23 Hottest Male Swimmers (2024 Updated)

Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT
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Last updated: May 10, 2024
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Inspired by the incredible skills of swimmers, our team at TotalShape recently delved into a heated debate about the top male swimmers who amaze fans with their talent and charm.

We expanded our scope beyond the Olympics to include stars from the FINA World Championships, Commonwealth Games, and European Championships.

With the help of our readers and subscribers, we’ve curated a diverse list of the most admired male swimmers on the world stage.

Who will make the splash this year, and who will redefine what it means to be an icon of the pool?

The Hottest Male Swimmers

While we've marveled at the athletic prowess of the world's hottest male swimmers, a deeper dive into their meticulous training regimens reveals a blend of rigorous exercises, innovative training techniques, and unwavering dedication that propels them to the pinnacle of aquatic mastery.

Beyond the strokes and turns lies an often unexplored element of their success - the nutritional plans meticulously tailored to fuel their bodies, enhance recovery, and optimize performance, offering a holistic approach to competitive swimming.

Amidst the roaring crowds and the pressure-cooker environment of international competitions, the mental fortitude of these swimmers remains an unsung hero; their strategies for mental wellbeing and focus are as integral as their physical training, ensuring they rise above the pressure and perform at their peak.

23. Daiya Seto


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Daiya Seto, a renowned Japanese competitive swimmer, is not only known for his prowess in the individual medley, butterfly, breaststroke, and freestyle events but also for his hot appearance.

His achievements, including gold medals in the 400-meter individual medley at the 2012, 2014, and 2016 world short-course championships, as well as the 2013 and 2015 world long-course championships, are impressive.

I had the privilege of watching Daiya Seto at a world championship. His prowess in the individual medley, butterfly, breaststroke, and freestyle events is as mesmerizing as his physique. Every stroke, turn, and glide through the water showcased a blend of power and grace that’s hard to put into words.

22. Andrey Minakov


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Andrey Minakov, a Russian swimmer, is not only celebrated for winning a medal at the 2019 World Aquatics Championships but also for his strikingly appealing presence.

Competing at various prestigious events, including the Olympics, World Championships, and European Championships, he's earned a well-deserved third place among the top ten hottest Olympic male swimmers.

Andrey's gorgeous personality and captivating looks make him a standout both in the water and in the world of attractive athletes.

21. Matt Grevers

Mat is another youngster on our list of hottest Olympic male swimmers who mainly competes in backstroke and freestyle events. At 6'7", he's the tallest of the male swimmers on this list, and that certainly makes him stand out from the rest.

And, of course, he has a great-looking face and ripped physique.

20. Camille Lacourt

Camille is another French swimmer who recently retired from competitive events.

The breaststroke specialist won three consecutive world championships in 2013, 2015, and 2017. But it's his magazine cover looks that have brought him just as much fame.

19. Alain Bernard

Yes, you've guessed it, we finally have a soft-spoken French swimmer who also happens to have had a lot of success at multiple Olympics. One thing our readers highlighted was that he seems to have the biggest shoulder muscles of all the male swimmers.

18. Jayden Hadler

And again, swimming fans seem to have a soft spot for the Aussie charm and accent. Jayden looks just as appealing in swim shorts as he does in a three-piece suit, and that smile is never far away. He might not be the most successful swimmer for medals, but those six-pack abs make up for it.

17. Cullen Jones

Cullen is an American freestyle sprint swimmer and gold medal winner. At 6'5", he's one of the tallest swimmers on Team USA, and that's what makes him stand out from every other athlete on his team.

And, of course, there's a great smile to go with that handsome face.

16. Cameron McEvoy


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A post shared by CAMERON MCEVOY (@cam_mcevoy)

And we're back to Australia with Cameron, and there must be something about that country that makes them so good at turning out the hottest Olympic male swimmers.

He might not have the biggest medal accomplishments, but there's no doubt that he can turn heads when he's out of the water.

15. Mark Foster


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Mark is a british swimmer who represented team GB in the Olympics and FINA World Championships.

His specialty was butterfly events, and that explains his very ripped chest muscles. He made so much of an impact on our British readers that even in his 50s, he still ranks high on this list.

14. César Cielo

César Cielo is our reader's top swimmer from Brazil, and he possibly has one of the biggest smiles, especially after receiving Olympic medals.

