29 Hottest Male WWE Wrestlers (2024) Sexiest Icons

Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT
Published by Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT | Staff Writer
Last updated: January 26, 2024
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The WWE universe is a spectacle of raw power and showmanship, featuring a lineup of men whose athleticism is as undeniable as their charisma.

At TotalShape, what began as a casual conversation among enthusiasts quickly ignited into a heated discussion about the most sizzling wrestlers to grace the squared circle. Determined to crown the kings of allure in the wrestling world, we turned the decision over to those who know best—our dedicated readers.

This approach kept old-timers from pushing Hulk Hogan to the top, but the results still had some surprises!

The Hottest Male Wrestlers

Here are the wrestlers that our readers voted on.

29. Cody Rhodes


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A post shared by Cody Rhodes (@americannightmarecody)

I remember watching Cody Rhodes, also known as The American Nightmare, for the first time and being instantly captivated. He's not just a force to be reckoned with in the wrestling world; he's also renowned for his smoldering good looks.

His shocking return at WrestleMania 38, although sadly interrupted by a serious pectoral injury, reminded fans of his magnetic presence and physical appeal.

When he next graces the ring, likely at the Rumble, where he's a heavy favorite, all eyes will be on his chiseled physique and charismatic charm.

28. Kevin Owens


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A post shared by Kevin Owens (@knockout2515)

Kevin Owens, affectionately known as KO, is more than just a dominant figure in wrestling; he's a charismatic icon with an unmistakable allure.

This current version of the Prizefighter has captivated fans with his intensity, determination, and unique sense of style. His battle against the Bloodline has created some memorable and thrilling moments, resonating with fans everywhere.

He's crafted a persona that's irresistibly attractive, and fans can't help but be entranced by the unique charisma that sets him apart.

27. Matt Riddle

Riddle's relaxed demeanor, combined with his intense in-ring performance, gives him a unique charm that resonates with fans.

His surfer-bro vibe, along with his undeniable skill, has crafted an image that's both compelling and approachable.

As Riddle aims to regain his top-level status, fans will be eagerly watching, not just for his wrestling prowess but also for the magnetic personality that makes him so captivating.

Whether in victory or defeat, Riddle's aura ensures that he remains one of the hottest talents in the sport.

26. Bill Goldberg


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A post shared by GOLDBERG (@goldberg95)

We have another legend in the form of Bill Goldberg. He had his heyday in the 90s and 00s, with one of the most menacing looks the WWE ring has ever seen.

But outside the ring, Goldberg seems to be a genuinely nice guy.

25. Dexter Lumis


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A post shared by Dexter Lumis (@dexterlumis)

It took a few years for Dexter Lumis to get to the WWE stage, but he’s made a great first impression since 2019.

His blonde hair and squared-off jawline seem to be some of his most attractive features. What’s also unique about this man is that he got married at the 14th NXT edition.

24. Tony Nese

Tony is signed to All Elite Wrestling and has had some exposure to WWE as well. He’s not the tallest or biggest wrestler around, but he’s a big force to reckon with in the ring.

And based on the comments we got from subscribers, it’s those chiseled six-pack abs that are a major attraction.

23. Apollo Crews

Apollo has arguably got the biggest chest muscles in WWE, and I’d love to see those kinds of stats confirmed.

He’s known for some daring front and backflips, which are not as easy as they look, given his physical size.

22. Karrion Kross

A lot of our readers seem to have a thing for men with large tattoos, as Karrion proves yet again.

He’s currently signed up for Major League Wrestling and is more commonly known as Killer Kross. He’s also one of the biggest wrestlers on our list, at 6’4” and 265 lbs.

21. Fabian Aichner


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A post shared by Giovanni Vinci (@vinciwwe)

This Italian stallion is one of the few wrestlers not to use a ring name. He wrestles under the NXT brand and has created a large following in tag team events.

But there’s nothing soft like pizza or pasta about this man with a rock-solid body.

20. Austin Theory


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A post shared by Austin Theory (@austin_theory)

This young WWE wrestler is a superstar in the making. He’s also taken the modern approach of creating a name for himself in the ring and on social media.

You definitely want to check out his Instagram feed to really appreciate his good looks.

19. Darren Young

darren young portrait

I remember the buzz when Darren Young came out as the only openly gay wrestler in WWE.

This was a big move in such a macho sport, but it hasn’t impacted his career. And fans still love his menacing appearance and vicious style.

18. Xavier Woods


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A post shared by Austin Creed (@austincreedwins)

Also known by the ring name King Woods, he’s one of the wrestlers on a tag team with the longest-running championship wins.

All you need to do is see his huge smile along with his perfectly shaped physique to understand why so many female fans run to him.

17. Zack Ryder

Matt Cardano, aka Zack Ryder, has a towering body and a stone-cold attitude in the ring.

He had a slow start to his WWE career, but he took every possible opportunity to build a brand and reputation around himself.

16. The Miz


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A post shared by Mike "The Miz" Mizanin (@mikethemiz)

The Miz is another one of those wrestlers with the surfer dude look and attitude.

Apart from wrestling, The Miz has ventured into reality TV (MTV's The Real World and The Challenge) and movies, showcasing his versatility and charisma beyond the WWE universe.

He’s one hell of a ripped man, but happily married with two kids.

15. Steve Austin

I was a huge fan of Steve as a kid, and this American professional wrestler still has the looks to turn heads.

