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David Beckham Workout Routine & Diet Plan (2023 Updated)

Isaac Robertson
Published by Isaac Robertson | Co-Founder & Chief Editor
Last updated: June 10, 2023

David Beckham may have retired from soccer, but he still has an incredible body. I wanted to know how he stays in shape now that he no longer plays the sport professionally.

I’ve watched and read hours of Beckham’s interviews to uncover his workout routine and diet.

My go-to nutritionist helped me put two and two together. You’ll find all our insights in this complete guide to David Beckham’s fitness regime.

Quick Summary

  • The best of David Beckham's workout routines are kettlebell swings, sled push, running, jump squats, burpees, leg raises, battle ropes, and Goblet squats.
  • Cheese omelet, cabbage, spinach, chicken, fish, yogurt, and fruits are examples of the meals David Beckham enjoys eating.
  • Vitamin supplements, and protein supplements are the supplements David Beckham takes.

David Beckham Stats

  • Born: May 2, 1975 (England)
  • Height: 6’ 0’’ (183 cm)
  • Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)
  • Waist: 32 inches
  • Chest: 42 inches

David Beckham is a soccer phenomenon who made his tournament debut at the 1998 World Cup. Since then, he’s played for the England national team and world-class soccer clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Paris Saint-Germain.

He’s been ultra-successful at football and won league titles in four countries: England, Spain, the United States, and France.

But Beckham isn’t only famous for his football skills. He’s also been crowned the sexiest man alive by People Magazine in 2015. If you’d like to snatch some of his sex appeal, your best bet is stealing his workout routine.

David Beckham Workout Routine

Since Beckham is a former professional soccer player, cardio is still a massive part of his workout routine. Running became his primary training method during lockdown. And he’s also a big fan of cycling and outdoor sports.

So, he doesn’t hit the gym every day because he finds other ways to exercise.

But when he does train, he goes all out. David Beckham’s workout routine is intense. Here’s what it usually looks like.

Monday: The Gym Burn

man in a close hands pushup position

Beckham starts his gym burn with a quick warm-up, then proceeds onto circuit training.


  • Stretch (5 minutes)
  • Jog (10 to 20 minutes)

Circuit Training:

  • Sled Push (5 sets of 50 yards)
  • Push-Ups (3 sets of 20 reps)
  • Battle Ropes (3 sets of 30-second reps)
  • Goblet Squats (3 sets of 20 reps)
  • Kettlebell Swings (3 sets of 20 reps)

When you finish one exercise, proceed onto the next one immediately. Rest when you finish the entire circuit.

Tuesday: Running

In David Beckham’s workout routine, Tuesdays are reserved for running:

  • Running (10 sets of 60 yards forward and 60 yards back)

He tries to finish each set in 20 seconds. After completing the set, he rests from 100 seconds to five minutes.

Beckham moves on to circuit training after running if he still has enough energy. Find his circuit training routine below.

Wednesday: On The Go Burn

man doing box jumps in a gym

Just like on Mondays, Beckham starts this routine with a quick warm-up and proceeds onto circuit training:


  • Stretch (5 minutes)
  • Jog (10 to 20 minutes)

Circuit Training: 

  • Jump Squats (5 sets of 40 reps)
  • Push-Ups (5 sets of 30 reps)
  • Leg Raises (5 sets of 20 reps)
  • Plank to Push Up (5 sets of 10 reps)
  • Burpees (5 sets of 5 reps)

Thursday: Running

David Beckham’s Thursday running routine is split into three challenges.

Challenge 1: 

  • Running (5 sets of 5-minute reps at 80% maximum heart rate)

Challenge 2:

  • Running (8 sets of 2-minute reps at 95% maximum heart rate)
  • Rest for one minute in between sets.

Challenge 3: 

  • Sprint (30 sets of 20-second intervals)

Friday: Cardio Exercises

leg view of a woman running on a treadmill

Besides running, Beckham owes his lean muscle mass to cardio exercises:

  • Cardio on a treadmill or a bike (1 set of 20 to 60 minutes)

If you need to, divide the workout into several sets.

Keep in mind that Beckham sometimes practices hiking, rock climbing, yoga, mixed martial arts, or Thai boxing instead of his regular cardio routine on Fridays.

Saturday And Sunday: Rest

Although Beckham likes to exercise, he takes his weekends off to rest and recuperate.

He still tries to stay active by hiking or cycling on Saturdays and Sundays.

David Beckham’s Workout Principles

shirtless man flexing his back muscles with his arms up

David Beckham is a big fan of keeping his body active every day. He says that even small bursts of activity can make standard training obsolete:

“You don’t have to go and spend a huge amount of money going to the gym. Three or four times a week, I walk my daughter to school instead of driving her, or she bikes home with me. It’s the little things that make a difference.”

- David Beckham 

That’s probably why David Beckham’s workout routine largely follows the principles of fitness snacking.

Fitness or exercise snacking is a fitness approach that values short periods of activity dispersed throughout the day over one-off workouts in the gym [1]. This approach may have some benefits compared to standard training.

For example, one study found that just a few minutes of stair climbing throughout the day can significantly improve heart health [2].

David Beckham’s Diet Plan

plate with omelet, and a salad in a bowl

David Beckham follows a very clean and healthy diet. Based on my research, his regular meal plan looks like this: 

  • Breakfast: a cheese omelet
  • Lunch: some leafy greens (e.g., cabbage, spinach), lean protein (e.g., chicken or fish)
  • Dinner: a tomato omelet, fish fingers, yogurt, or pasta

However, the football star announced he’s trying to switch to a more plant-based diet in 2020. So, his current diet might be somewhat different.

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David Beckham’s Diet Principles

David Beckham stays away from junk food, processed foods, and unhealthy sources of fat. Instead, he gets fat from cleaner sources, such as yogurt and olive oil, and consumes lean protein for energy.

David Beckham Supplements

There are different set of pills and capsules that are multivitamins

David Beckham’s wife, Victoria, mentioned that she uses vitamin and protein supplements for muscle gain [3].

So, Beckham may be using them, too. They’re the perfect addition to his workout routine:

  • Protein supplements — stimulate muscle growth and speed up post-workout recovery [4].
  • Vitamin supplements — boost immune system and promote cardiovascular health [5].

It’s unlikely that Beckham’s using anything stronger, such as steroids.

Considering his current age, his body would be showing signs of steroid use. But I don’t see any.

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