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James Cunningham, BSc, CPT
Published by James Cunningham, BSc, CPT | Staff Writer & Senior Coach
Last updated: November 29, 2023
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As a coach, I have a lot of experience working with men dealing with health issues associated with low testosterone levels.

But way too many men still ignore significant symptoms and, for some reason, avoid the idea of testosterone replacement therapy.

To help our readers understand how hormone therapy can impact men’s lives, I’ve dug deep into research and set some time aside to talk with a medical doctor as well as people currently going through TRT.

I’ve collected scientific evidence and personal experiences to hopefully convince more men of the importance of hormonal balance.

If you’d like to find out whether such treatments are suitable for improving your overall health, then I would recommend checking out our extensive research and testing of best online clinics for TRT.

Quick Summary

  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) significantly improves physical and mental health in men, including enhanced sex drive, reduced body fat, and increased muscle development.
  • Personal experiences from six men undergoing TRT highlight diverse health improvements, ranging from overcoming weight loss plateaus to mental well-being enhancements.
  • Many patients report noticeable improvements in mental focus and mood within the first four weeks of starting TRT.
  • In my opinion, TRT can be a life-changing treatment for men with low testosterone, offering a path to improved health and well-being.

Before and After Experiences with TRT

Before and after image of the same man

The first thing I want to present to you is some information I got from six men who are undergoing testosterone replacement therapy through an online clinic. They all started off with hormonal imbalances and a variety of health issues.

1. Michael

Michael is one of our team members here at Total Shape, and he had experienced a decline in testosterone production, leading to a hormonal imbalance.

His main issues were a lack of energy, muscle wasting, and some mood swings.

After a blood test confirmed that he had low testosterone levels for his age, he signed up for an assessment with Fountain TRT.

After consulting with a reputable online clinic, he opted for a topical treatment gel.

Within weeks, his testosterone levels improved, leading to significant health benefits in three months, including increased energy and easier muscle gain.

2. Jonathan

Man starting his workout

Jonathan, a long-term client, faced challenges in weight loss and toning despite strict diet and exercise.

Suspecting hormonal issues, I suggested a testosterone level check, which confirmed low levels.

After a year of TRT, not only did his testosterone normalize, but within two months, he overcame his weight loss plateau and achieved his best physical shape.

3. Jason

Jason’s physical health had gone downhill for several years after a car accident. An additional problem was that his doctors confirmed that he was suffering from hypogonadism.

The first thing they did was put him on hormone replacement therapy, but they also recommended going to the gym to get fit.

As a personal trainer, I worked with Jason to ensure that his physical activity would help him get the most out of the testosterone injections.

His physical improvements started showing after about two months, and everything from his sex life to body fat has hugely improved.

4. Bob

Man in his 50's smiling

Bob, in his early 50s and previously athletic, began experiencing depression, anxiety, and physical decline.

Blood tests revealed significantly low testosterone levels.

Remarkably, within three weeks of starting TRT, his morning brain fog lifted, indicating a positive response to the treatment.

5. Alex

Alex is another one of the TRT patients that our team has been working with to ensure his diet and exercise routine further support his health goals.

Because of low testosterone levels, his doctor decided that he was at higher risk of heart disease.

He’s been taking weekly testosterone injections for over two years now and has reported huge physical and mental health transformations.

From improved sexual function to measured increases in muscle mass and bone density, his life has done a complete u-turn, as he says himself.

6. Henry

Man in his late 30s smiling

Henry, my cousin, is a remarkable case.

Approaching 40, he faced fatigue, low libido, and weight gain.

A timely testosterone test revealed his levels were half the normal range, leading to an immediate start on TRT.

Six months later, not only are the mental fatigue and low sex drive gone, but he has brought his BMI down from 28% to 17%.

And his next goal is to get six-pack abs for the first time in his life.

What Should Your Expectations Be?

Younger happy man

From my experience, expect TRT to significantly improve symptoms like chronic fatigue within six months, but remember, it's not a one-size-fits-all solution.

However, it's crucial to tailor expectations to your specific symptoms and treatment.

For instance, while TRT can effectively address severe low T symptoms, it may not be as effective for conditions like erectile dysfunction caused by other health issues.

According to the American Urological Association, erectile dysfunction could be due to restricted blood flow or psychological issues rather than T-levels [1].

The important thing is that your expectations need to be realistic, and because all men react differently to TRT, it’s best to talk to your doctor about what you should expect in the weeks and months after starting treatment.

“Testosterone is responsible for increased muscle mass. Leaner body mass helps control weight and increases energy.”

- Graham Rogers, M.D.

What Will Happen After 4 Weeks on TRT?

Happy younger man smiling

In my coaching experience, clients often report enhanced mental focus and mood improvements within the first four weeks of TRT.

It’s also possible to notice improvements in hormone-related depression, according to Harvard Medical School [2].

During my research for this article, I talked to a doctor and several men going through TRT, and it seems like the more severe the testosterone deficiency is, the sooner men might notice improvements.

And because men's testosterone levels influence so many things, from mood and depression to bone density and muscle mass, it’s possible to notice early signs of improvement after just four weeks [3].

Learn More: Testosterone Boosters vs TRT

When Do You Get Maximum Results?

Based on my clients' experiences, maximum TRT results usually emerge between six to twelve months.

However, individual results vary due to differing testosterone levels and health conditions.

This variability means there's no universal timeline for TRT effectiveness.

How Long Are TRT Cycles?

Graphic of a cycle

Based on experience of my clients, in medical settings, testosterone therapy usually doesn't involve cycling, though doctors might adjust doses for evaluation.

Contrarily, bodybuilders sometimes self-administer testosterone in cycles, risking abnormally high T-levels and potential health dangers like prostate cancer and stroke.

Therefore, it's crucial to pursue TRT only under the guidance of licensed healthcare professionals.

Understanding the long-term implications of TRT is crucial, so we delve into the long-term effects and necessary follow-up care, providing a comprehensive view of what patients can expect in the long run, beyond the initial treatment phase.


How Long Does It Take To See Results From TRT?

It can take as little as 3–4 weeks to see initial results from testosterone replacement therapy. These are typically improvements in mood and fatigue, and it can take several months to see the full benefits.

Does TRT Make a Big Difference?

Yes, testosterone therapy can make a big difference in physical appearance and mental health. Because the hormone plays a critical role in many different areas of the body, it’s possible to experience multiple completely different benefits as your treatment progresses.


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