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Busta Rhymes’ Weight Loss Journey (Diet & Workout Revealed)

Michael Garrico
Published by Michael Garrico
Last updated: June 2, 2023

Busta Rhymes, a famous old-school rapper, always had a muscular appearance. But during a recent period in his career, this 50-year-old rapper gained serious weight and became obese. He is known for his dedication to fitness, always striving to be in his best shape for optimal health.

In 2020 he decided to take some action and get back into good shape, which resulted in an astonishing 100-pound loss of weight within a year.

His achievement prompted us to go through his interviews and social media posts linked with his weight-loss journey to possible tools and approaches that may be helpful for our clients and readers on the same mission.

This is what we found out.

Quick Summary

  • Busta Rhymes lost 90 lbs after a health scare and undergoing emergency surgery.
  • Rhymes' workout routine was crucial in his weight loss journey.
  • Busta also changed his diet, and opted for healthy meals.

How Did Busta Rhymes Lose Weight?

Busta Rhymes losing weight in the gym by lifting weights

Busta Rhymes lost weight by changing his diet and engaging in physical activity after he experienced life-threatening health issues linked to his obesity. Busta Rhymes believes that taking care of your health is where life begins.

Trevor Smith Jr, professionally known as Busta Rhymes, was in good shape for almost his entire life.

However, the loss of two most important male figures in 2012 and 2014 (his manager and his father) triggered a weight gain spiral.

As he said for Men’s Health, he felt betrayed and depressed. He neglected his self-care and his diet and stopped his workout routine. Men's health is a topic of crucial importance, as it encompasses various aspects such as physical fitness, mental well-being, and overall lifestyle choices.

All of this continued until 2019, when Busta had a near-death experience with sleep apnea. He woke up with a sore back because he slept wrong.

He had emergency surgery as the throat doctor found polyps in his throat, restricting 90% of the airflow.

“The doctor told me that if I caught a cold or slept wrong that I could die. . . . It felt like this was on me now, and I had to steer things in a different direction. I was too young to be on all of these blood-pressure medications and acid-reflux medications.”

- Busta Rhymes

There were another two reckoning moments pushing him towards his weight-loss transformation: a video shoot where he duct taped his stomach and his son slapping him on the stomach, which started to happen routinely.

These moments motivated Busta to take control of his health and avoid numerous issues linked with obesity [1]. Busta Rhymes decided to take his health in a different direction, embracing a new lifestyle for improved well-being.

From that moment on, he ditched unhealthy habits and lost almost 100 pounds in one year, getting into “the best shape ever,” as he stated for the Men’s Health magazine.

His Instagram post “Life begins now” says how proud and motivated Busta was to turn things around in his 40s.


  • Born: May 20, 1972
  • Height: 6’1”
  • Starting weight: 340 lbs
  • Total Loss of Weight: 90 lbs

What Was His Exercise Method?

Busta Rhymes exercising for weight loss in the gym

He shared his exercise method in his interview for Men’s Health, saying the connection with former Mr. Olympia and professional bodybuilder Dexter Jackson was crucial for his workout plan and routine.

He helped him develop his 30-day training program.

He moved to Florida, where Busta trained three times a day on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and two times a day on Tuesdays and Saturdays. His routine mainly consisted of weight lifting to burn fat with a small portion of cardio. To enhance his health and physique, Busta Rhymes incorporated bodybuilding exercises into his fitness regimen.

Following this program, Busta Rhymes initially gained some pounds, but this muscle weight was significant for kick-starting his metabolism.

After a 30-day program and its results, he went back to New York, staying committed to his fitness journey and still training five times a week and watching what he eats under the supervision of his coach Victor Munoz.

What Was His Diet Like?

The rapper’s diet also shifted dramatically, as he wanted quick results. He adhered to an ultra-healthy and strict diet, eating every two and a half hours to fast-track his metabolism.

We found out (again in the Men’s Health interview) he usually had a breakfast consisting of 12 egg whites and oatmeal as a pre-workout meal.

His post-workout meal (lunch) was some red meat, like a ten-ounce steak, followed by fish and vegetables for dinner.

His diet was clearly high-protein, necessary for maintaining muscle mass and fat loss, but with a fair amount of carbs to keep energy levels high [2].

However, the carb sources were usually grains and vegetables for fat-burning, also providing the body with necessary micronutrients.

Busta’s Supplements

Close up shot of workout supplements on a white table

We couldn’t find anything about Busta’s supplements, but our professional experience suggests he might have used at least two to fast-track his journey.

Considering his diet was high-protein, and Rhymes committed to eating every two hours, we suppose he used some of the recommended whey protein powders to help them recover from a strenuous exercise regime.

We also think he used a fat-burning supplement which helped him curb his carb cravings and steer clear of processed foods he was addicted to.

These supplements also boost metabolism, which, combined with diet and exercise, further improves the body’s fat-burning potential.


Why Did Busta Rhymes Gain So Much Weight?

Busta Rhymes gained so much weight initially because he lost two most important men in his life in a short time - his longtime manager Chris Lighty died in 2012, and two years later, his father passed away. These dual tragedies struck him and induced mild depression, which led to poor lifestyle choices.

How Long Did It Take Busta Rhymes to Lose Weight?

It took about 12 months for Busta Rhymes to lose weight. Becoming strongly motivated to shed pounds, he began training with the former Mr. Olympia winner and changed his diet and daily habits altogether, leading to an astonishing result when he lost 100 pounds.

Find Motivation in Busta Rhymes Story

The most important thing for losing weight is finding the right motivation. But don’t wait for a life-threatening wake-up call like Busta - take action today.

To keep you motivated and help move things along, I often advise my clients to take natural fat burners.

We tested dozens to come up with lists of the most effective ones: 

These aren’t magic pills, but coupled with a proper diet and exercise, they will help you burn extra calories daily and suppress your appetite, bringing you quicker to your weight-loss goal.


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