16 Hottest Male Olympians (2024) World-Class Sexy Pics

Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT
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Last updated: January 26, 2024
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With or without a gold medal shining around the neck, some male Olympians have such a handsome face and ripped body that you can totally understand why so many fans are in awe of them.

But get together with any group of friends and ask who the hottest men at the Olympics were, and you’re guaranteed a hot debate.

So, our team decided to ask our readers and subscribers to vote on the hottest athletes from the Olympics.

There were quite a few surprises here with men from all different types of sports. Here’s how the voting went.

The Hottest Men In The Olympics

Male athletes at the Olympics are renowned for their skills, fitness, and appealing physiques.

Their rigorous training, combining strength, endurance, and specialized exercises, contributes significantly to their form.

Nutrition is also key, with meals and supplements tailored to optimize performance and recovery.

Additionally, mental wellness plays a crucial role, as these athletes manage competition pressures and public attention, focusing on mental health and resilience.

16. Mario Mandzukic

I remember watching Mario Mandzukic, the charismatic forward of the Croatian national team, during a live match in Qatar.

With 188 goals under his belt, his prowess isn’t just in his athletic abilities but is equally matched by his striking appearance, a testament to the rigorous training and discipline that shapes Olympians like him.

At 33 years old, he embodies the classic tall, dark, and handsome archetype, making him a figure to admire both on and off the field.

His physical appearance, paired with his outstanding performance on the pitch, makes him a mesmerizing presence in the world of soccer.

15. Novak Djokovic


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What a wonderful surprise to finish off this list with one of the most successful tennis players of all time.

Novak might have left the Tokyo Olympics without the gold medal he was looking for, but he’s still an incredibly hot male athlete who attracts just as much attention off the court.

14. Neymar da Silva Santos Jr

Sticking with Brazil, Nymer Jr. is our first athlete from the soccer field, and it seems like his appearance has mesmerized many female fans around the world.

And there’s great news for all you hopefuls, as it looks like this hot soccer star is still a free man.

13. Matheus Santana

Here is our youngest contender from the Youth Olympics, and at age 20, he has a very long career ahead of him.

There is something about his eyes that just has so many fans drawn into staring at him.

12. Caeleb Dressel


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A post shared by Caeleb Dressel (@caelebdressel)

I’ve seen Caeleb Dressel up close, the intricate designs inked into his skin, each telling a story of victories, struggles, and the unyielding spirit of an Olympian.

Beyond the tattoos and the public image, there’s a raw, unscripted elegance to Caeleb - a testament to an athlete who is as profound in character as he is in physical form.

At 6’2” and just 25 years old, he still has a long swimming career ahead of him, and there’s no mention of a spouse anywhere.

11. Nathan Adrian

It seems like our readers have a thing for swimmers, or maybe it’s just that athletes like Nathan tend to be topless during competitions.

He’s also a big family man, and you can see on his Instagram feed that he’s a dedicated husband and father. Sorry to break that news to you.

10. David Oliver

Rounding out the top ten is another American Olympian. David was a college football player but devoted more of his attention to track & field, with his specialty being hurdles.

And the best news is that he’s still young and apparently single.

9. Luca Dotto

Luca is the Italian stallion on this list, and it seems to be a combination of his great facial features and a ripped upper body. And let’s not forget the accent when he speaks English.

He’s also one of the tallest athletes on this list, with a height of 6’4”.

8. Damian De Allende


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I’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with Damian De Allende, feeling the energy radiate from his formidable presence.

On the pitch, his serious demeanor is a testament to his focus, but off the field, his broad smile reveals the warmth and humanity that lies beneath the athlete.

7. Connor Fields


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A post shared by Connor Fields (@connorfields11)

Watching Connor navigate the BMX tracks, there’s a palpable energy of a rising star.

Each jump and turn isn’t just a display of skill but a prelude to a career where victories are not just anticipated but are an unfolding narrative.

While he had to deal with a few injuries over the past years, he picked up the first of probably many gold medals at the Rio Olympics.

6. Carmelo Anthony


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A post shared by Carmelo Anthony (@carmeloanthony)

In the echoing arenas where Carmelo’s prowess unfolds, it isn’t just the precision of his shots but the resonance of his smile that captivates.

Each game is a narrative where skill and warmth converge, marking the journey of an athlete who is as celebrated for his spirit as he is for his skill.

“I'm a classical type of guy. Whatever's [fashion] out at that point in time, I like it. I just put my own twist on it, and we go from there.”

- Carmelo Anthony

5. David Boudia


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A post shared by David Boudia (@davidboudia)

I recall the first time I encountered David as a spectator.

The rugged elegance, the depth in his gaze, spoke of journeys untold, of depths plunged both in waters and in the soul.

As he stands in the prime of his career, each dive is not just a spectacle but a narrative of a man who is as intricate and profound as the dives he so masterfully executes.

Unfortunately, David has a beautiful wife and daughter, so there isn’t much hope for you singles out there.

4. Ryan Lochte

Here’s another surprising addition to the top rankings from an Olympian who is coming to the end of his career. Ryan is a professional swimmer and has won a total of 12 medals.

And with his handsome looks and huge shoulders, he featured on a few magazine covers over the years as well.

3. Michael Phelps


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A post shared by Michael Phelps (@m_phelps00)

Michael was the star of Team USA and ended up setting a record for a total of 23 gold medals throughout his career.

He’s known to be one of the most hard-working athletes in the swimming discipline, but that big smile and ripped upper body draw a lot of attention.

2. Tom Daley


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A post shared by Tom Daley (@tomdaley)

Witnessing Tom Daley’s inaugural plunge into the world stage, the narrative was clear - here was a prodigy.

Each dive, each ripple, wasn’t just a performance but a declaration of a young athlete whose grace in the waters heralded the dawn of a new era for Team GB.

Unfortunately, he’s now a married man, so eyes off of him people. He’s also very outspoken about mental health issues that he’s struggled with after falling short on a few occasions.

1. Tony Azevedo


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A post shared by Tony Azevedo (@tonyazevedo8)

In the aquatic arenas where Tony’s prowess unfolds, every stroke and goal is a narrative of an athlete who isn’t just defined by the waters.

Beyond the pool, the distinction isn’t just in the medals but in the silent, yet profound narrative of an Olympian whose journey is as compelling as the waves he navigates.

With all the action in the pool and the headgear, you don’t get to appreciate his ripped body and good looks fully. So make sure you pay attention when he’s showing off his physique out of the water.

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