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What’s The Best Protein Bar for Women?
Review & Buyer’s Guide

The 5 Best Protein Bars for Women
Written by Tracy Thompson

​Getting enough protein to build muscle isn’t easy, and most protein bars are no better than stuffing your face with protein-infused Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (that sounds GREAT right now).

If only your blender could fit in your bag….

If you’re looking for a great on-the-go snack between your job, family, soccer practice, and yoga, a protein bar is likely your best option. 

However, looking for the best protein bars for women to lose weight and gain muscle might be a bit of a challenge so, we happily chewed through the top low-sugar, high-protein bars to bring you the 5 best.

Our Top Protein Bars for Women


​Supplement Facts

Key Features

Orgain Organic Protein Bars

#1 Orgain Organic

(Editor's Choice)

  • 140​​​​ calories
  • check
    10 g protein
  • 11 g carbs
  • check
    6 g fiber
  • check
    5 g fat
  • 100% plant based ingredients
  • Low calorie
  • Great taste
  • check
    USDA Organic
ONE Protein Bar-150x150

#2 ONE Protein Bar

  • 230 calor​ies
  • check
    20 g pr​​​​otein
  • 22 g carbs
  • check
    10 g fiber
  • check
    7 g fat
  • ​Supplements daily nutrition needed especially for women
  • Keeps you energized all day, anywhere
  • High in protein & perfect meal replacement
  • Guilt-free snack, low in calorie, fat & sugar
  • ​Great tasting and affordable
LivBar Nutrition

#3 LivBar Food Bars

  • 220 calories
  • check
    8 g protein
  • 17 g carbs
  • check
    4 g fiber
  • check
    15 g fat
  • 100% Natural
  • Gluten free
  • Fair trade and locally-sourced
Probar, best protein bar for women


  • 290 calories
  • 20 g protein
  • 4 g fiber
  • check
    9 g fat
  • Plant-Based Whole Food Ingredients
  • High in protein 
  • Delicious flavors
  • check


  • 200-220 calories
  • check
    12 g protein
  • 22 g carbs
  • check
    3-5 g fiber
  • check
    9 g fat
  • Strength training support
  • Vegan friendly
  • Promotes high-intensity energy

1. Editor's Choice: Orgain Organic

Next up is the company that claims to be “raising the bar on bars”. The Orgain Organic Protein bar has a decent amount of protein, is low-carb, and seriously clean.

With 6 grams of fiber and only 3-5 grams of sugar, it’s a lean, healthy snack that’s a suitable partner for women on the go.


Although it didn’t have as much protein as some of the other bars,  it made up for that with its taste.


  • ​Great as a post workout
  • ​Tastes like a candy bar but still healthy
  • ​Very low calorie


  • ​High-carb to protein ratio
  • exclamation-triangle
    ​Didn’t fill us up

Sticking to a diet is hard, so it’s nice to sneak a bar in that tastes like a cheat meal but really isn’t.

Overall, this is a good replacement bar for women because of the ingredients and high carb count. However, it is not as good if you don’t have exercise planned for the day.

Pick a 12 pack and keep it in your bag for a healthy muscle building snack to nibble on when driving home from the gym.

2. ONE Protein Bar

20 grams of protein, 22 grams of carbs, and only 1 gram of sugar? Why not?

If you’re trying to fight that stubborn belly flab and have more excuses to post your best beach photos on Instagram, then consider this product as one of your choices.

ONE Protein Bar


  • ​Low calorie and sugar
  • ​High-protein/medium carb
  • Great tasting flavors
  • Low fat


  • Not always in stock

This protein bar contains 230 calories and with very little fat so it easily became a top choice for a meal on the go, and it’s also great for supplementing your nutrition intake.

3. LivBar Nutrition Health Food Bars

Next up, is something that’s for the very health conscious women. A small, family-run company based out of Oregon, LivBar is created for the purpose that it wants you to “eat real food”.

The company is all about health and sustainability, both for you and the environment.

Everything from the 100% best and natural ingredients to the compostable wrapper is right on brand.

LivBar Nutrition Health Food Bars

Though some of the flavors seem questionable, the kale, ginger, coffee, and cacao ingredients actually tasted pretty good. 


  • ​100% natural
  • ​High in protein for muscle building
  • ​Fair trade and locally-sourced


  • ​Tastes good but not as good as others
  • exclamation-triangle
    ​A bit higher priced than others

It's also great that the ingredients were locally-sourced and how clean it tasted.

This protein bar is not actually bursting with flavor like they claim but each is best packed with macronutrients just the way your body wants them. That said, it's a good choice for healthiest protein bars for women.


PROBAR meal bars are packed with everything you need to build those guns and slim that waste. Their bars are 100% organic and contain no artificial ingredients.

The raw ingredients used in this product helps give your body the fuel it needs for a great workout.

With 20 grams of protein and enough dense, raw nutrients in each snack to make up an entire meal (290 calories), it can keep you full for a while. 

What we loved most were all of the natural foods: fruits, nuts, seeds, berries. 