He doesn’t have long blond hair anymore, but the bald head suits him extremely well. It gives him more of a bad-boy image that goes well with the ripped body.

14. Finn Balor


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A post shared by Finn Bálor / PRIN❌E (@finnbalor)

Finn Balor is an Irish professional wrestler and a two-time NXT champion in WWE.

He’s actually the first wrestler to achieve this, despite not being one of the biggest men in the pro wrestling world of WWE.

But his ripped body has been on display both in and out of the ring.

13. Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose was a well-known ring name, and you’ll hear of him these days under the name Jon Moxley.

He’s definitely got that menacing biker look that goes with his impact wrestling style. But there could also be a softer side to him as a family man.


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A post shared by DEAN AMBROSE (@deanambrosefringe)

12. CM Punk


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A post shared by CM Punk (@cmpunk)

He’s better known for his commentating these days, but he’s obviously left enough of an impression on the pro wrestling and MMA communities to still feature high on this list.

Maybe it’s all those tattoos that still appeal to so many people.

11. Jason Jordan

Jason Jordan is an American professional wrestler who continuously sets new wrestling standards.

With possibly the biggest shoulders in WWE, he also has one of the most handsome smiles. Unfortunately, he’s married and has a daughter, so no luck for you singles.

10. John Morrison

John Morrison has the typical Californian look about him, and that has been one of the main attractions for WWE fans.

But that chilled-out attitude outside the ring quickly transforms into an aggressive wrestling style that gives us all a great show.

9. Chris Jericho


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A post shared by Chris Jericho (@chrisjerichofozzy)

We kept getting these surprises from older wrestlers from the Smackdown brand to get loads of votes from our readers. It seems like WWE fans have a long memory, and these men still often make appearances for wrestling shows.

Seeing Chris these days, you’d easily think he’s ten years younger with that boyish attitude.

8. The Rock


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A post shared by therock (@therock)

Most people these days know Dwayne Johnson as the American and Canadian actor from many Hollywood blockbusters. A lot of his movie roles are celebrated and beloved, making him a lovable and all-around endearing person to most people.

But this semi-retired professional wrestler is still a household name in the wrestling community, and he often recounts how he invested in his strength and physique from an early age.

Rock's dedication to fitness is evident in his daily training routines, often shared on social media. His intense workouts are a testament to his commitment to the sport.

“At a very young age, at five, I was with my dad down in the wrestling ring and in the weight room, watching all these guys wrestle, jack iron all day. It was always "What you want?" You gotta get up in the morning, you gotta get after it, you gotta put in the work, you gotta sweat.”

- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

7. AJ Styles


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A post shared by AJ Styles (@ajstylesp1)

In my opinion, AJ Styles is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, and even though his age is slowly pushing him out of the ring, he is still in amazing shape.

Women seem to love his stage persona, and the long hair combined with a huge Florida smile put him deservedly in the top ten.

6. Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels is retired, but he’s left so much of an impact on the professional wrestling world that he’s still classed as one of the hottest in WWE history.

There’s a good reason he was called the Heartbreak Kid, and many wrestlers could only wish to keep such good looks.

5. Seth Rollins


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A post shared by Seth Rollins (@wwerollins)

Seth Rollins is another extremely popular American professional wrestler, and I’ve been a big fan of the shows he can put on.

Women seem to be particularly attracted to that huge smile, but it quickly disappears when it comes to living up to the Smackdown brand.

When he's not wrestling, Rollins is an avid CrossFit enthusiast and even owns a coffee shop in his hometown.

4. Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is one of the most iconic ring name choices in recent years, and the menacing character has more than just muscles going for him.

As a Wrestlemania superstar, people either love or hate him, but Roman Reigns definitely has the looks to make him one of the hottest in pro wrestling.

Outside the ring, Reigns is known for his charitable efforts, especially with organizations focused on children's health and well-being.

3. Dolph Ziggler


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A post shared by Dolph Ziggler (@heelziggler)

One of the major appeals to Dolph is that he’s an all-around entertainer.

Not only has he made a huge career in professional wrestling, but he’s pretty funny at stand-up comedy. It seems like mixing that humor with a bad-boy attitude is a great recipe.

2. John Cena

John Cena, known for his remarkable career and multiple championship wins, including the tag team championship, emerged as one of the hottest male WWE wrestlers during the Attitude Era, joining the ranks of wrestling icons like Hulk Hogan and Dolph Ziggler.

When you see John Cena outside the ring with a loose t-shirt or even a suit, you could be forgiven for not expecting him to be a raging professional wrestler.

Like Randy Orton, he has an incredibly handsome face, but some would argue he is a lot bulkier. And branching out as a reality television show host has made him even more famous.


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A post shared by John Cena (@johnn.cenna)

1. Randy Orton


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A post shared by Randy Orton (@randyorton)

Randy Orton's journey to WWE started young, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. His dedication and passion for wrestling were evident from his early days in developmental territories.

He is now a highly successful American professional wrestler, and we were in no way surprised that this world heavyweight championship winner ranked highest.

He might put on a mean show, but Randy Orton has an incredibly handsome and ripped appeal that should be a goal for all bodybuilders.

Being in the fitness realm, I've got to hand it to these wrestlers; they've earned their place. But, as time rolls on, fresh faces will surely rise to the spotlight.

Legends like Chris Jericho, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Macho Man, and Ric Flair have always dazzled us with their unmatched prowess and magnetic charm.

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