How Much Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) Cost?

James Cunningham, BSc, CPT
Published by James Cunningham, BSc, CPT | Staff Writer & Senior Coach
Last updated: May 20, 2024
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Low testosterone levels can be a serious issue for some men, and for others, it can be a barrier to consistent weight loss and muscle building. Nonetheless, many men shy away from testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) due to the upfront and ongoing costs.

However, there are new types of clinics that have made it more affordable than ever, but you still need to understand how and why the costs can vary.

So, how much does testosterone replacement therapy cost?

Let’s take a closer look.

Quick Summary

  • The cost of testosterone treatment mainly depends on the type of treatment, dose, and overall health status.
  • Testosterone injections tend to be more expensive, but you also have to factor in the costs of blood tests and medical consultations.
  • The price of TRT often includes essential services like blood tests and medical consultations; however, some clinics might not include these in their advertised price, leading to higher-out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Online testosterone therapy clinics have become increasingly available throughout America, making it more affordable than ever to deal with testosterone deficiency.

What Is The Cost Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy Per Month?

A doctor explaining TRT cost to his client

Testosterone replacement therapy costs anywhere from $50 to $400 per month, depending on the type of clinic, treatment, and dosage.

Clinics where you have in-person consultations and where a doctor or nurse administers a weekly testosterone injection will generally be in the upper range.

But even with online TRT clinics, there can be significant price differences, and it’s important to understand what influences the price. An expensive service might work out cheaper when you look at the details.

Here’s what I mean.

Laboratory Blood Test

Before beginning testosterone replacement therapy, you have to get a lab test done that establishes your exact free testosterone levels as well as things like your red blood cell count [1].

Some clinics include this in their monthly price, which then also offers repeat tests every 3–6 months. If you see a particularly cheap TRT clinic, chances are that they don’t include the costs of blood tests.

“Testosterone levels drop as men age. In fact, about 4 out of 10 men over age 45 have low testosterone.”

- Dany P. Baby, MD

Medical Analysis of Test Results

A doctor and his client having a medical analysis of test results for TRT

The lab will only provide a readout of the test results. It’s up to a doctor to analyze those results and put them in the greater picture of your overall health.

Before any clinic can prescribe testosterone therapy, they will have to medically review those results to establish whether your T-levels are low enough.

Most clinics that we have researched didn’t charge extra for reviewing the test results, but it’s important to understand that it’s still something that is baked into the monthly cost.

Medical Consultation

Identifying that you have low testosterone levels is just one part of the process.

A doctor then has to go through a consultation process to identify other health conditions before determining whether it’s safe to take testosterone medication.

This process also involves determining the dosage and treatment type and has to provide you with FDA drug safety communication [2]. 

Some clinics charge separately for the consultations, while others offer repeat consultations every 3–6 months, so pay careful attention to what a monthly subscription includes.

“Lower testosterone levels are associated with poorer quality of life. Some of the symptoms of low testosterone levels include depression, fatigue, and irritability.”

- Graham Rogers, M.D

Treatment Type

A man having an injection by his doctor

There are several different ways to deal with low testosterone levels, and they heavily influence the monthly costs.

Testosterone Injectables

Injectable testosterone tends to be one of the most expensive ways to treat low testosterone levels. But it’s also one of the most effective and fastest ways to bring it back into the normal range.

Because of this and the fact that you need a supply of needles and possibly a nurse to do the injection, this tends to drive up your costs.

Testosterone Gel

One of the more popular options for treating low testosterone levels these days is topical gels. These have also made it a lot cheaper, and you don’t have the inconvenience of needles.

The result has been significantly lower monthly costs for patients.

My personal experience is very positive with these gels, as they are very easy to apply, and I just make it part of my daily TRT treatment routine.

Testosterone Patches

These work similarly to nicotine patches and offer a slow release to treat low testosterone levels [3].

Some men who may have side effects from sudden increases and changes in hormone levels might find such patches work better.

But they tend to be more expensive than topical creams and gels.

One of our team members also experienced that they can come loose, especially if you’re sweating.

Testosterone Tablets

And finally, there are some tablets available for testosterone therapy as well. Not many clinics still offer these, as there can be some additional trt side effects [4].

