations & Advice

Tyler Sellers
Published by Tyler Sellers | Senior Coach
Last updated: September 17, 2023
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In a world filled with countless supplement options, Ben Greenfield has dedicated his life to separating fact from fiction and identifying the most effective tools to elevate human performance.

Whether you're an athlete looking to optimize your training, a busy professional seeking mental clarity, or someone wanting to take control of their well-being, the Ben Greenfield supplement list has something for you.

After extensively reviewing his posts and website content, we have crafted a supplement list inspired by his expertise. Our goal is to provide our readers with a practical and actionable guide.

Quick Summary

  • The Ben Greenfield supplement list includes supplements such as Kion Aminos for muscle recovery and energy, Kion Lean for healthy weight management, and Kion Omega for cardiovascular and brain health.
  • Other supplements on the list include Kion Clean Protein, Kion Flex for joint health, Kion Sleep for restful sleep, and Element Health CBD for relaxation and potential therapeutic benefits.
  • The Ben Greenfield supplement list includes cutting-edge supplements that aim to enhance health and performance.

His Stats

  • Born:  December 19, 1981
  • Height:  6’4”
  • Weight:  175 lbs
  • Waist:  32”
  • Chest:  42”

Ben Greenfield Supplement List

Healthy supplements in bright pink color

Kion Aminos

Kion Aminos is a high-quality blend of essential amino acids to support muscle recovery, energy production, and overall well-being.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and play a crucial role in various bodily functions.

Kion Aminos is formulated to provide a complete profile of all nine essential amino acids, including leucine, isoleucine, valine, lysine, phenylalanine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan, and histidine.

The body cannot produce these essential amino acids and must be obtained through diet or supplementation.

By taking Kion Aminos, you can ensure that your body has an adequate supply of these essential amino acids, which can support muscle protein synthesis, reduce exercise-induced muscle damage, enhance recovery, and promote lean muscle growth.

Also, amino acids support immune function, cognitive health, and energy production.

Kion Aminos is often used as a pre-or post-workout supplement to optimize athletic performance, promote efficient muscle recovery, and support overall muscle cells health.

Kion Lean

Yellow supplement pills

Kion Lean is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients designed to support healthy weight management and metabolic function.

Kion Lean aims to optimize the body's ability to burn fat, regulate blood sugar levels, and promote overall metabolic health.

The formulation of Kion Lean includes ingredients such as bitter melon extract, Rock Lotus extract, and wild green oat extract, among others.

hese ingredients are chosen for their potential to enhance insulin sensitivity, reduce sugar cravings, and support healthy blood sugar regulation.

By incorporating Kion Lean into your daily routine, you may experience improved body composition, increased energy levels, and better control over appetite and food cravings.

It can be particularly beneficial for individuals looking to support weight loss efforts or maintain a healthy weight.

It's important to note that while Kion Lean can be a helpful tool for weight management, it is not a substitute for a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Kion Omega

Kion Omega is a premium fish oil supplement that combines the power of omega-3 fatty acids with the added benefits of rosemary leaf extract.

This specially formulated supplement provides a high-quality source of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), essential for optimal health and well-being.

The fatty acids are also in triglyceride form rather than ethyl ester, which boosts absorption even more.

Omega-3 fatty acids support cardiovascular health, brain function, joint health, and overall inflammation balance.

They are considered essential fats because our bodies cannot produce them naturally, so they must be obtained through dietary sources or supplementation.

Kion Omega utilizes fish oil derived from wild-caught, sustainably sourced fish. It undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its quality, purity, and absence of heavy metals and contaminants.

By incorporating Kion Omega into your daily routine, you can support cardiovascular health, promote brain function and cognition, aid in joint health and mobility, and support a balanced inflammatory response in the body.

The omega-3 fatty acids in Kion Omega provide a wide range of benefits for overall health and vitality [1].

“Taking bad fish oil is worse than taking no fish oil at all.”

- Ben Greenfield


White liquid in a glass bottle

Colostrum is a substance that has potential health benefits. Colostrum is the early milk produced by mammals shortly after giving birth (Kion Colostrum is a goat milk-derived colostrum).

It contains essential nutrients, antibodies, growth factors, and immune-supporting compounds.

One of the primary reasons colostrum is valued is its immune-boosting properties. It contains high levels of immunoglobulins, particularly IgG, which can help strengthen the immune system and support overall immune function.

This can be especially beneficial for individuals with weakened immune systems or those seeking to enhance their immune response.

Colostrum is also known for its growth factors, such as insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), which plays a role in cell growth, tissue repair, and muscle development.

These growth factors may support muscle recovery, promote lean muscle mass, and aid in the repair of damaged tissues.

Additionally, colostrum has been associated with digestive health benefits. It contains bioactive compounds that can help support a healthy gut lining, improve gut barrier function, and support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.

These properties may improve digestion, nutrient absorption, and overall gut health.