He is Brazil's most successful swimmer and world record holder for both 50 and 100-meter freestyle events. And with his physical size, there's no surprise why so many people voted for him.

13. Brendan Hansen

Back to some American Olympic swimmers, here is Brendan Hansen, who has won a total of six medals and also held the mens' 100 and 200-meter breaststroke world records. And then there are the countless medals from Pan Pacific and FINA World Championships to his name.

12. Christian Sprenger

Here's another Aussie for our list, and it's not just the accent that is appealing. He has a great smile and humor to go with it, and then there's that tall and ripped body.

Christian has specialized in breaststroke and managed to set several Australian and world records in his career.

11. James Magnussen

The name might sound Nordic, but this is one of the hottest Olympic male swimmers from Australia.

He also won gold medals at the 2011 and 2013 world championships and countless other medals at the Commonwealth Games. And you simply can't argue that this Aussie is anything but amazingly fit.

10. Conor Dwyer

Conor is one of the taller swimmers on this list, standing at 6'5" tall. He's now retired but won a gold medal in 2012 in the 4X200 meter event. The combination of his height and boyish face seems to be the perfect recipe for thousands of fans among our subscribers.

9. Danas Rapsys

Danas has only competed at one Olympics, but this man from Lithuania has set a few records in Europe for men's backstroke and freestyle over 200 meters. There's a bit of a bad-boy look about him, and that's what seems to be attracting a lot of social media followers.

8. Jason Lezak

Here's another one of the popular retired Olympic swimmers. Jason won Olympic gold four times and has a typical Californian look about him.

But that look comes with a ripped body and a competitive instinct that brought about a lot of success.

7. Jesse Puts

Jesse Puts is a Dutch swimmer and the first one on our list who hasn't made it to the Olympics yet. He is the 2016 world champion and loves freestyle events for the speed.

He'll likely continue to do well at the European Championships, just as his imposing physique will continue to turn heads.

6. Chad Le Clos

Here's our first Olympian from South Africa who is arguably one of the greatest butterfly swimmers of all time. Chad Le Clos is also still aiming for a world record and will continue to turn heads for many of his female fans. And the good news is that the 29-year-old is not married.

5. Ricky Berens

Ricky is another very popular man with our voters and has made it to the fifth spot on our list of hottest Olympic male swimmers. He had great success at the Olympic Games in 2012 and won gold for the team relay events.

4. Caeleb Dressel


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Caeleb is from Florida and definitely has that surfer look about him. But the two-time Olympic gold medal winner has shown on many occasions that he's a true competitor. Along with a completely ripped body, he also has some amazing tattoos that add to his image and appeal.

3. Michael Phelps


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Michael Phelps doesn't require any introductions, and we're not surprised he's on our list of hottest Olympic male swimmers. He's the most successful member of the U.S. swim team and has won more gold medals than any athlete in history.

I’ll never forget the moment I first saw Michael Phelps swim at an international competition. His presence is magnetic, and his performance, simply legendary. Being in the same space, feeling the crowd’s energy as he powered through the water - it was an experience that highlighted why he’s the most decorated Olympian of all time.

And to go with that, Michael Phelps has an amazing smile and charisma, as well as a strong commitment to charity.

“I think goals should never be easy. They should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time.”

- Michael Phelps

2. Elijah Winnington

Elijah is an Australian swimmer who specializes in sprint freestyle events. He was part of a relay team that set a new world record at the Commonwealth Games in 2018. The blue-eyed Aussie also has plans to help young amazing athletes in the future by starting his own sports management company.

1. Nathan Adrian


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A post shared by Nathan Adrian (@nathangadrian)

Top of our list of hottest Olympic male swimmers is Nathan Adrian, who is also a five-time Olympic gold medal winner. As one of the stars of Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics, he also won the hearts of millions of fans with his boyish looks and absolutely ripped upper body.

I was in the stands during the Tokyo Olympics, and let me tell you, witnessing Nathan Adrian in action is something else. His power, speed, and technique are a testament to his five Olympic gold medals. And yes, his physical form is as impressive in real life as it appears on screen. Every stroke, every turn, was a display of an athlete at the peak of his powers.

This is a well-deserved top spot.

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