They also tend to cost almost the same as injections.

Regular Medical Reviews

A doctor doing regular medical reviews with his client

The final thing that influences the overall monthly cost of testosterone therapy is whether or not a clinic offers regular follow-up consultations or a medical chat service.

I generally think it’s a good idea to pay a little extra and have access to regular medical consultations to determine the impact of the treatment on your low testosterone levels.

See, there’s only one way to determine if a treatment is working.

That involves a doctor asking you about changes in your physical and mental health and well-being, as well as regularly checking blood test results.

Without such information, it’s impossible to adjust your dosage of testosterone injections or gels up or down.

Online vs. In-Person Treatment

A doctor using his laptop for online treatment

When it comes to testosterone replacement therapy cost, there is one area that I want to dig a bit deeper into.

Many people automatically assume that when people talk about buying testosterone online, they’re referring to some dodgy websites on the dark web.

And while people do buy controlled medical drugs like testosterone from criminals in this way, that’s not what we are referring to.

See, the typical services that hormone replacement clinics offer on their premises can also be offered virtually.

And just like everything else available online, this has a huge impact on costs.

In-person Treatment

Having talked to a few doctors and people I know who have gone through TRT using a brick-and-mortar clinic, it seems like monthly costs tend to be over $250.

And you tend to pay extra for the consultations and blood tests.

Some clinics charge as much as $400 a month, which is going to be too much for many people, especially if their insurance doesn’t cover it.

Online Clinics

A doctor in an online clinic session

With an online TRT clinic, you get all the same services, but you virtually meet the doctor on a video conference call.

You still have to go to a lab to have a blood test done, but everything else can happen online.

You then receive your preferred treatment in the mail on a regular basis, and all this leads to a significant reduction in overall costs.

For a top-quality and full-service clinic like Foundation TRT, that can be as low as $100 per month.

Should Cost Be Your Main Deciding Factor?

No, cost should not be the main deciding factor when it comes to choosing an online TRT clinic. The reason is that there are so many factors beyond just medication costs that you have to account for.

As mentioned above, testosterone injections are more expensive than topical gels, but you also need to look at what other services are included.

A clinic like Fountain TRT may charge $100 to $200 per month, depending on the treatment options you choose.

But this can include everything from the initial consultation and blood tests to the virtual meeting with a doctor and repeat consultations.

From my own experience with this particular company, I can tell you that you have your monthly fee and don’t need to pay extras. When you compare that to other companies, it’s a huge advantage.

I’ve seen and heard of clinics that look incredibly cheap, but then you have to add the costs of a lab test, and you get billed for the medical consultations. Once you get through a few months of the service, you quickly realize that it’s not that cheap anymore.

The good news is that our team has done extensive research into online clinics to compare the services, effectiveness, and costs.

More on those shortly.

Do More Expensive Treatments Work Faster?

A muscular man having an injection from his doctor

Yes, some of the more expensive treatments work faster. The main example of this is testosterone injections, which can increase free testosterone within hours.

But they come with the added cost of the medication as well as the needles.

You also have to account for possibly needing to pay for a nurse to do the injection if you don’t feel comfortable directly injecting into a muscle.

But there is a lot more to testosterone replacement therapy cost than just the treatment type. And that’s where it becomes a bit more difficult to assess.

For example, a cheap monthly service that provides injections might not include the costs of medical consultations that you need to pay extra for.

Such an option would likely work faster than a more expensive service that includes a gel and all the consultations.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t expect faster results just because you’re paying more, as the devil is always in the details.

When it comes to the overall speed of the effects, testosterone replacement therapy has to be assessed based on the types of medication, dosage, and frequency of taking them.

And that’s something you need to discuss with a doctor during your consultation.


Is It Expensive to Be On TRT?

Yes, it can be expensive to be on TRT. However, there are new types of online clinics that can significantly reduce the upfront and monthly costs, making this a far more affordable solution to consider.

Are You on TRT for Life?

Yes, some people might end up on hormone replacement therapy for life. If the underlying reason is not a temporary issue or disease that can be cured, then it might be necessary to keep taking testosterone medication.


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