Where & How To Legally Buy Testosterone Safely Online?

James Cunningham, BSc, CPT
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Last updated: May 20, 2024
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Low testosterone levels can quickly become a major issue for men, and it’s not all just about muscles and libido.

In many cases, health issues can gradually increase over time and become a major concern.

But buying testosterone online is something you have to approach very carefully and with the right kind of support.

There are many online testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) options, so our team spent an entire day consulting with a licensed professional to outline the best way to approach this.

The good news is that there are safe and legal ways to get online access to prescribed testosterone.

Quick Summary

  • Modern medicine allows you to deal a lot more easily with low testosterone levels, and there are trusted and regulated online clinics for this.
  • Like many other web-based services, dealing with testosterone deficiency through an online clinic can provide huge cost savings.
  • Before you consider buying testosterone online, make sure you carefully analyze what exactly you’re paying for and look out for hidden costs.
  • Qualified healthcare professionals should be consulted when monitoring testosterone treatment to adjust dosages and manage side effects, ensuring the treatment matches the individual's health profile and testosterone levels.
A person buying testosterone online

Yes, you can legally buy testosterone online, but only under very strictly controlled circumstances.

At a high level, you can only do this if you have a testosterone prescription from a licensed doctor and are buying from a licensed online drug store or clinic.

So, what exactly does this mean?

What I’m saying is that you can’t just ask Dr. Google whether your low testosterone symptoms are serious enough to warrant hormone replacement therapy and then buy prescription testosterone or other anabolic steroids online.

But what you can do is choose a registered and licensed online TRT clinic.

These clinics offer a very similar service as when you go to a physical clinic.

Essentially, you go through the process of a blood test to determine if you have low testosterone levels, and then you meet with a doctor for a full consultation.

“You may even want to take a testosterone level test if you believe your testosterone levels are not within the standard range. What’s more, testosterone helps males make sperm, so they may wonder about their testosterone levels if they and a partner are having trouble conceiving.”

- Matt Coward, MD, FACS.

If it’s determined that hormone therapy is a suitable option, the clinic will prescribe and send out the chosen treatment option.

The important thing is that you should never be tempted to buy it through any other method online.

Yes, there are probably some dodgy websites and services that will do this. But it’s illegal to sell prescription medications this way, and it’s also illegal to own them.

See, testosterone and anabolic steroids, in general, are classified as Schedule III drugs, and federal prosecution could put you in jail for up to a year on the first offense [1].

Finding a Reputable Testosterone Replacement Therapy Clinic

A doctor talking to a patient about Testosterone Replacement therapy

Buying testosterone online can be safe and completely legal, as long as you choose the right one. Here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Licensed Clinics

Just like any doctor's practice, clinic, or hospital, online TRT providers have to be licensed and registered to provide such services in America [2].

The first thing you can do is check whether a clinic provides information about their registrations and licenses, and you can also check with state and federal authorities to confirm this. 

Access to Doctors

The other thing you have to be sure about is that the service you choose provides you with access to doctors.

Only licensed doctors are allowed to write a prescription for hormone therapy, so make sure before you sign up that the doctor you’ll deal with is licensed to practice in America.

Also, check the details of what the service offers. Some clinics I have encountered don’t mention that you have to pay extra for the consultation.

Testing Methods

A doctor testing a person

While you can test for low testosterone levels with a saliva test, it’s far more accurate to do so with a blood test [3].

This is also the only way you can measure testosterone levels for both free and total testosterone, and it’s an important factor in determining whether you need hormone therapy.

Ideally, you want a service where you can book an appointment with a local laboratory to take the sample and provide results.

Types of Treatment

Testosterone therapy is available in many different forms.

People often just think of injections like testosterone cypionate, but medical advances have introduced topical gels and tablets that are much easier to manage at home.

The more options a TRT clinic offers, the more flexibility you will have in finding an online service that suits you best.


A person holding money to buy testosterone

And finally, when it comes to the advertised costs for TRT, there can be some huge differences.

Generally speaking, when you legally buy testosterone online, it’s going to be cheaper than at a local clinic that you visit.

But you have to pay close attention to what each service includes and whether you pay extra for medical consultations that involve blood tests.

Forms of Online Testosterone Treatment

A doctor talking to a patient online about TRT

One of the most important things you have to consider is that there are several different forms of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Even when you’re looking for testosterone online, you don’t have to be limited to just injections, and many clinics now offer multiple treatments to better suit your personal needs.

Testosterone Injections

Synthetic testosterone injections are one of the oldest forms of providing TRT, and they are typically administered by injecting directly into a muscle.

The deltoids and glutes are the most common areas [4].

The benefit of injecting anabolic steroids like testosterone cypionate is that you get a large boost in a short time, and you typically only need to repeat the injections every 5–14 days.

But many people don’t like self-administering injections, which you would need to do if you buy testosterone cypionate online.

Generally speaking, I think it’s good to see injectable testosterone as an option, even if that’s not your favorite option.

Testosterone Gels

Close up shot of Testosterone gel

Testosterone creams and gels have become increasingly popular as they are easier and cheaper to deal with.