Creatine is a widely used dietary supplement that occurs naturally in small quantities in animal products like meat and fish.

Creatine is known for its ability to enhance athletic performance and muscle strength. It works by increasing the availability of phosphocreatine in the muscles, which is essential for producing adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the primary energy source for muscular contractions.

By supplementing with creatine, individuals may experience strength, power, and muscle endurance improvements.

This can be particularly beneficial for activities that require short bursts of intense exercises, such as weightlifting or sprinting.

In addition to its performance-enhancing effects, creatine has also been associated with other potential health benefits.

It may support cognitive function, particularly in tasks that require short-term memory and quick thinking. Furthermore, creatine has been studied for its potential neuroprotective properties and role in brain health [2].

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Kion Clean Protein

Light protein powder with a spoon

Kion Clean Protein is a premium protein supplement that prioritizes quality and taste. It uses carefully selected ingredients, including natural organic flavors, to provide a clean and enjoyable protein experience.

Designed to support muscle recovery, energy levels, and overall well-being, Kion Clean Protein offers a blend of high-quality proteins from sources such as grass-fed whey protein concentrate, organic pea protein isolate, and organic pumpkin seed protein.

Adding organic natural flavors ensures a delicious taste without compromising the purity and integrity of the product.

These flavors are derived from organic sources and enhance the overall sensory experience, making it easier and more enjoyable to incorporate protein into your daily routine.

Kion Clean Protein is free from artificial additives, sweeteners, and fillers, making it a reliable choice for individuals who prioritize natural, clean ingredients.

It undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest quality, purity, and efficacy standards.

Kion Flex

Kion Flex is a dietary supplement that supports joint health, mobility, and flexibility. It combines natural ingredients, including patented BiovaFlex eggshell membrane, turmeric extract, hyaluronic acid, and other supportive nutrients.

The key benefits of Kion Flex include promoting joint comfort, reducing inflammation, supporting cartilage health, and improving overall joint function.

It is formulated to help individuals maintain an active lifestyle, support joint recovery after exercise, and address age-related joint concerns.

The ingredients in Kion Flex are carefully selected for their potential to support joint health and reduce discomfort.

BiovaFlex eggshell membrane is known for its collagen, hyaluronic acid, and other essential nutrients that help promote joint flexibility and reduce inflammation.

Turmeric extract, containing curcuminoids, offers natural anti-inflammatory properties. Hyaluronic acid supports joint lubrication and cushioning.

Kion Sleep

Woman holding a spoon of protein powder

Kion Sleep is a sleep support supplement formulated to promote restful sleep and optimize sleep quality.

It combines a blend of natural ingredients that have been carefully selected to support relaxation, calmness, and healthy sleep patterns.

The key benefits of Kion Sleep include the following:

  • Helping individuals fall asleep faster
  • Improving sleep duration and quality
  • Waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated

The ingredients in Kion Sleep work synergistically to support the body's natural sleep processes and promote a sense of tranquility.

Some key ingredients in Kion Sleep include melatonin, L-theanine, 5-HTP, and valerian root extract.

Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle, while L-theanine promotes relaxation and reduces stress. 5-HTP is a precursor to serotonin, a neurotransmitter involved in sleep regulation and mood, and valerian root extract has been traditionally used for its calming properties.

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Magnesium Breakthrough

Green pills spilling out

Magnesium Breakthrough is a dietary supplement formulated to provide a comprehensive blend of magnesium compounds to support overall health and well-being.

It aims to address potential magnesium deficiencies and promote optimal magnesium levels in the body.

Magnesium is essential in various bodily functions, including energy production, muscle relaxation, nerve function, and bone health.

It is often called the "master mineral" due to its involvement in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body.

Magnesium Breakthrough combines different forms of magnesium, such as magnesium citrate, magnesium malate, magnesium glycinate, and more, to ensure optimal absorption and utilization by the body.

This comprehensive approach aims to maximize the benefits of magnesium supplementation [3].

The potential benefits of Magnesium Breakthrough may include:

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Reduced muscle cramps and spasms
  • Enhanced cognitive function
  • Stress relief
  • Support for cardiovascular health

Oregano Essential Oil

Vial of oregano essential oil

Oregano essential oil is a concentrated oil derived from the oregano plant, scientifically known as Origanum vulgare.

It is highly valued for its strong aroma and potential health benefits.

Oregano oil contains various compounds, including carvacrol, thymol, and terpenes, which are believed to contribute to its medicinal properties.

It is often recognized for its antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

These properties make it a popular choice for natural remedies and aromatherapy.

