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  • Specializing in Weight Loss and Healthy Living, Tracy is dedicated to guiding women towards achieving their best life.
  • Tracy's own journey from personal challenges to becoming a fitness coach showcases her dedication and deep understanding of the importance of health.
  • Proudly AFPA (American Fitness Professionals & Associates) Certified, ensuring her clients receive expert guidance based on industry standards.


Tracy Thompson is not just a Senior Coach; she's a beacon of inspiration for countless women looking to embark on a transformative health journey. With a mission deeply rooted in her own experiences, Tracy emphasizes the importance of healthy living, guiding women to prioritize their well-being and achieve their fitness goals.

Tracy's expertise is sought after by those eager to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Her unique perspective, derived from her personal weight loss journey, makes her relatable and trusted. Tracy's approach is not just about achieving short-term goals but fostering a lifelong commitment to health and well-being.


Tracy's educational background from the Indiana University School of Physical Education provides a solid foundation for her work in the fitness realm, and her AFPA certification stands as a testament to her commitment to professional growth.

This ensures her clients receive the best guidance possible, combining both her educational and certified training experiences.

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