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Last updated: November 20, 2023
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The Big Bang Theory alum may be best known as "Penny," but her incredible abs have always been in the spotlight.

Since Kaley is more than honest when it comes to how hard it is to get the abs of steel, I decided to follow her on social media, see what she does and share it here with you.

So, buckle up; here's what you'll need to do if you want Penny's abs!

Quick Summary

  • Kaley Cuoco's workout routines are planks, close-grip push-ups, mountain climbers, burpees, squat jumps, air squats, yoga, and bodyweight rows.
  • Cuoco's diet ranges from fish, vegetables, peanut butter, apples, tofu, cheese, vegetarian sandwich with onion, and oats.
  • BCAAS, omega-3s, caffeine, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C are examples of the supplements Kaley Cuoco takes.

Kaley Cuoco's Workout Routine

woman doing squats, and another woman doing planks

Kaley has mentioned time and again that she’s obsessed with hot yoga and SoulCycling. She works out five times a week, sometimes even more, with her trainer George C. King.

Kaley Cuoco Workout Routine: HIIT

Kaley has three ab workout routines she rotates, and I’ve got the details on all of them!

Warm Up:


Kaley Cuoco’s Workout Routine Sample

Circuit Number One:

Kaley does three rounds of the circuit with two-minute breaks between each round.

  • Ten close grip push ups
  • 30-second plank
  • 20 seconds of mountain climbers
  • 15 squat jumps
Circuit Number Two:

Kaley does five rounds of the circuit with two-minute breaks between each round.

  • 20 v-ups
  • 15 plank to push ups
  • Ten jumping lunges
  • Five burpees
Circuit Number Three:

Kaley does one round of the circuit.

  • 60 seconds of plank
  • 50 air squats
  • 40 mountain climbers
  • 30 bodyweight rows
  • 20 knee ups
  • Ten burpees

Kaley Cuoco Workout Routine: Yoga, SoulCycle, and Horses

Kaley Cuoco LOVES hot yoga. She says the classes make her feel great and does them five times a week.

She sometimes mixes things up and adds in a couple of SoulCycle classes, and she also goes horseback riding, which is another excellent workout.

Her Workout Principles

woman in a yoga position, and another woman giving a thumbs up

Kaley admitted she tried lots of stuff, including running and Pilates, but she never liked them. As she says — yoga spoke to her, and she fell in love with it.

Even though she's a fitness fanatic, she says it's not always easy to stick to her fitness routine.

“Sometimes do I want to get up in the morning and do it? No, but when I get out, I feel like a million bucks.”

- Kaley Cuoco on exercising

Kaley Cuoco was active since her very young days and never had issues with her weight. She never had to diet or follow strict workout routines because she always played tennis and was overall pretty active.

However, she started paying more attention to her fitness routine more recently since she's "not 21 anymore," as she says.

Kaley Cuoco’s Diet Plan

“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had to change my food intake,” the actress explains. “My husband, Ryan, eats so much. When we first got married, it was so much fun to eat like him. We got into this habit we called the bedtime snack. The drawers next to the bed were filled with candy. Eventually, I realized it was mindless eating. I was just doing it because he was doing it, and it was adding hundreds of calories I didn’t even think about. So I cut that out.”

- Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco eats pretty clean and watches her calorie intake, but likes indulging occasionally in a grilled sandwich with massive fries and shake from In-and-Out Burger.

Her typical daily menu consists of:

  • Breakfast: apple and peanut butter on toast or oats with fruits and skimmed milk
  • Lunch: a vegetarian Subway sandwich with onions and jalapenos
  • Dinner: fish and veggies

Kaley Eats Lots of:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Peanut butter
  • Cheese
  • Bread
  • Tofu
  • Apples
  • Fish

She Avoids Consuming:

  • Red meat
  • Poultry
  • ‘White’ processed foods
  • Refined sugar
  • Junk food
  • Trans fats
  • Artificial additives
  • Chemicals

Diet and Nutrition Principles

Cuoco tries to eat only whole, natural, healthy foods, and she also watches her portions. Kaley doesn't eat meat and eats fish, but only occasionally, which makes her a pescatarian.

The actress says one of the smartest things she did diet-wise was getting rid of any temptation from her cabinets — soda, sugary cereal, and chips.

“I have to have a cheat day. I know when I’m being good all week long that come Sunday, I’m going to lie by the pool, have a drink, and eat some pizza. Then I wake up on Monday morning and I’m all ready to start the week again. I’m just going to be in a bad mood all the time if there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.”

- Kaley Cuoco

Moreover, Kaley says she prefers eating at restaurants where they list the calories for each meal because it helps keep her more accountable.

She also doesn't avoid eating carbs, but she tries not to eat them after lunch as the day goes on. And, as far as the animal proteins go, she says she doesn't even touch them, except for fish.

What Supplements Does She Take?

supplement capsules and pill in stack

Kaley Cuoco’s workout routine includes consuming Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) for women, vitamins C and E, caffeine, and omega-3s.

BCAAs help decrease muscle soreness [1] which happens because of the micro-tears in the muscles that physical activity causes.

Moreover, BCAAs are also excellent for building lean muscle mass, reducing exercise fatigue, and preventing muscle waste.

Vitamins C and E increase blood circulation and improve the muscles’ response to working out [2], while the omega-3s help increase the movement of oxygen into skeletal muscle during exercise.

Finally, caffeine increases fat burning during the workout and releases the stored fat before and after a workout.


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