With injections, you have the overhead of either paying a doctor or nurse to do it, and if you’re injecting them yourself, then you still have to buy the needles.

While you would need to apply a small amount of the gel every day, it will still have a positive impact on low testosterone levels.

What I would say is that, from my own experience, it can take a bit longer to see the benefits.

But more on that shortly.

“Testosterone gel is one of several forms of testosterone medication used to treat hypogonadism in men. Hypogonadism is an abnormally low level of testosterone caused by certain medical conditions.”

- Darren Hein, PharmD

Testosterone Patches

These patches work in a similar way to nicotine patches, and they can offer a controlled release of testosterone into the skin.

The advantage they offer is that you always get a very precise amount with each patch vs. trying to apply a specific amount of gel. 

There is also less risk of transfer to a partner over the skin, which is often a reason for choosing patches.

They work about as effectively as a gel when it comes to dealing with low testosterone levels, which means they are slower-acting than injections.

Testosterone Tablets

Close up shot of Testosterone Tablets

And finally, there are some orally administered tablets and capsules that can help with low testosterone levels.

Based on my research, I have found that not many clinics offer tablets as a treatment option.

The doctor I did this research with pointed out that some of those tablets might cause blood clots, which is one reason why they might not be so popular [5].

Why Do You Need a Doctor to Monitor Treatment?

A doctor with hands together at a clinic

You need a doctor to monitor your testosterone treatment because you can experience TRT side effects and may need to adjust the dosage.

Men may react differently to the forms of treatment, and it’s important that you don’t go from low testosterone levels to extremely high ones.

The doctor will set the initial dosage based on your test results and medical history.

Then, he will monitor any side effects that impact your muscle mass and weight gain and also run repeat blood tests.

Normally, this happens through patient consultations, where you meet your doctor.

And when you buy testosterone online, you want to make sure that you have repeat consultations to monitor your progress.

Here’s why it’s so important.

Every man will react slightly differently. Also, the amount of exercise you get and what kind of diet you have will influence testosterone production [6]. So, there’s no one set of ways in which the male body will respond to the treatment.

“For men who have low testosterone, exercise alone probably won’t raise their levels enough to make a difference in how they feel.”

- Stuart Bergman, MD, FACS

One thing I would suggest from my own experience is to keep a journal of how you feel and whether you've noticed any changes.

See, it can be difficult to sum up how you feel when you get asked that question after a month or two of treatment.

Just take notes at the end of the day about energy levels, stress, mental health, libido, and anything else you feel is different.

How Long Will You Need to Follow the Treatment?

A doctor pointing to a clipboard

You will need to follow testosterone therapy for as long as your doctor thinks it’s necessary.

One thing to keep in mind is that when doctors decide it’s a necessary option, it’s often due to a disease being the cause.

This very much depends on your medical history, but it’s often the case that men have to remain on anabolic steroids like testosterone cypionate for the rest of their lives.

But there are situations where diseases are rectified and natural testosterone production levels resume, making it less necessary to continue with the treatment.

How Soon Will You See Benefits?

You can see some benefits with injected anabolic steroids like testosterone cypionate after 3–4 weeks. But in general, doctors will say that the benefits build up over several months.

What’s important to understand is that you’re not going to get some injections and, a few days later, develop huge muscle mass gains.

While the treatment will overcome the testosterone deficiency pretty quickly, it takes a while for your body to react to the hormone changes.

Also, every man will react differently. As a personal trainer, I’ve seen clients experience physical results in muscles and weight within three weeks, while for others, it took three months.

What I would say, though, is that I did hear from several people who have gone through an effective TRT treatment regimen that they noticed improvements in stress and energy levels first and that this sometimes happened within just a few weeks.

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Should You Consider Natural Supplements As Well?

Close up shot of natural supplements on a table

Yes, you could consider taking supplements to boost natural testosterone production, but you have to understand the limitations when you’re dealing with a more severe deficiency.

Let me explain what I mean.

If you’re dealing with a significant deficiency of 30% or more, then it could take months or years for supplements to help you get back to normal.

And in many cases, they won’t do much at all if you’re dealing with an underlying health condition that’s causing low hormone production.

What I would suggest is that you choose to buy testosterone online through a reputable clinic and then, during your consultation, ask if there are any supplements that might help as well.


Can You Get Testosterone Gel Over the Counter?

No, you can’t get testosterone gel over the counter. A doctor has to prescribe testosterone, as all anabolic steroids are classified as Schedule III drugs. But you can buy testosterone online through clinics that offer virtual consultations.

How Can I Increase My Testosterone Level Quickly?

You can increase your testosterone level quickly by going through hormone replacement therapy. Testosterone deficiency is very common, and there are many types of treatment that will raise your levels back to normal within days and weeks.

How Can I Check My Testosterone Level at Home?

You can check your testosterone level at home through a saliva or blood test. Saliva tests are less accurate and don’t provide information about free testosterone. Simple finger-prick blood tests are all it takes to get a more accurate result.


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