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Marcus Mumford’s Weight Loss Story (Diet & Exercise Leaked)

Tyler Sellers
Published by Tyler Sellers | Senior Coach
Last updated: August 3, 2023

Marcus Mumford managed to surprise the world with a significant body transformation when he showed off his weight loss on live TV.

And when our team hears of such significant success stories, especially from one of our favorite bands, we always analyze how they achieved it to learn something or motivate our clients.

So, we spent a day going through interviews and TV appearances to see what Marcus did to make such improvements in his appearance, health, and fitness.

Let’s take a closer look at the Marcus Mumford weight loss journey.

Quick Summary

  • Marcus Mumford lost between 30-40 lbs during lockdown as he had time to reflect on his lifestyle.
  • Mumford decided to cut off treats, and junk as they contain high-calorie levels, which have been hindering his weight loss.
  • Is is believed that Marcus performs a combination of both cardio, and strength training.

How Did Marcus Mumford Lose Weight?

Marcus Mumford lost weight during lockdowns when he had time to reflect on his eating habits.

At one stage, he found himself in quarantine, and that’s when he completely changed his approach to eating.

The Marcus Mumford weight loss journey also involved working out more regularly, which he had to do at home.


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All that paid off when he appeared on SNL with his wife, Carey Mulligan, and he became the center of all the celebrity gossip.

Marcus has worked with artists from Laura Marling to Bob Dylan, but looking at some photos of his early career, you can see that he probably gained weight gradually over time.

“I've quite enjoyed the [weight loss] process. It's given me some purpose outside of family and music, which has been good and something to sort of think about. And [it's] just slightly changed my reward system, and it feels good.”

- Marcus Mumford


  • Born: January 31, 1987
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Starting Weight: n/a
  • Total Weight Loss: 30-40 lbs

How Did He Change His Diet?

Marcus Mumford changed his diet mainly by cutting out junk food and treats, but he has never provided a detailed diet plan.

Because he lost weight quite fast, some people speculated that he must have done something a bit more drastic, like the keto diet.

But I couldn’t find any evidence of that.

Mumford decided that weight loss was important when he found some idle time during the lockdown.

And that allowed him to reflect on what he was typically eating.

My guess is that he switched to a high-protein diet and cut out fast food and sugar. Studies have shown that protein can play a positive role in sustainable and consistent weight loss [1].

What’s His Fitness Routine?

Doing cardio inside a gym while looking out the window

Marcus Mumford’s exercise routine for weight loss involved a mix of cardio and strength training. And because the Marcus Mumford weight loss journey started during the lockdown, he had to create his own gym.

From the few comments he’s shared, it doesn’t seem to be anything too fancy. A treadmill and some weights, and a pull-up bar were probably enough.

And he has plenty of green areas on his property allowing him to do aerobic exercises outdoors.

While he hasn’t shared a detailed workout plan, looking at his new physique and the amount of weight he lost, I would say that he did a fair bit of strength training [2].

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Did Marcus Mumford Have Surgery?

No, Marcus Mumford didn’t have weight loss surgery. First of all, he wouldn’t have had that level of excess fat, requiring major surgical intervention to make his stomach smaller.

Secondly, the speed with which he lost weight seems to be what you would expect from someone who simply took control of his diet by eating less and avoiding fast food restaurants.

Losing about 30 pounds over several weeks during lockdown is very reasonable.

But Marcus's health could have started deteriorating due to the weight. He’s the only person who could answer this for sure, and it would be an interesting question for an interview.

Marcus’ Supplements

Spilled supplement inside a bottle container

We also couldn't find details about Marcus Mumford's weight loss supplements.

He has only spoken about fixing his diet, but looking at his consistent achievement, it’s quite likely that he took some dietary supplements.

The one supplement he most likely took is a fat burner.

These products can boost your metabolism to burn off some extra calories each day. And those small amounts add up quickly when you stick with your diet and exercise routine.


Has Marcus Mumford Kept off the Weight?

Yes, Marcus Mumford has kept the weight off. He has spoken a lot about how much healthier and more energetic he feels. And that kind of weight loss will certainly help provide the energy he needs for his solo career.

Was Marcus Mumford Morbidly Overweight?

No, Marcus Mumford wasn’t morbidly overweight. At the same time, he probably had to lose weight to ensure he didn’t end up in a downward spiral of gaining fat and becoming increasingly unhealthy.

Take Inspiration From Marcus Mumford's Weight Loss

Anyone who has postponed taking a serious weight loss approach should take inspiration from the Marcus Mumford weight loss experience.

Fix your diet and start getting active every day, and then add one of our recommended fat burners. We’ve tested dozens of them to find the most effective ones.

It’s not going to give you overnight results, but they will speed things up considerably.


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