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Is Tristyn Lee On Steroids? (Trainer Opinion)

Donald Christman
Published by Donald Christman
Last updated: June 7, 2023

Tristyn Lee's physique has dramatically changed since he started weightlifting at 13, raising controversy in the fitness community about whether he is on steroids.

As a fitness instructor, I've taught many young athletes and witnessed their rapid mass gain. However, Tristyn Lee's remarkable muscle definition at such a young age piqued my interest and prompted me to spend days researching his nutrition and workout regimen.

This article will share Tristyn Lee's six-year body transformation and explain how his nutrition and workouts contributed to his current physique.

Let's begin.

Quick Summary

  • Tristyn Lee isn't on steroids, as he started weightlifting while in puberty, when his testosterone levels are still high.
  • People suspect Lee is on steroids because of his ripped and shredded body, his excellent form, and his vascularity.
  • Tristyn credits his success to the combination of supplements, workout regimen, and a strict diet plan.

Does Tristyn Lee Use Steroids?

Tristyn Lee probably isn’t taking steroids as part of his bodybuilding regimen because he started lifting weights only six years ago, and he’s still in puberty, indicating that his T levels are high.

The "Pocket Rocket," as he sometimes referred to, started training during adolescence.

Research suggests that testosterone production increases about 30 times during male puberty, which means he can build muscles quickly and have a great body shape [1].

Also, this aspiring footballer, Instagram star, and young bodybuilder was investigated for steroid use in 2019.

He came out on one of his social media sites and proved his innocence by submitting evidence from his doctor, proving that he had no traces of prohibited substances in his system.

Why Do People Think Tristyn Lee Takes Steroids?

People believe Tristyn Lee is taking steroids because he displays excellent form, vascularity, and a ripped, shredded body.

His upper body has prominent veins, especially in the arms, however, this is not specific to steroid use. Also, I’ve looked at some photos of him, and I didn’t see extreme vascularity when he wasn’t working out.

According to research, steroids are known to dilate blood vessels, suggesting that increased vascularity could indicate steroid use [2]

Also, in some of his Instagram and YouTube videos, Tristyn Lee appears flushed compared to his previous photos, leading some people to believe he is using performance enhancers.

Tristyn Lee's height is 5 feet 3 inches, and just six years after he started training, his upper body became significantly leaner and more defined. Research suggests that building muscle fast is a sign of steroid use [3].

But considering that he’s still an adolescent and a beginner at lifting weights, I don’t believe that his muscle gains are a sign of using steroids.

Tristyn Lee's Body Transformation

tristyn lee portraits

At a young age, Tristyn Lee's parents saw his talent for playing soccer and supported him in honing his skills.

But before long, his two older brothers, Tyler and Braedon Lee recognized his remarkable strength and potential for bodybuilding, so they later introduced him to the sport.

Tristyn Lee began working with Bradley Martin, Simeon Panda, and Larry Wheels at an early age to develop his body, which he later displayed on his social media profiles.

“Now I am blessed to have the opportunity to have built such an amazing community and have been able to travel the world for football and fitness. Take one step forward each day. That’s all.”

- Tristyn Lee 

Tristyn credits his success to his strict diet, workout regimen and supplements.

While you can benefit from eating right and working out regularly, you can also speed up your growth with a bulking stack of legal steroids.

These supplements contain amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that are designed to increase T levels and enhance your performance.

Tristyn Lee's Current Stats and Accomplishments

Having created his Instagram account where he shows off his soccer skills and workout routine, Tristyn Lee's net worth increased substantially.

He also started selling his workout programs online, sponsored by a bodybuilding apparel company, Clad Crew.

Let’s look at his current stats.

  • Age: 19 years old (Born: August 20, 2002)
  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm)
  • Weight: 115 - 125 lbs (52.2 - 56.7kg)
  • Body Fat Percentage: Approximately 4 percent

Is Tristyn's Body Achievable With His Current Diet And Workout?

man using a tape measure on his biceps

Tristyn's body is realistically achievable with his current diet and workout routine.

He is still young and only began weight lifting six years ago, allowing him to build muscle mass fast.

Tristyn is more focused on his professional goals than his personal life. He attends soccer training three times a week and gym fitness training twice a day.

He takes a day off because he understands the importance of rest and recovery in muscle gains.

Tristyn Lee training concentrates on one particular muscle group per day.

He prefers squats for leg development and barbell bicep curl, double-arm front swing, and straight bar extensions for arm workouts.

Furthermore, he adheres to a strict keto diet with a macro percentage breakdown of 70:20:5 of fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

He also consumes 3000-3500 calories and feeds on whole eggs, avocados, and steak four to five times each day.

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Was Tristyn Lee Ever Tested For Steroid Use?

Tristyn Lee hasn’t been tested for steroid use since he is young and has not competed in bodybuilding competitions.

Does Tristyn Lee Have Any Health Issues Due To Steroids?

Tristyn Lee has no health issues due to steroids. Health problems such as ulcerative acne and kidney damage would be more apparent.

Final Verdict: Is Tristyn Lee Natty?

My investigation led me to believe that Tristyn Lee is entirely a natural fitness athlete, given that he is still in his adolescence and started lifting weights six years ago.

Also, he has already begun eating a healthy diet, training rigorously in the gym, and taking natural supplements that will lay the foundation for building his ultimate physique in a reasonable amount of time.

With athletes that I’m currently training, I generally recommend using a legal steroid alternative for men to help them accelerate muscle gains. It increases endurance and strength with its potent but safe ingredient list designed to stimulate testosterone production in the body.


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