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12 Hottest Male Volleyball Players (2023 Updated)

Michael Garrico
Published by Michael Garrico
Last updated: April 23, 2023

I’m a huge fan of volleyball and have been following many professional players since I was in college. The sport demands exceptional agility, quick intelligence, and a strong team spirit.

And while there are plenty of talented volleyball players, a recent discussion in the office turned heated when we couldn’t agree on what features make these skillful players so attractive.

So, we decided to get our readers and subscribers on board to help out and send in their votes.

It took a few weeks to gather that data, but it was well worth it because we have compiled something we can now call an unbiased list.

Quick Summary

  • Gord Perrin, Evan Patak, Mitchell Stahl, Aaron Joseph Russell, Bruno Rezende, Brenden Lee Sander, and Facundo Conte are some of the hottest male volleyball players.
  • All the toned and good-looking volleyball players spend a lot of time in the gym to attain an appealing body.
  • Supplements, and a healthy diet also boost the appearance of these hot volleyball players.

The Hottest Male Volleyball Players

Here are the hottest volleyball players that readers and subscribers voted for.

12. Gord Perrin

Gord is a tall and very muscular Canadian volleyball player who has been part of team Canada for both the Olympic Games and World League events.

He’s active on social media, and there’s a good reason why so many people are in awe of his handsome appearance.

11. Ricardo Lucarelli

Ricardo is arguably the most accomplished volleyball player from Brazil with four South America Cup wins, 2016 Olympic Champion, and 2014 World Championship silver medalist.

His aggressive style on the court is very different from the way he engages with fans and journalists. And it’s that smile and handsome face that draws in the female fans.

10. Evan Patak

Evan is one of the longest-serving members of the USA national volleyball team, and he’s definitely among the most handsome volleyball players.

He’s not the most active player on social media, but that’s mainly down to a complete focus on his playing career and physical shape.

9. Torey DeFalco

Torey is an American volleyball player who currently plays in Poland.

He won the NCAA championship twice, but it’s not just his volleyball talents that fans are interested in. He built up over 50k Instagram followers and judging by the amount of muscle he likes to show off, there’s a very good reason for that success.

8. Jenia Grebennikov

Jenia is French and one of the most handsome volleyball players from Europe. He’s still young at 31, and that means he could be delivering some of his best performances in the coming years.

While he plays for the French national team, he spends his professional playing time at Russian club Zenit Saint Petersburg where he also won a World League gold medal. Reasons he’s so popular among his female fans is surely his symmetrical face, well-built frame along with his charm on the court.

7. Mitchell Stahl


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Mitchell is a volleyball player who is part of a very successful American national team. But he currently plays for a Polish club Stal Nysa. It seems like that perfectly groomed beard is part of the appeal, along with the tall and muscular body, as well as his strong conviction and sense for justice.

“Deceptive minds that wield what they consider to be power believe that the way they treat their subordinates will never be exposed. People can only take so much. Keep playing, and the world will see who you are.”

- Mitchell Stahl

6. Aaron Joseph Russell

It seems like the best volleyball players and most handsome ones all end up being rather tall.

Aaron is 6’8” and with a strong body and a great smile, he’s a worthy man for this list. Unfortunately, he’s married to a professional female volleyball player, so if you had some hopes of landing a great-looking man, you’re out of luck.

5. Bruno Rezende

Bruno is a Brazilian volleyball player who plays for the Italian club Funvic. He’s also a two-time gold medalist at the World Grand Champions Cup, and he’s also one of the volleyball players with the largest Instagram community with over 1.5 million followers.

That might have a lot to do with the fact that he regularly shows off his ripped body.

4. Matteo Martino

Matteo is one of the most successful players in the Italian volleyball league [2]. As our top Italian stallion, we were particularly impressed with some professional photo shoots he’s done. As a little hint, there are plenty of photos where he’s wearing little else than what he was born with.

3. Brenden Lee Sander

Brenden Lee Sander is an American volleyball player, and at just 26 years old, he’s still got one hell of a career ahead of him. His older brother Taylor is a member of the U.S. volleyball team as well. Brenden is also building up quite a following on social media, where he shows off his body on a regular basis.

2. Facundo Conte

Facundo Conte is one of the most handsome volleyball players from Argentina. And while at “only” 6’6” he looks quite small next to Matt Anderson, he has that tango flair about him. He’s also a silver medalist at the Olympic Games and gold medalist at the 2015 Pan American Games.

1. Matt Anderson

Matt is an American professional volleyball player who literally stands out from all his fellow competitors. At 6’10” tall, he’s not just a towering player but has a bit of a Superman look going on. He has competed in Olympic Games, World Cup events, and the World League in 2014 [1].

He certainly draws attention with his height and good looks.

Which One Of These Volleyball Players Is Your Favorite?

One thing is for sure - all the above men have a well-deserved spot on this list. Sport like volleyball is always a great choice for keeping in shape while making that process enjoyable.

If this has inspired you to try and get into a similar physical shape, then my professional advice as a fitness trainer has to be to start training vigorously.

Once you’ve got those in place, you can try adding a pre-workout supplement to your routine to make it easier to push yourself further and harder and get much more out of your workouts.

It’s not a magic pill, but those extra reps and pounds will definitely add up over the medium and long term.

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