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Tom Brady played football for the University of Michigan when the Patriots drafted him in the sixth round.

He was with them for 19 years before switching to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The star has played in nine Super Bowls and is a proud owner of seven Super Bowl rings.

He did it all, thanks to his muscle mass. So, let’s see how he did it!

Quick Summary

  • Tom Brady performs the following workouts; crunches, dumbbells chest presses, planks, medicine ball push-ups, forward lunges, tricep extensions, and medicine ball push-ups.
  • Brady's diet plan comprises vegetables, beef, nuts, wild salmon, avocados, seeds, watermelon, brown rice, and quinoa.
  • Tom takes whey protein, multivitamins, and electrolytes supplements to boost his perfomance and results.

His Stats and Highlights

  • Age: 44
  • Height: 6’ 4”
  • Weight: 224 lbs.
  • Waist: 37”
  • Chest: 46”

Tom Brady’s Workout Routine

The quarterback focuses mainly on muscle ability and does a routine called the "TB12 Method" that his trainer Alex Guerrero has designed especially for him.

The program helps Brady's muscles stay flexible, strong, and active, yet soft. Brady includes this program in his daily exercise routine.

Anonymous person holding resistant bands

Tom Brady and Guerrero start the routine with a "deep force treatment," a four-minute pre-workout massage targeting 20 different muscle groups for about 20 seconds each, then they move onto the 40-minute resistance band workout, also known as the TB12 Method.

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Tom Brady’s TB12 Method

Warm-up — part one:

Pliability session with a TB12 Vibrating Pliability Roller or Sphere to prep the nervous system and muscles for the workout

Warm-up — part two:

Attaching resistance bands over the shoulders so that they form an “X” on the chest, then running in place until warmed up

Resistance band training:

  • Bow and arrow pull — 1–2 sets, 8–10 reps
  • Circle crunch — 2 sets, 10 reps
  • Resist-a-chop or loop squats — 1–2 sets, 10 reps
  • Back zip — 1–2 sets, 15 reps

Movement drills:

Lunges, squats, planks, and shoulder exercises

Flexibility training / Post-workout:

  • Foam rolling — pliability session with a TB12 Vibrating Pliability Roller or Sphere to enhance recovery and stimulate the nervous system. Focus on the quads, calf muscles, hamstrings, back, and hips
  • Deep massage
  • Online brain exercises on mindfulness, attention span, visual and auditory processing

Weekly Training Routine

Group of people holding dumb bells

Brady practices HIIT for maximum results. His weekly workout is divided into upper and lower body workouts.

Upper Body Workout

Typically, Brady does 2–3 circuits with 15 seconds rest between each exercise and one minute rest between circuits.

  • Dumbbell chest press — 10–12 reps
  • Dumbbell fly — 10–12 reps
  • Overhead shoulder press — 10–12 reps
  • Dumbbell curl — 10–12 reps
  • Lateral dumbbell raise — 10–12 reps
  • Cable press-down — 10–12 reps
  • Triceps extension — 10–12 reps
  • Turkish get-up — 10–15 reps
  • Crunch — 10–15 reps
  • Reverse crunch — 10–15 reps
  • Medicine ball push-up — 12 reps
  • Stability ball crunch — 12 reps
  • Stability ball climber — 12 reps for each leg
  • Plank — 30 seconds

After this, Brady switches to HIIT training on a cardio machine.

Lower Body Workout

Tom Brady does 2–3 circuits with 15 seconds rest between each exercise and one minute rest between circuits.

  • Wide dumbbell squat — 10–12 reps
  • Forward lunge — 10–12 reps
  • Side lunge with a twist — 10–12 reps
  • Skater lunge — 10–12 reps
  • Stability ball leg curl — 10–12 reps
  • Cable lat pull-down — 10–12 reps
  • Dumbbell row — 10–12 reps
  • Dumbbell biceps curl — 10–12 reps
  • Close grip biceps curl — 10–12 reps
  • Crunch — 10–15 reps
  • Reverse crunch — 10–15 reps
  • Mountain climber — 30 seconds

After this, Brady then does more quarterback drills or cardio.

Tom Brady alternates between these two workouts and increases the intensity by changing the plane of motion, such as working on a decline or a stability ball rather than a flat bench.

His Workout Principles

Stretching a resistance band

Instead of lifting weights, Tom Brady uses long looped bands, resistance bands, short looped bands, foam rollers, vibrating devices, and massage balls in his workout program.

However, Brady's most unique workout equipment is his mind.

One of the best NFL players goes through more than two dozen brain games to keep his mind sharp and focused to improve his athletic performance and muscle recovery.

Moreover, many athletes foam rollers to stretch from time to time, but Tom Brady uses rollers and massage daily.

Other workout routines:

Tom Brady's Diet Plan

Protein shake and fruit shake

Tom Brady takes his diet very seriously. He says:

“Whether that’s what I eat, whether I drink or don’t drink, it’s always football-centric. I want to be the best I can be every day.”

He eats clean and drinks a lot of water, but not with his meals. Instead, he drinks 20 oz of electrolyte water first thing in the morning, and his daily diet looks something like this:

  • Breakfast: fruit smoothie
  • Post-workout: protein shake
  • Lunch: fish and vegetables
  • Dinner: soup broth and vegetables

His Diet Includes Lots Of:

  • Fresh vegetables
  • Wild salmon
  • Grass-fed beef
  • Avocados
  • Eggs
  • Fruit (pineapple, watermelon, raspberries, and nectarines)
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Whole grains (quinoa, millet, brown rice)
  • Protein shakes
  • Electrolytes
  • Water

Brady Avoids Consuming:

  • White sugar
  • White flour
  • MSG
  • Nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant)
  • Iodized salt
  • Dairy
  • Processed foods
  • Artificial ingredients

His Diet and Nutrition Principles

Grilled chicken breast steak with vegetables close up image

The quarterback follows a mix of Eastern and Western philosophies, and 80% of what he eats are vegetables and whole foods.

He mostly eats alkaline and anti-inflammatory foods and separates proteins from carbs.

He doesn't do cheat days or cheat meals, and there's no room for snacks, dessert, or caffeine.

The closest he gets to a dessert is having an avocado “ice cream” or raw macaroons, though he says this may change after he retires.


The staple Tom Brady workout includes electrolytes, multivitamins for men, and whey protein shake to help his workout program.

Electrolytes are essential for hydration before, during, and after a workout.

They support the body's full function, retain fluid during exercise, and keep the joints lubricated [1].

Furthermore, multivitamins protect the body from oxidative stress and promote the synthesis and repair of new muscle tissue [2].

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