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9 Hottest Male Cricket Players In The World (2023 Updated)

Tracy Thompson
Published by Tracy Thompson
Last updated: May 15, 2023

As a fitness trainer, I follow many sports and their top players. Of particular interest is Cricket, a sport many think the physiological demands are relatively mild. The physical endurance required for cricket, especially for the bowler position.

My colleagues and I recently chatted about what it takes to play cricket, which evolved into discussing the most well-rounded, handsome cricketers. We each tossed some names on the list, and I’ve compiled it here.

Read on to see if you agree with our list of the most handsome cricket players in the world.

Quick Summary

  • Some of the hottest male cricket players include Michael Clarke, Shane Bond, Virat Kohli, Brett Lee,  and Alastair Cook.
  • These male cricket players spend a lot of time working out, and always eat a healthy diet.
  • Supplements can help you attain a body like that of your male cricket players.

Hottest Male Cricketers in the World

Cricket could be the ultimate endurance sport, defined as a “subset of sports in which the goal is prolonged athletic output, over an extended distance or for an extended period of time” [1].

Here’s our list of the most handsome cricketers who embody mental and physical endurance to succeed at the game.

9. Michael Clarke

This handsome cricketer captained Australia in both Test and ODI. Michael Clarke is the only batsman to score four double centuries in a calendar year in Test cricket.

Along with his test century achievements, this 6’2”, muscular right-handed batsman, nicknamed Pup, won the Sir Garfield Sobers trophy and Test cricketer of the year in 2013.

After his storied career, this former captain remained in the sports world as a cricket commentator and, most recently, as a co-host of the radio show “Big Sports Breakfast.”

8. Alastair Cook

Some consider Sir Alastair Cook not only the best left-handed opening batsman but the most handsome cricketer, with his dark hair and brown eyes and sporting a 6’2” frame.

Hailing from Gloucester, England, he debuted for Essex County Cricket Club in 2006 and captained both the English Test and ODI (One Day International) teams.

Alastair Cook is also known for his musical talent and great culinary ability, hence his nickname “Chef.” Add these talents to his athleticism and striking good looks, and this English cricketer could be the object of any woman’s desire in or outside of England.

7. Shane Bond

Currently a bowling coach for the Mumbai Indians, this hot cricket player had minimal exposure to the sport as a youngster, yet made a significant impact in his 120 matches played for New Zealand Cricket Team.

This New Zealand pace bowler played his test debut in 2001 but played less than two dozen test matches due to battling injury and being banned from playing in the Indian Premier League.

He is traditionally good-looking with dark hair and eyes and is considered one of the most stylish cricketers. His phenomenal leg strength, necessary for a fast bowler, allowed him to bowl over 156 kph (97 mph).

6. AB de Villiers

Suppose dashing good looks and professional accomplishments are what you find hot. In that case, you’ll agree with adding this 5’10” former captain to this list.

He was voted three times “Player of the Year” in international cricket and 25 “Man Of The Match” awards; these are just a couple of ticks on his accomplishment chart.

Most cricket fans are curious about their favorite player’s net worth, and I can tell you that this South African international cricketer is worth an estimated 21 million.

5. Shahid Afridi

Some may consider Shahid Afridi one of the most handsome cricketers coming out of Pakistan with his dark hair and beard. He is the former captain of the Pakistan Cricket team who was a right-handed batsman making his test debut in 1998.

Standing six feet tall with traditional Pakistani dark hair and eyes, Afridi is surely a good-looking guy.

Suppose a big heart adds to hot for you. In that case, Afridi is your guy, starting the charitable trust, “Shahid Afridi Foundation,” in 2014 to bring free food, treatment, and education to underprivileged Pakistanis.

“A player should never be selfish and should always contribute to team's victory.”

- Shahid Afridi

4. Shane Watson

Considered one of the best all-rounders to play the game of cricket, Shane Watson enjoyed a 14-year career contributing to all three aspects of the game: bowling, batting, and fielding, and was the first Australian cricketer to hit in all three formats of the game.

Perhaps the David Beckham of the cricket world, Watson stands six feet tall with stylish blonde hair, light blue eyes, and an engaging smile. Outside of cricket, Watson enjoys singing and playing guitar.

This handsome cricketer could be considered the whole package with his athleticism, style, sportsmanship, and business brains by launching a children’s sports clinic called “Let's Activate,” using songs, dance, and sports activities to promote good sportsmanship.

3. Virat Kohli

Once tagged as the most eligible bachelor in India, this handsome cricketer was captain of both the Indian Cricket Team and Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL and is a top-ranked ODI batsman.

If you find dedication hot, you will love that Virat Kohli is the only cricketer to play for one IPL franchise since 2008.

To maintain his incredible 5’9” muscular physique, the “King of Cricket” is a fitness freak but allows himself a cheat meal of “Chole Bhature,” a type of fried bread, once a month.

2. Brett Lee

Brett Lee is a former Australian pacer who played all three formats since 1999 when he played his first test match.

If you like stats that stand out, Lee is the first player to take a hat-trick in T20 Internationals against Bangladesh in the 2007 T20 World Cup.

Not as big a film star as a cricket star, Lee has acted in a few movies, including “Victory” and “Unindian.” His 6’2” well-defined body suits him on both the cricket field and movie screens.

1. Kevin Pietersen

When I think of handsome cricketers, my mind immediately goes to Kevin Pietersen. This English International Cricket player stands a very muscular 6’4” and played 104 test matches for England, scoring 8181 runs, scoring his first test century in 2005.

This right-handed batsman and the occasional off-spin bowler was born in South Africa and is known for being a family guy, marrying singer Jessica Taylor.

Do you find confidence attractive? If so, “The Ego” is one of many nicknames the former cricketer holds. He has the talent to back it up as he was the most expensive player in the 2009 IPL auctions, nabbing a 1.55 million dollar deal with Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Who Do You Think is the Most Handsome Cricket Player?

While I can’t tell you exactly how each handsome cricketer on this list got their wonderfully sculpted physique, I can tell you how I would advise my clients to achieve it.

Whether you are a cricket player, a bodybuilder, or just trying to lose weight, an all-natural fat burner is a great way to kickstart your progress to having a body like the cricketers you’ve just read about in this article.

You’ve read our list of hot cricketers. Did we get it right? Let us know in the comments.


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