8 Noom Success Stories (2024 Upd.) Inspiring Before & After

Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT
Published by Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT | Staff Writer
Last updated: June 19, 2024
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I recommend all of my clients to at least use a food tracker app to create a food journal, and make the journey to their health and fitness goals a little easier.

But I also wanted to find out how other people had changed their lives using the Noom Coach app, one of the most popular smartphone apps and diet coach services for a few years now.

So I started engaging with other users in forums and Facebook groups. I tried to filter out all the slim fast success stories and focused on those that looked and sounded legitimate.

Before I share those Noom before and after stories, let me start with some definitions.

Quick Summary

  • Success stories include individuals like Cindy from Missouri, Matt from New York, and Hollie from Missouri, who have experienced transformative weight loss with Noom.
  • These individuals achieved remarkable results, such as Cindy losing 44 lbs in six months and Matt shedding 75 lbs in eight months.
  • A striking example is Carla's achievement of losing 100 lbs, showcasing the significant impact Noom can have on weight loss.
  • From my experience, Noom's approach to diet and lifestyle change is highly effective, as evidenced by these inspiring success stories.

How Did We Define Success?

Weight Loss using noom app

I looked for people who had used the Noom diet plan and showed proven and significant weight loss results.

They also had managed to better deal with health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure or common sleep issues, and generally experienced a sustainably healthier lifestyle.

Beyond the initial weight loss triumphs, it's crucial to explore the long-term maintenance strategies that successful Noom users employ to sustain their healthier lifestyles and prevent weight regain.

What I was actively filtering out is all the hyped-up comments of instant gratification and extremely fast weight loss that didn’t sound realistic for the average person.

This was quite a challenging process, and I found a lot of very entertaining and inspiring stories.

Where Did We Get These Success Stories?

Numerous health and fitness forums and Facebook groups provided a wealth of Noom user experiences.

Additionally, through my networks in health and fitness forums and among my social media followers, I gathered a rich collection of Noom success stories.

Delving into the psychological journey of Noom users, we uncover the transformative mindset shifts they experience, the strategies they adopt to conquer emotional eating, and the resilience they build to navigate through inevitable setbacks on their weight loss journey.

These stories demonstrate how the simple psychology of tracking the foods you eat is the first major hurdle to achieving your healthy weight loss goals. Just make sure you follow the recommended food list that you can read here.

The Top Success Stories We Found

Story #1: Cindy from Missouri

Cindy from Missouri

Cindy is a mother of 3 and married to the Navy. This means that she often has to juggle kids and a household alone, and over the years that meant there was little time to focus on her wellness.

However, with the help of Noom coaching and the support groups, she managed to start sustainably losing weight. How much weight? An amazing 44 lbs in just under 6 months. She again started to feel like her own self.

That’s about 2 lbs per week and something that I call a body transformation.

By putting a lot of thought into the foods she ate, checking her daily steps, and do all this while taking care of her family at home, I think that she should be all the motivation people need.

Story #2: Matt from New York

Matt from New York

Matt has been struggling with his weight ever since he left high school, and in a matter of 20 years, he was obese ​which​ made him struggle with health issues.

Struggling with evening exhaustion and sleep issues, Matt recognized his weight as the root cause.

After experimenting with various sleep aids, he discovered Noom, leading to a lifestyle overhaul.

Remarkably, he lost 75 lbs in 8 months, attributing this success to Noom's straightforward calorie diet plan, complemented by increased exercise.

Everything is in plain sight in the app, and he knows exactly when he’s heading in the wrong direction again.


Story #3: Hollie from Missouri

Hollie from Missouri

In her story, Hollie describes how she has managed to lose weight at several stages in her life, only to pile it back on again.

It’s that dreaded yo-yo effect that, in many ways, is the most disheartening thing about it.

It was in her home city-based health wellness center that someone introduced her to Noom.

With the help of her personal and group coach, she was able to lose 40 pounds and for the first time remain on a healthy weight.

To get an extra boost of motivation, Hollie got some friends and family to join the same group as her so that they could provide encouragement on a daily basis. A simple comment on someone’s new weight entry makes quite a difference.

Story #4: Laura from lalymom.com

Laura from lalymom

I saved one of the most inspirational stories for last, and what I love about Laura’s experience is the long-term results that she has been able to demonstrate. She goes into great detail about how she used the different tools at various stages.

As a mom of two and managing a very popular blog, Laura struggled for time to go to appointments with dietitians or health coaches. She needed something that could be squeezed into a 10-minute gap in her schedule.

Noom seamlessly integrated into Laura's routine, offering quick and easy food logging.

She efficiently tracked calories and adjusted portion sizes, utilizing Noom's anytime-accessible coaching and support community.

This approach led to noticeable changes in her food habits and attitudes, culminating in a sustainable long-term success story.

"It's been a year since I started and I am happy to report that I am BELOW my Noom goal weight. I could not be more ecstatic with these changes. I still use my Noom Food List Cheat Sheets as reminders of my go-to favorite foods of each color."

- Laura, Blogger Mom

Story #5: Carla

Here's another success story from Carla who lost 100 lbs, while using Noom diet. Noom helped her and gave her the confidence she needed to lose weight for the first time in her life and keep the weight off. She was happy that she could again feel like a skinny person and keep away the lost weight. This is the video that inspired many of my clients:

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Story #6: @thefithappyfoodie

Here's another Noom success story all the way from social media! Imagine losing 40+ pounds in 3 months? That's so inspiring!

"Here’s a little #transformationtuesday for ya. One year ago today vs now. I am 40+ lbs down and maintained for 3 months by intuitive eating. Once you learn what your body needs it’s just a matter of routine, consistency, and trying to make the right choices as best you can. When you think about it, you can apply this to most aspects of your life.

Having some amazing friends to be on this journey with has really helped motivate and encourage me. I am so proud of them for working to improve their lives!"

@thefithappyfoodie Noom before and after

Story #7: @mililili90

How about losing 70 pounds in 9 months? Here's another motivational Noom success story!

"Sometimes it’s hard to see the difference as I go. But seeing it this way makes my jaw just drop! I know I still have quite a way to go. But I still see 70 pounds gone as an absolute win!! Catch me out and enjoying my body by Noom and living my best life!!"

@mililili90 Noom before and after

Story #8: @agirl_andherbeagle

This Instagrammer lost 35 pounds in around 6 months. Her original goal was to lose only 15 pounds, but when she realized it's possible, she exceeded her own targets.

@agirl_andherbeagle Noom before and after

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