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Best Time To Take Testosterone Boosters (Science-Based) 

Isaac Robertson
Published by Isaac Robertson
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Last updated: April 26, 2023
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Testosterone boosters have become a normal part of supplement stacks for many of my clients.

This is especially the case for older men whose natural testosterone levels have decreased, making it difficult to keep up athletic performance.

But what many of them get wrong is the timing.

Fortunately, there are some clear scientific indicators in exercise physiology that can show us when you would get the best benefits for testosterone production.

And we teamed up with a nutritionist to help us out with the details.

Quick Summary

  • The best time to take a testosterone booster should be at night when your body naturally produces more testosterone.
  • Testosterone-boosting supplements work by triggering natural processes in the body to gradually increase testosterone hormone levels.
  • Some athletes prefer taking their booster before a workout, whereas others love it after their workout routines.

Is There A Best Time To Take Testosterone Boosters?

man holding a pill near his mouth

Some people wrongly believe that taking testosterone boosters before a workout will improve their athletic performance and post-workout protein synthesis.

But even if you tend to have low testosterone levels at the time of day that you head to the gym, taking your testosterone supplements at that time won’t do much for your performance or muscle mass.

First of all, when you take testosterone boosting supplements, they don't work like hormone replacement therapy.

It’s not an instant boost that has many side effects like aggressive behavior.

These natural ingredients need to build up over time in your body to slowly increase T-levels. So, expecting a sudden boost as you get with a pre-workout supplement doesn’t match up with reality.

Secondly, there are times of the day when the body produces most of the testosterone [1]. And unless you’re heading to the gym in the middle of the night, you won’t be tackling low testosterone efficiently.

So, the best time to take testosterone boosters is just before you go to bed. It’s while your body's resting that the testicles receive a flood of signals to produce more testosterone.

It’s also why sex drive for men tends to peak first thing in the morning.

When Does The Body Create Most Testosterone?

man on a pillow sleeping

Throughout the day, the body converts testosterone to produce estrogen, and that’s why testosterone levels decrease as the day goes on.

Then, at night when you’re asleep, testosterone production kicks into action while your body is resting.

And that’s where natural ingredients in testosterone supplements could be most effective.

It’s also why sleep is such an important factor for athletes, whether they are trying to improve general fitness levels or maximize muscle mass. As such, these people avoid taking stimulants that would cause their sleep to get interrupted, like coffee or pre-workouts with caffeine content.

Here’s what happens.

When you get to sleep, your body starts to increase those processes that involve repairing cells. That includes skin cells, muscles, bone density, and even sperm production. The reason for this is all down to a rebalancing of hormone levels.

As you sleep, the stress hormone cortisol goes down, and a higher estrogen level signals that there’s a low T-count. The testicles then kick into action to bring testosterone back to normal levels.

That’s precisely why you’ll get much better results from supplements when you encourage your testes to be more active at a time when nature designed them to be active.

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Can You Take Testosterone Boosters Long-Term?

man holding supplements and a glass of water, and a spilled container of pills

Yes, you can take testosterone boosters long-term, and it’s something that men over 30 should consider.

See, from the age of 30, testosterone production decreases by 1% per year. That quickly adds up and is one of the main reasons middle-aged men struggle with weight problems, feeling stressed, and limited muscle growth.

“A normal male testosterone level peaks at about age 20, and then it slowly declines. Testosterone levels above or below the normal range are considered by many to be out of balance.”

- Charles Patrick Davis, MD,

Generally speaking, long-term use of natural products shouldn’t have major side effects. Things like aggressive mood swings, aka roid rage, or testicular shrinkage are linked to steroid use.

Many of my clients do schedule a blood test with their doctor once or twice a year. And if they see lower T-levels and higher stress hormone levels, then they go back on a booster for a few months.

How Long Does It Take For Testosterone Boosters To Work?

man showing off his biceps

It typically takes about 4 to 8 weeks to see results from testosterone boosters. Some men notice an improved sexual drive first, followed by finding it easier to lose weight and build up more muscle tissue.

You would also likely see a reduction in cortisol hormone levels which comes with a lower risk of feeling stressed and improved vitality [2].

Within about 2 to 3 months, you should also start noticing that your body feels healthy and more energized.

So, don’t expect to see health benefits in the first few days after taking boosters.

Have You Got Your Testosterone Booster Timing Right?

Now that you understand that testosterone boosters work best during the night when you naturally produce most testosterone, it’s time to take a careful look at your timing.

If you want to get the maximum benefits, make sure that you take a booster just before you head to bed. You’ll notice the difference within a few weeks.

And if you’ve had limited results so far, then I recommend getting a testosterone blood test to see the difference for yourself.

It’s one of the easiest ways to make sure you maintain healthy hormone levels.


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