Does Drinking Water Before Bed Help You Lose Weight?

Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT
Published by Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT | Staff Writer
Last updated: January 8, 2024
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As a fitness trainer for many years, I have experimented with many simple ways to lose weight, like drinking water before going to bed at night.

Knowing that water can help support many of our body processes, including fat loss, I devoted three days to doing my research and spoke with a nutritionist at Total Shape to review the science behind this.

Today, I'll share what I found out, so keep reading to learn whether it is truly possible to improve your body composition with such minimal effort.

Let's begin.

Quick Summary

  • Drinking water before bedtime can help you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism, reducing food cravings, and increasing the fat breakdown rate.
  • Detoxification and promoting cleansing are other benefits attributed to drinking water.
  • Research has proven that water intake is directly linked to effective digestion as well as increased metabolic rates.
  • Stop drinking water before bedtime if you notice any form of disruption while sleeping.

How Does Drinking Water Before Bed Help With Weight Loss?

Pouring water on glass

Here are the main benefits of drinking more water.

Curbs Appetite

According to research from the State University of New York College at Buffalo, replacing diet beverages with plain water throughout the day can help people suppress their hunger and stop food cravings [1].

This evidence, and my personal experience, backs up the idea that water intake before bed may help you feel less hungry while you sleep, keep you from snacking at midnight, and reduce your calorie intake.

Enhances Digestion

Research shows that water is essential in helping the body break down food, absorb nutrients, and soften stool, resulting in a smoother digestion process [2].

Therefore, it might help to take a short glass of water before bed to assist in stomach emptying during the night and keep you from being constipated when you wake up.

Helps Burn More Calories

There is evidence to show that drinking more water helps to speed up the process of burning fat stores by assisting the body in breaking down adipose tissues into fatty acids [3].

The best time to drink water to lose weight is before going to bed because you're allowing your body to burn off the extra calories from the food you consume throughout the day.

We have also tried and tested the best nighttime fat burners and discovered that they lowered our appetite and increased our metabolism, allowing us to lose weight considerably faster.

Promotes Cleansing And Detoxification

A woman drinking a glass of water before bed

According to research, consuming water helps stimulate the production of urine, which helps the body cleanse and eliminate unwanted toxins [4]. And my personal experience backs this up.

Thus, sipping a cup of this natural cleanser before sleep can help keep your gut microbiome clean and healthy, which has been shown to positively influence your body weight [5].

Regulates Body Temperature

In 2003, researchers discovered that drinking half a liter of water increased thermogenesis, metabolic activity, and energy expenditure in healthy individuals [6].

Improves Physical Performance

Research suggests that drinking sufficient amounts of water to lose weight can keep your joints lubricated and keep your bones from rubbing against each other [7].

"When we drink water, we not only help stimulate the production of synovial fluid but also help with cartilage regeneration and lubrication of the cartilage to reduce joint inflammation."

- Magdalena Cadet, MD, Rheumatologist

Water ingestion before bed will not only keep your body hydrated, but it can also help restore the health of your joints, enabling you to move more freely and efficiently during your workout.

Are There Any Other Health Benefits to Drinking Water Before Bed?

A woman showing a glass of water and a pitcher

Yes, there are other health benefits to drinking water before bed, such as glowing skin, a healthier heart, and an improved overall sleep-wake cycle.

When you drink water before bed, your heart pumps blood more efficiently and delivers essential nutrients to your body more effectively [8].

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What Are the Downsides?

The most common downside to drinking water before bed is nocturia, which means having to get up in the middle of the night to empty your bladder.

Research shows that sleeping for a short period of time and having your sleep interrupted frequently can heighten your risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke [9].

Furthermore, sleep deprivation has been shown to affect the regulation of the hormones ghrelin and leptin, which may lead to increased calorie intake and weight gain [10].

Personalized Hydration Needs

Personalized hydration needs vary significantly based on age, gender, and lifestyle.

For instance, older adults may require less water before bed due to reduced kidney efficiency, while athletes might need more to compensate for fluid loss.

Women, especially during pregnancy or breastfeeding, have different hydration requirements compared to men.

Additionally, lifestyle factors like diet, climate, and physical activity levels play a crucial role in determining the ideal water intake for weight loss and overall health before bedtime.


When to Stop Drinking Water Before Bed?

You should stop drinking water before going to bed as soon as you realize that you are experiencing unnecessary disruptions in your sleeping hours.

This way, you can avoid the health risks that come with waking up often during the night.

Is It Better to Drink Warm or Cold Water Before Bed?

It is better to drink warm water than cold water before bed. Drinking warm water improves blood circulation, bringing more nutrients to the body's cells.

On the other hand, drinking cold water has been shown to constrict blood vessels and reduce blood flow to other tissues [11].

Can You Use Water Fasting for Weight Loss?

Yes, you can use water fasting for weight loss as it involves caloric restriction, leading to the body using stored fat for energy. However, it carries risks such as nutrient deficiencies, muscle loss, and the potential for rapid weight regain after the fast. It's important to approach water fasting cautiously and ideally under medical supervision.


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