PROBAR, best protein bar for women


  • 100% clean ingredients
  • Whole foods for more energy
  • High in protein for muscle gain
  • check
    Delicious flavors


  • Could be lower in carbs

Women, if you’re looking to gain lean muscle and lose weight, the 100% clean ingredients and high-dose of protein are the ideal combo for your stomach and your biceps. With that, this is one of the protein bars that's a top choice for women in losing weight. 

​5. RXBAR 

In a market totally best dominated by dishonest candies masquerading as healthy protein options, RXBAR is a company that wears its heart on its sleeve (literally).

They list the best ingredients right on the front of the wrapper. RXBAR bars are made will all-natural, clean, and simple ingredients.

The protein inside each bar comes from no-cholesterol egg whites, one of the most easily absorbed proteins there is.

RXBAR image

While the calorie count is a bit high for the level of protein that you get, it’s worth it in our opinion. With 12 grams of a protein and 24 grams of carbs, it’s both a muscle building supplement and a pick me up for women.


  • Clean ingredients
  • Easily absorbed
  • ​12 grams of protein


  • ​Taste leaves some to be desired
  • exclamation-triangle
    ​A bit high in calories

They didn’t taste quite as good as some of the other bars on the list and it could stand to have a bit less sugar, but as far as the best protein bars for women weight loss go, it’s definitely a good choice for anyone trying to get fit.

4 Types of Protein Bars

Of course, life is never simple, especially for women, so you’ve also got to know which kind of protein you’re taking. There are a ton of different kinds.

  • Whey: The most common protein by far, whey is easily absorbed by the body and extremely clean. It’s known for growing muscles, boosting your energy, and containing essential amino acids.
  • ​Soy: Is rich in arginine, an acid known for increasing blood flow to the muscles. It’s also digested quickly by the body and good for your bones (helpful if you have degenerative bone issues). (1)
  • Rice: 100% plant-based, it’s great for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Egg: A slower acting protein. It comes from whole foods, though, so you’re body can easily use it.

Aside from these mainstays, you may also find pea, casein, or milk protein on some labels. In general, stick with whey for most of your fitness goals unless you’re a vegetarian or have certain health issues.

​Protein bars typically consist of a protein source, sweetener, and fiber and/or fat for both texture and flavor.

​Grace Ling, Spoon University

​How To Choose The Right Protein Bar For You

To identify the best protein bar for you, we’re going to level with you and your goals.

Protein bars are ideal products for women trying to lose weight, gain muscle, and control their appetites, but they aren’t a catch-all solution. (2)

There’s also a right way and wrong way to take them. Basically, it all comes down to your goals as a woman. Consider the following:

A woman preparing diet meal
  • Are you trying to lose weight?: If so, a clean, low-calorie, low-carb bar is a great snack. Stick to one per day.
  • Are you trying to gain muscle mass?: If so, then dig in! High-protein, moderate carb bars should be a staple of your diet. Your body needs a lot of protein to grow. Don’t overdo it. Real food should still be the majority of your diet. (3)
  • Are you just looking for a meal replacement or to be healthier?: Meal replacements should be higher in calories since you’ll want to be fuller for longer. Of course, the ingredients should also be diverse and healthy. Nuts, seeds, fruits, etc.

You can achieve the optimal results from eating protein bars, or when taking other supplements, as long as you find the product with the perfect ingredients that suite your needs.


Can protein bars help women lose weight?

Yes, protein bars can help women lose weight in two very simple ways. Firstly, increased amounts of protein will suppress hunger and boost metabolic rates. But it will also help your muscles recover faster from exercise, meaning that you can workout sooner again at a higher intensity.

Can women use protein bars as meal replacement?

No, women should not use protein bars as a meal replacement, even if they contain all natural and healthy ingredients. While these snack bars may well be perfectly healthy and supportive of your weight loss goals, they are not going to be nutritionally complete to fully replace one of your meals.

Are protein bars for women worth it?

Yes, protein bars for women are worth it, because they are a simple and tasty snack that will provide a good boost of energy and protein. If you ever feel hungry after working hard at the gym, then these snack bars are ideal to satisfy that hunger in a way that will further support losing weight.

What should you look for in a good protein bar for women?

The main things you should look for in a good protein bar for women is a good dose of protein (10 grams or more), no sugar, low in carbs (less than 10 grams), and some added fiber to keep your hunger at bay.

​And Our #1 Protein Bar For Women Is...

While there is no single best protein bar for women, and your options will come in all shapes and sizes, the smart choice would be Orgain Organic Protein Bar.

It has most of the features your body may need like protein for muscle growth, healthy natural ingredients, and just the right amount of calories (140) to keep me satisfied for a good few hours - enough energy to hit a good workout in the gym.

The 12-pack variety comes in so many flavors that I never get bored and it actually taste nice.

The price is very reasonable when compared to other competitors - it’s lower than most when I did my research. Make sure to buy it from their official site below.

Orgain Organic
​​Our #1 Protein Bar for Women

  • 10g of protein and 140 calories per serving
  • Great as a pre or post workout snack
  • 100% vegan friendly ingredients
  • Actually taste good

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