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Claudia Sulewski weight loss journey side by side comparison
By Tracy Thompson 1 week ago
Claudia Sulewski’s Weight Loss Story (Secrets Uncovered)
Claudia Sulewski, a popular vlogger and YouTube personality known for her fashion and beauty videos, decided to change her lifestyle and lose weight in 2019. She has successfully lost eighteen pounds by changing her diet and exercise routine. So, our team spent several days researching Claudia Sulewski’s weight loss journey, hoping to learn something from her approach that could inspire our... Read more >
Christina Haack images of weight loss journey side by side
By Tracy Thompson 1 week ago
Christina Haack Weight Loss Story (Workout & Diet Revealed)
Christina Haack is a well-known TV presenter that has managed to stay in shape and got the fans talking about her hot body. But how does she stay fit? As a fitness coach, I love following fitness stories, especially from well-known celebrities who motivate others to work out. To gain new ideas to motivate my clients, I took my time to study her interviews, Youtube videos, and her routine. Keep... Read more >
Christine Brown image of weight loss journey
By Tracy Thompson 2 weeks ago
Christine Brown’s Weight Loss Story (Secrets Revealed)
“Sister Wives” reality star Christine Brown looked better than ever in a recent photo shared online, and I noticed she shed a few pounds. As a fitness coach, I always get inspired by stories like this, and I wanted to learn about her weight loss approach. So, I teamed up with a nutritionist and spent a few days going through her old pictures, social media posts, and interviews to find out... Read more >
Picture of Ella Bleu Travolta's weight loss journey
By Tracy Thompson 1 week ago
Ella Bleu Travolta Weight Loss Journey (Secrets Revealed)
Ella Bleu Travolta is a well-known actor who recently underwent a great transformation that got fans wondering how she lost weight. As a fitness coach, what I like best about celebrity weight loss journeys is that they inspire people to put more effort into working out. So, I spent a few weeks studying her interviews, YouTube videos, and before and after photos, hoping to gain input to share... Read more >
Before and After weight loss of Aida Turturro
By Tracy Thompson 3 weeks ago
Aida Turturro Weight Loss Story (Diet & Nutrition Revealed)
Aida Turturro dropped fifty pounds recently, piquing the interest of both fans and celebrity press who want to know how she transformed her body and lost weight. So, our team spent a couple of weeks researching how exactly the American actress went from overweight to a very healthy-looking physique. Keep reading to learn what we found about Aida Turturro's weight loss journey. Read more >
A person doing yoga with TruBrain nootropic supplements in the background
By Tracy Thompson 3 weeks ago
TruBrain Personalized Drink Review (2023) Is It Effective?
Nootropic supplements have significantly gained in popularity, but that also means that you’ll often encounter products that don’t work as well as promised. TruBrain is one of the latest products to hit the market, and there seemed to be a lot of hype. So, for this TruBrain review, we teamed up with nine clients and a dietitian to spend four weeks testing a few different combinations. We... Read more >
A woman working out in the gym with testosterone
By Tracy Thompson 3 weeks ago
Do Women Have Testosterone? (Backed by Scientific Research)
Most people think that women do not produce testosterone because it is usually regarded as a male sex hormone. However, for women, testosterone is just as essential as estrogen. So, I conducted extensive research to understand testosterone’s role in women’s bodies fully. In addition, I consulted an experienced doctor to better explain the indicators and remedies for hormonal... Read more >
Hottest Male Boxers collage
By Tracy Thompson 2 months ago
20 Hottest Male Boxers (Inside & Outside The Ring)
Confidence, courage, and the ability to fight have all been a magnet for females in much of the animal kingdom since the dawn of evolution. And hardly any athletes embody these qualities like boxing athletes. Combined with great looks and strong personalities, some boxers can give Chris Hemsworth a run for his money. So, recently at Total Shape, we decided to vote on the most charming male... Read more >
Alana Thompson during a photoshoot
By Tracy Thompson 2 months ago
Alana Thompson’s Weight Loss Journey (Revealed)
Reality star Alana Thompson, better known as Honey Boo Boo, recently came into the media spotlight when the news of her upcoming ‘suture sculpt endoscopic sleeve’ procedure caught the ears of many fans. She hasn’t gone through with the surgery so far, and as someone who helps people attain their goals naturally, I was happy to hear that. I also decided to take a closer look at Alana’s... Read more >
Akbar V weight loss outdoors and indoors
By Tracy Thompson 2 weeks ago
Akbar V Weight Loss Story (Her Diet & Exercise Revealed)
You may remember Akbar V from the reality TV show “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” but you might not recognize her after her amazing transformation. As a fitness trainer, I was curious about how she dropped so much weight in a short span of time. I also thought this would be an excellent opportunity to use her weight loss story as inspiration for some of my younger clients who follow her. So, I... Read more >
Ariel Winder posing, weight loss
By Tracy Thompson 1 week ago
Ariel Winter Weight Loss Story (Her Secrets Revealed)
Ariel Winter is one of the stars of the hit TV show Modern Family. And if you've continued following her career, then you've probably noticed that she's gone through quite a weight loss journey. That's why our team decided to spend a day researching her interviews and social media posts to find out how she achieved it. It turns out that there were several surprises about why Ariel struggled... Read more >
Ashley Graham posting selfies in instagram
By Tracy Thompson 2 weeks ago
Ashley Graham’s Weight Loss Story (Diet & Workouts Exposed)
Ashley Graham is an American model who is an outspoken advocate for body positivity, embracing the fact that there are many curvy women and that there’s nothing wrong with it. But when the plus size model showed obvious signs of weight loss, there was a lot of media attention, including the typical haters. So, our team decided to have a closer look, so we spent a day with our dietitian... Read more >