Some potential uses of oregano essential oil include:

  • Natural Antimicrobial : Oregano oil may have antimicrobial properties that can help combat certain bacteria, fungi, and parasites. It is sometimes used as a natural alternative to conventional disinfectants or for supporting oral health.
  • Respiratory Support: Inhalation of oregano oil vapors or using it in a diffuser may help support respiratory health and relieve symptoms of respiratory conditions.
  • Digestive Aid: Oregano oil is sometimes used to support digestion, alleviate bloating, and promote healthy gut function. It may be taken internally or used topically when appropriately diluted.
  • Immune System Support: Oregano oil is believed to possess immune-boosting properties due to its antioxidant content. It may help support overall immune function and protect against oxidative stress [4].

Taking care of your body and optimizing your health is a journey that requires a holistic approach. From nutrition and exercise to supplementation and recovery strategies, every aspect plays a vital role in achieving peak performance and overall well-being."

- Ben Greenfield

Feel Free

Colorful supplement pills

Feel Free is a natural supplement for positive mood and mental well-being.

It contains a blend of carefully selected ingredients known for their potential benefits in promoting a balanced mood and reducing stress or anxiety.

The specific ingredients in Feel Free may vary depending on the product formulation.

Still, they often include herbs, vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts traditionally used for their mood-enhancing properties.

Some common ingredients in mood-supporting supplements may include St. John's Wort, 5-HTP, GABA, L-theanine, ashwagandha, and various B vitamins.

Feel Free aims to provide a natural and holistic approach to emotional well-being, helping to support a positive outlook, emotional balance, and a sense of calm.

It is important to note that individual experiences may vary, and results may not be immediate or guaranteed.

Niacinamide Powder (for NAD)

White protein powder on a pink background

Niacinamide powder, also known as vitamin B3 or nicotinamide, is a dietary supplement that is often used for its potential to support NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) levels in the body.

NAD+ is a coenzyme crucial in cellular energy production and various metabolic processes.

It converts nutrients into usable energy, promotes healthy cellular function, and supports DNA repair.

Niacinamide is a precursor to NAD+ and is converted into NAD+ through enzymatic reactions in the body.

By supplementing with niacinamide powder, it is believed that NAD+ levels may be supported, potentially promoting overall cellular health and function.

Maintaining adequate NAD+ levels is thought to have several potential benefits, including enhanced energy production, improved mitochondrial function, and potential anti-aging effects.

It is also being studied for its potential role in supporting healthy aging, cognitive function, and cardiovascular health.


White supplement powder on a spoon

Good collagen supplements are dietary supplements that contain collagen.

This protein is naturally found in the body and is crucial in maintaining the structure and strength of various tissues, including the skin, bones, tendons, and ligaments.

Collagen production naturally declines as we age, which can lead to changes in the skin's appearance, joint discomfort, and weakened connective tissues. Collagen supplements aim to provide additional collagen to support these areas.

Collagen supplements are available in various forms, including powders, capsules, and liquids.

They are typically derived from animal sources, such as bovine or marine collagen. Depending on the specific formulation, they may contain different types of collagen, such as type I, type II, or type III collagen [5].

The potential benefits of collagen supplements may include:

  • Skin Health: Collagen is a major component of the skin and helps maintain its elasticity and hydration. Collagen supplements may support skin health, potentially reducing the appearance of wrinkles, promoting skin firmness, and improving overall skin texture.
  • Joint Support: Collagen is an essential component of cartilage, which cushions and supports the joints. Taking collagen supplements may help support joint health, reduce joint discomfort, and promote joint flexibility.
  • Bone Health: Collagen is a key component of bone tissue and contributes to bone strength. Collagen supplements may help support bone health, especially in individuals at risk of osteoporosis or age-related bone loss.


How Often Should I Take Supplements?

The frequency of taking supplements should generally align with the recommended dosage instructions provided by the supplement manufacturer or as advised by a healthcare professional. Depending on the supplement, you may be instructed to take it once a day, multiple times a day, or at specific intervals.

How Long Should Supplements Be Taken?

The duration for which supplements should be taken can vary depending on several factors, including the specific supplement, individual needs, health conditions, and goals. Some supplements may be intended for short-term use to address specific deficiencies or support acute health issues. In contrast, others may be recommended for long-term use to maintain overall health and well-being.

Do Supplements Have Any Side Effects?

All supplements can have side effects, and the specific side effects can vary depending on the supplement, dosage, individual factors, and interactions with medications or health conditions, so it's important to consult with a healthcare professional and carefully read the product labels for potential side effects and precautions.

Take Your Fitness Journey to the Next Level With the Right Supplements

Choosing the right supplements tailored to one's specific fitness goals and combining them with a proper workout routine can enhance performance and better results.

Ben Greenfield's careful consideration of supplements showcases the importance of tailoring supplementation to meet individual needs and objectives.

One particular supplement that stands out for its potential to improve workout outcomes is quality creatine supplement. Countless individuals, including myself, have experienced firsthand the positive effects of incorporating creatine into their supplement regimen.

Incorporating creatine into your supplementation regimen can unlock new levels of strength, power, and muscle growth, taking your fitness journey to the next level.


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