Carter Rubin’s Weight Loss Journey (Diet & Exercise Exposed)

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Last updated: November 27, 2023
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Carter Rubin was the youngest male winner of the American reality talent competition - The Voice.

People remember the 15-year-old Carter as the cute chubby kid with a fantastic voice in the Voice season 19.

However, his recent appearance in season 21 revealed his body transformation and shocked almost everyone.

And really, when I checked his before and after photos, I almost couldn’t recognize him.

That's why we spent a few days researching Carter Rubin's weight loss details to determine whether the transformation happened thanks to surgery or some lifestyle changes.

Let’s dig in.

Quick Summary

  • Carter Rubin lost 22 lbs when he changed his overall physique
  • It is believed that Carter adopted a healthy diet, which contributed to his overall physical appearance.
  • Rubin is believed to set a significant amount of time each week to hit the gym.

Carter Rubin Weight Loss

Even though The Voice winner Carter Rubin isn't a fan of bragging about his weight loss, we speculate, based on his physique, he made considerable efforts to improve his appearance.

Considering he is a teenager (17 years old), his body is still going through various changes, so we assume these natural body transformations also contributed to his weight loss.


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We made that assumption by comparing his before and after Instagram pictures.

We have an impression that besides losing a few inches in the waist, Carter Rubin also grew a few inches in height.

Nevertheless, being very humble about his transformation, we had difficulty discovering Carter Rubin's weight loss details and methods.


  • Born: October 11, 2005
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Starting weight: 105.82 lbs
  • Total weight loss: 22 lbs

Did Carter Rubin Have Surgery?

Middle of surgery session

No, Carter Rubin didn't have surgery to lose weight. We concluded Carter Rubin's weight loss transformation didn't happen overnight, and we couldn't find anything about him ever mentioning something on his social media or interviews.

Even though many modern-day surgeries could quickly and significantly solve the problem of extra pounds, we strongly believe that the teen lost his baby fat in the traditional way.

The voice winner probably decided to avoid surgeries due to his young, formative age.

He needed to take care of himself through healthy life choices. Judging by Carter's weight loss, we assume the most significant thing on his journey was focusing on the proper diet.

What's His Diet?

Carter Rubin probably eats a whole-food diet, with significant portions of fruits, fat-burning vegetables, whole grains, and animal sources of protein-rich foods.

Carter Rubin is still young, and strict diets like keto or intermittent fasting wouldn't be necessary. 

Judging by his earlier look, Carter's diet before his fame probably mainly consisted of processed and sugary foods full of empty calories and unhealthy ingredients.

Switching to meals similar to the Paleo diet would mean the singer's body changed how it used calories and was replenished with healthy macro and micronutrients, gradually contributing to stunning Carter Rubin's weight loss journey [1].

What's His Exercise Routine?

carter rubin's weight loss exercise routine

We couldn't find anything about his exercise routine for weight loss, but looking at his muscle tone, we would say he didn't even implement any.

Considering his age, small changes like being more active every day (walking, climbing stairs) have a sufficient impact on the fat metabolism and could’ve eventually made Carter Rubin lose weight.

This kind of activity, often called NEAT (non-exercise-induced activity), is often overseen, but it plays a big role in overall calorie expenditure, and boosting it can help you lose weight quickly [2].

Nevertheless, even if Carter Rubin had some kind of regular fitness routine, it was probably something designed for his body and age.

Carter's Supplements

Top view of spilled supplements on floor

This topic also remains a mystery as we couldn't find any information about his supplements.

Even some of the Carter Rubin's die-hard fans we asked couldn't remember him saying anything about supplement usage.

But considering he is a rising star with a tight schedule, we suppose he most likely used mineral and vitamin supplements.

Mineral and vitamin supplements can help support the immune system disrupted by everyday stress and lack of sleep, and some of those micronutrients play an important role in proper fat oxidation and weight loss.

For those of you who are a bit older but face similar weight management issues like Carter Rubin, I’d also suggest adding natural fat burners into the mix, to help move things along.

These products contain scientifically-backed herbs and nutrients that can boost metabolism by slightly increasing the number of extra calories burned every day.

Combined with an active life and healthy diet, they can fast-track the expected weight loss significantly.


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