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Last updated: June 21, 2024
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As a personal trainer, I admire Antonio Brown, the former wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, for his remarkable work ethic, agility, impressive catches, hand-eye coordination, and physique.

His success in the NFL is partly due to a workout routine that enhances his speed on the football field.

To inspire my clients to train with the same dedication as Antonio, I delved into his YouTube videos and interviews. This research helped me understand his workout and diet regimen, as well as the supplements he relies on to sustain his impressive physique.

Let me share with you everything you need to know about it.

Antonio Brown’s Workout Routine

antonio brown inside a gym

From my research I found that the receiver has a specially designed workout plan that helps him be as fast as he can.

He spends plenty of time in the weight room. Even though Antonio Brown and his trainer focus on all body parts, their primary focus is on lower-body strength training.

Brown says that the top three exercises they focus on are:

  • Lateral step-up jump (explosive)
  • Box squat (power)
  • Barbell lunges (strength)

Let’s see the details.

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Lateral Step-Up Jump

man doing lateral jumps

The lateral step-up jump boosts Brown's explosiveness off the scrimmage line, in mid-air catches, and during sharp turns.

Brown puts it simply: no quick explosion, no real speed.

I always advise my clients to plant a foot on the platform, then power up.

Push through your heel, spring off your toe, and leap sideways. Land on the other foot, pause, then launch into the next move.

Box Squat

Through my years of experience, I've come to realize that the box squat is essential for developing the posterior chain consisting of the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back.

This is the exercise that gives Brown the strength and power for quick bursts of speed.

"For the most part, I squatted lighter weight, a lot of reps, did a lot of endurance training."

- Antonio Brown, American Football Wide Receiver

The key to this exercise is to drive through your heels. Putting the weight on your heels will work your glutes.

Walking Lunges with Barbell

man in a walking lunge position while carrying a barbell

To strengthen his lower body and core, Antonio Brown does walking lunges with a barbell.

Hamstring isolation helps the all-pro athlete increase his hip and hamstring flexibility.

The key here is to take big steps and be fluid. Isolate your legs, work on each one individually.

His Season and Offseason Workout

man doing weightlifting while sitting down

During the NFL season, Brown works out with his team players — wide receivers Martavis Bryant, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Markus Wheaton, Jacoby Jones, and Sammie Coates.

Tight-end athletes Matt Spaeth, Jesse James, and Heath Miller join them often.

Antonio Brown does his offseason workout routine with his trainers — Travel Gaines and Dave Rienzi.

Brown believes that he should have the same rituals and discipline during the offseason as he has during the season.

Brown’s Weekly Training Routine

man jogging outdoors

Basic Exercise

During the offseason, Antonio Brown focuses on areas like his core, glutes, and shoulders. The exercises help him generate speed.

Essential Run

To be able to move fast, Brown goes on a 5-mile run every few days.

"I’ll go running for distance consistently. That stuff keeps me healthy."

- Antonio Brown, American Football Wide Receiver

Protect the Shoulders

Lifting as heavy as possible isn’t Brown’s goal. He wants to save his shoulders for the long run.

Lower Weight, Higher Reps

Brown does lots of squats, but he doesn't lift heavyweights. Instead, he does a lot of reps. He does about 20 reps for all sets.


During the league season, Brown typically does four weight training sessions a week. During the season, he does three and swims to increase his lung power.

Powerful Core

Every day, Brown does about 1,000 ab exercises. They include v-ups, hanging leg lifts, planks, leg lifts, etc. He says that the exact ab exercise doesn’t matter. What matters is you do the workouts.


The key to Brown's shoulder workout is light dumbbells, lateral raises, Y and T raise.


Hard work is essential, but proper recovery is also necessary for the muscle tone. Brown regularly gets massage and acupuncture.

Antonio Brown's Workout Principles

Antonio Brown follows a rigorous and disciplined workout regimen. His principles focus on:

  1. Versatility: Incorporating a variety of exercises, including strength training, agility drills, and cardiovascular workouts.
  2. Consistency: Training regularly without skipping workouts, maintaining a routine even during the off-season.
  3. Intensity: Pushing limits in every session, ensuring maximum effort and focus.
  4. Recovery: Prioritizing rest and recovery, including proper sleep and nutrition, to maintain peak physical condition.
  5. Mental Toughness: Cultivating a strong mindset to overcome challenges and stay motivated.
  6. Flexibility and Balance: Including yoga and Pilates for flexibility, balance, and core strength.
  7. Personalization: Tailoring workouts to his specific needs and goals, adapting as necessary.

Antonio Brown’s Diet and Supplements

breakfast plate on a table, 3 pieces of vitamin pills

Protein-Rich Diet

Brown has a chef who prepares all his meals for him. Brown believes diet is the key to getting a result from the gym. Brown eats sprouted bread, eggs, bison meat, and steel-cut oatmeal for added fiber.

Brown's chef spends 12 hours making the food — three snacks, lunch, and dinner.


To keep his body and muscle-tone, the star takes lots of protein. However, he doesn’t reveal whether he’s using anything else.

If you work as hard as Brown, trying to achieve the same fitness level, there's a way to look more like this guy.

Besides following his workout intensity and sets, my advice would be to try products like glutamine, creatine, and beta-alanine to boost your efforts.

Antonio Brown's Background

Antonio Brown is a professional football player, born in 1988, Miami, Florida. He's a son of Eddie "Touchdown" Brown, 2-time MVP.

Growing up, Brown played football and track and field events.


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Brown received a scholarship for Central Michigan, where he played for three years before entering the NFL.

He played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and was even a punter in the 2012 Pro Bowl. Brown earned a record of more than 1,000 receiving yards.

From the Steelers, Brown moved on to the Raiders and the Patriots. However, he didn't stick for long with either and soon became a free agent.

Fun fact: Brown threatened to leave the NFL because he wasn't allowed to wear his old helmet.

The helmet was over ten years old, and the safety agency couldn't certify its safety.


How Does Antonio Brown Structure His Diet?

Antonio Brown structures his diet by focusing on lean proteins, complex carbs, and adequate hydration, supporting his energy needs for training and recovery.

How Does Brown Maintain Consistency in His Workouts?

Brown maintains consistency in his workouts through a disciplined schedule, setting goals, and prioritizing fitness within his daily routine.

What Role Does Cross-Training Play in Antonio Brown’s Workout Routine?

Cross-training is crucial in Antonio Brown's routine, diversifying his exercise to enhance muscle strength, cardiovascular health, and agility. It reduces injury risk, keeps workouts engaging, and supports his overall athletic performance and commitment to fitness.

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