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Because of my profession as a fitness instructor, I’ve always preached to my clients about the benefits of keeping a diet and exercise journal. Today, it’s all made so much easier with the help of services like Noom.

What’s even better these days is the ability to share and sync data between different health and fitness apps. While syncing data has become easier than ever before, I still often get asked what services can interact with Noom.

To help you better understand what you can actually sync with Noom, I’ve put together this quick guide.

What Apps Can You Sync with Noom?

Apple kept iOS extremely restricted for a very long time, and it still seems like they make it rather difficult to allow app developers to share and store data across apps and with the operating system as well.

However, in recent months, the list of iOS apps that can now officially sync with Noom has vastly grown, and it covers the same range as Android.

This is the most up-to-date list of iOS and Android apps that Noom can sync with:

Bewell Connect Biomedtrics Fitbit Fitbug Garmin Connect
iHealth Life Trak Lumo Microsoft Misfit Wearables
Movable Moves App Polar Qardio Runkeeper
Sony Lifelog Striiv Withings YOO Sony Lifelog

This list probably covers over 95% of all the most popular diet and fitness services currently used, with the majority of them being free.

Basically, you’ll be able to combine everything from your food intake to step counting and calories burned in one place.

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Benefits of Syncing Your Data

While Noom is a great service for everything food-related, it doesn’t have the same capabilities as Fitbit or Polar when it comes to tracking your activity levels.

However, if you use other apps and services that monitor your activity, then you can combine all that data into very powerful information.

Looking for more info? Be sure to check out this video ...


1. Getting Precise Data From Wearables

woman wearing smart watch

Wearable monitoring technology from Fitbits to Apple Watches and Polar heart rate monitors are incredibly popular because they have become so affordable.

This technology, according to some studies, is increasingly helping people to better monitor their health status both at an activity/fitness level for self-health tracking (1)

A simple wrist strap can tell you exactly how many steps you took, how far and fast you jogged, and even how many stairs you climbed on any given day.

When you assess that data with your height, weight, and general fitness level, then you can get a pretty accurate reading of the number of calories burned.

Combine that data with your detailed food intake recorded in Noom, and you’ll be able to see exactly how well your diet and physical activity are working together to get you to your weight goals.

2. Easy Sharing of Progress

Of course, this is my personal favorite, and something I request from all my clients. Your work with a personal coach or dietitian will become so much easier when you can simply share all your diet and fitness data with the press of a button.

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Should You Sync Your Noom App?

Try out a couple of the above fitness apps and services for free to see which work best for you.

Then simply sync them up with Noom for a few days and notice how much more knowledge you’ll gain about your fitness regime.

Read our full review on Noom.

If you're already convinced, I would suggest that you download it and take advantage of the 14-day trial period for coaching for $1.

You can easily cancel before you get billed, but it will give you a better perspective of all the available benefits.


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  • Thanks for this Noom diet plan review and I’ll use this to decide whether I’ll get a subscription in the future.

  • This was a very thorough overview of my favorite mobile app. I actually used the program for 8 weeks and counting. I am totally really liking it so far compared to the previous ones I have tried before. For one, I am not really a fan of diets. I find them restricting. Ang with this, I thought this was great as it focused on lifestyle change.

  • Ok, I have to admit, I didn’t realize this mobile app was this totally legit. I still don’t know anybody that uses it but hopefully many people will start using it. I’m thankful for your detailed breakdown of this app, Isaac.

  • I did sign up in this mobile app from October 2017 to March 2018. I had been successful on another program back before children, in the dark ages when you ate liver once a week. The last time I tried the other program I have been using, I gained. I’ve been borderline overweight since I had kids and was seeing my weight creep up. Not to mention my blood pressure as well is making me conscious. But when I started using this app, I am now at a weight I haven’t seen since I was 20-something in 1985. I learned so much as compared to my previous ones and found this to be a great app. I made a commitment and finally realized the diet isn’t going to hurt me if I cheat a little. I hope to read more from you, Isaac!

  • Thanks so much for posting about your thoughts in this app, Isaac. I have been intrigued by this app for a while after I found it out online. But definitely stubborn of trying it since it seems like all of the programs are aimed at 20-somethings and aren’t so effective for ‘women of a certain age’… Now having read your overview is the clincher- I’m totally going to download the app right now! Hope to update you soon Isaac

    • I am a woman 61 and I can’t tell you how happy and excited am am about joining Noom ,I signed up sept 23 2020 and I have lost 11 lbs in less then a month and it just has been much easier then I expected logging everything you eat is a game changer,my goal is 60 lbs And for the first time in years I know I can do it NOOM ROCKS.

  • I turned 61 this week and am at my highest weight ever. I have got to do something and I know my problem is more mental, laziness, bad habits, self-deprecating comments, etc. I do feel I need a coach to help me overcome the things that shut me down, discourage me, and pave the way for the trip down the rabbit hole. I think I will sign up for this app after I have been motivated by your words, dear Isaac. Please pray and cheer me on. Will keep you posted hopefully.

  • I am joining today. That’s final! So glad there are other ladies out there around my age. I turned 68 last Thursday and I need to lose quite a lot of weight for my age. I have lost it many many times before but in no time I realized I am not the weight I want to have again. Any plan you follow, strict regimens and the like, but as soon as you go off it or I go off and I gain it back agan. So I was looking for a non-diet lifestyle and I think this is the one I am looking for. Thanks for this.

  • I’m 62 and joined the mobile app a few months ago. A few months since I joined and I’m down few kilos. I’m also a part of another program and lost a chunk of my weight but always gained it back each time I stopped. I constantly struggle with cravings. Since joining this app, I haven’t had any cravings at all. Zero. I can’t believe it! It was really good for me to read this post from you Isaac Robertson because I was wondering how people are doing long term. I really feel this program is different for all the reasons mentioned.

  • I just turned 60 this year and really feel it’s time to take control of my bad eating habits as I am a senior citizen now. After having a divorce 2 years ago and ending a very very toxic domestic relationship 3 months ago, I have been stress eating and I have gained back all the weight I lost after my divorce due to stress and not eating. I’ve had enough of feeling bad. I just want to get back on track again with life. With all the healthy eating and all the good feeling about myself. My goal is not to only lose weight but to continue this healthy lifestyle with self-love by using this mobile app. I am glad I found this because of you Isaac. I can’t wait to be better again.

  • I am that woman “of a certain age” and I wondered the same thing… but I can tell you that IT DEFINITELY WORKS. I started a month ago before I retired, determined to stop that scale from it is slow and steady climb over the years and help me enjoy a healthy retirement. I was successful before with other programs that I have joined but when they changed the program, I went off the rails and never went back. I thought counting points was pretty easy – but maintaining a certain goal is SO MUCH EASIER and very straightforward as well. What is good about this is you don’t have to be on this app forever to keep the calculations going. This app is so much different than what you think. It really helps you change the habits that put you in a weight-gain frame of mind to begin with. I should reach my goal in 3 weeks but I intend to stick with this app as long as I can. It’s a wonderful program. Good luck on our journey. Thank you for introducing this to me, Isaac.