Bryce Harper's MLB Workout Routine And Diet Plan

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Last updated: June 21, 2024
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Are you among the Philly baseball team fans?

Here’s a chance to take a closer look at all the information on Bryce Harper workout regime and diet that resulted in such a sky-rocketing success.

You’ll be thrilled to find out about the foods, exercises, and other things he likes, in which body part the key to pitching and hitting power lies in his opinion, how he may deal with challenges, the way he may help his team win the games, and more.

Let’s get straight to the point.

Bryce Harper’s Background

Bryce Harper is a professional, awarded US baseballer who was a Washington Nationals phenom from 2012 to 2018 as a “five-tool player” excelling at all five baseball aspects.

Since 2019 he’s been the Philadelphia Phillies all-star outfielder after signing a 13-year, $330-million contract with them (one of the largest MLB contracts in history).

In 2009, although still in high school, he was featured in a Sports Illustrated cover story as “LeBron James of baseball.”

That speaks more than a thousand words about his sports abilities, quality, and success, as do his career highlights and awards [1]:

  • Six-time MLB All-Star Game Selection (2012 - youngest position player, 2013, 2015-2018)
  • National League Rookie of the Year Award (2012 - youngest winner at the age of 20)
  • Silver Slugger Award (2015)
  • National League MVP (2015)

His Stats

  • Height: 6ft3in (190.5cm)
  • Weight (fluctuates): 215-230lbs (97.5-104.3kg)
  • Born: 1992, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Major League Debut: 28 April 2012
  • Home runs: 232 (during season 2020)
  • Throwing hand: right

His Training Routine

bryce harper playing baseball

This baseball superstar eats clean and works insanely hard in the gym every day to keep his body healthy, strong, and in the best possible shape.

In my coaching experience, I've emphasized the same clean eating and rigorous gym routine that Bryce Harper follows to maintain peak physical condition.

“I work on my hips, my glutes, my tiny muscle groups. And I put as much good food and water into my system as possible.” [...] I’m trying to get a sweat going, and keep my muscles toned. And my core is where everything comes from for my swing.”

-Bryce Harper, American Professional Baseball Player

Bryce Harper's off-season training mirrors his regular season routine, encompassing stretching, a 45-minute full-body workout, heavy lifts, and a mix of yoga, Pilates, and running.

His training aims to enhance strength, balance, flexibility, speed, and agility, focusing less on muscle mass.

While Harper limits his social media presence for mental clarity, glimpses of his workout sessions are available on his Instagram.

Beyond physical training, Bryce Harper's approach to mental health and focus plays a pivotal role in his success, incorporating strategies for mental preparation before games, effective stress management, and maintaining motivation, which are as crucial as his physical regimen.

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Bryce Harper's Workout Plan

man doing push ups

Bryce Harper dedicates four mornings a week to training, starting at 5 am with a 90-minute session, extended to over two hours on leg-focused days.

From my own coaching routines, starting early like Bryce Harper with dedicated morning sessions can significantly enhance training effectiveness.

His routine begins with a 10-minute cardio warm-up, followed by thrice-weekly full-body lifting, including heavyweights and plyometrics.

Additionally, he engages in 25-minute batting cage sessions and on-field practice, honing his fielding and throwing skills.

An often-overlooked but vital component of Harper's training is his approach to injury prevention and recovery, incorporating specific routines and techniques to avoid injuries and facilitate quicker recovery when they do occur, which is essential knowledge for anyone looking to train safely and effectively.

Here’s an example of demanding full-body compound exercises one of the best athletes does during his functional training sessions to shred body fat, improve balance, muscle development, and other physical abilities, and ensure top-notch performance on the baseball field:

  • Exercise 1: Hard row or exercise bike - 10mins
  • Exercise 2: High-to-low cable chops - 3 sets of 12 reps per side
  • Exercise 3: Squats on top of an exercise ball - 3 sets of 20+ reps
  • Exercise 4: Barbell power cleans - 3 sets of 8-12 reps
  • Exercise 5: Jump squats on a box - 3 sets of 20 reps

What Does Bryce Harper Eat?

fried eggs and bread with avocado on a plate

Bryce Harper mostly eats healthy organic non-GMO whole foods without nitrate, dairy, and gluten, including grass-fed beef, steak, fish, whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Echoing Harper's diet, I've always advised my trainees to focus on organic, non-GMO foods for optimal health and performance.

His mother’s old-fashioned homemade meals like spaghetti, ranch dressing, and grilled chicken are his favorites.

This guy typically has a rich breakfast around noon, when he eats: 

  • Turkey bacon/sausage,
  • Two whole eggs mixed with two egg whites,
  • Avocado on gluten-free bread, and
  • Three sweet potato pancakes with chocolate chips.

For lunch and dinner, he usually combines: 

  • Veggies,
  • Carbs, and
  • Protein from steak, fish like salmon or tilapia, or other meat.

Bryce Harper's diet is predominantly clean, especially during the season, to avoid feeling sluggish. For late-night snacks, he might opt for an avocado and cucumber sandwich.

While he generally avoids processed foods, he does treat himself occasionally with items like Eggo Waffles with peanut butter and honey, ice cream, or Oreos.

Harper steers clear of alcohol and high-sugar energy drinks, preferring homemade organic juices with ingredients like orange, apple, and kale.

He also incorporates natural supplements such as glutamine powder and amino acids into his diet to aid in recovery and cramp prevention.

Other workout routines:


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