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ONNIT Alpha Brain Review (2023 Upd.) Should You Buy It?

Tyler Sellers
Published by Tyler Sellers | Senior Coach
Last updated: September 17, 2023
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As a trained athlete, my perpetual aim is to sustain optimal physical and mental performance.

That's why I started getting into nootropics and have been experimenting with different supplements.

That has often meant combining a few different products based on recommendations from my nutritionist, and she recently recommended taking Alpha Brain by ONNIT.

Usually, I’m not convinced when supplements contain a long list of ingredients (more on these below), but I had to give it a try based on that recommendation.

Our team ran a trial for a few months, and we have some interesting findings to report.

What Is Alpha Brain?

CTA of Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is one of the most recent products in the nootropic supplement market.

ONNIT Alpha Brain is a dietary supplement designed to improve cognitive function and brain function, including cognitive processing speed.

Drawing upon our firsthand experience and in-depth research, we find that this supplement excels at guiding users toward their peak mental state. Through its meticulously curated nootropic ingredients, Alpha Brain stimulates the production of neurotransmitters and fosters the emergence of alpha brain waves. The result? Noticeable enhancements in verbal recall and cognitive function, as attested by our personal experiences.

We like that ONNIT has made this a caffeine-free nootropic, which is an important factor.

See, many other nootropics include stimulants, which might fool you into thinking you got some boosted brain activity.

Joe Rogan is an outspoken fan of Alpha Brain, and in a few interviews has mentioned that it seems to help him get in the zone a lot easier, which increases his productivity.

Essentially, Alpha Brain claims to help anyone who needs to use their brain at maximum capacity for better focus and, ultimately, motivation.

Let’s see how it does this.

Suitable For Men & Women

CTA of Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain

Overall Score 5.0

Alpha Brain Ingredients

Supplement Facts of ONNIT Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain Ingredients ONNIT Alpha Brain is formulated with a range of nootropic ingredients, each meticulously chosen to bolster cognitive functions and enhance mental abilities, thereby improving performance in complex tasks.

In our quest for thorough analysis, we engaged a qualified nutritionist with a deep understanding of nootropics. Their expertise enabled us to gain valuable insights into Alpha Brain's ingredient composition.

Here’s what our expert nutritionist discovered about Alpha Brain:

1. L-Tyrosine

There are many situations in life where you will feel clearly under stress. Many times, this is purely an overreaction in the brain where you feel you’re going in every direction at the same time.

L-Tyrosine has been found to mitigate symptoms, mood, and performance decrements induced by stressors, including functions regulated by catecholaminergic neurons such as vigilance, alertness, and anxiety [1].

Through a calming effect on the brain, it might slow you down enough to focus on solving the problem, and it can actually appear like the solution is very obvious.

2. L-Theanine


Scientists have linked the amino acid L-Theanine to increased production of serotonin and dopamine [2]. These are two important hormones that stimulate certain activity in the brain.

You might have heard of these as the feel-good hormones, as an increase may make you feel more relaxed and chilled out.

But in addition to making you feel relaxed, they might also promote alpha brain wave production in your brain. This slower brain wave has been shown to support creative thinking, cognitive function, focus, and problem-solving.

3. Oat Straw Extract

This was a completely new ingredient for me, even though I’ve taken several different nootropics aside from Alpha Brain. Apparently, oat straw has the potential to directly fuel brain activity.

“Oat straw extract boasts a dense nutrient profile. It’s packed with things like zinc, manganese, and iron. It’s also shown to have a number of health benefits for your brain and emotional health, while also helping to ward off diseases associated with chronic inflammation.” - Ashley Lall, Writer at

Fortunately, there have been a few studies that have some very interesting results.

One, in particular, found that there were significant cognitive performance effects from taking oat extract supplements [3]. Specifically, they showed improved memory function for word recall and faster thinking times to solve problems effectively.

4. Phosphatidylserine


Don't ask me how to pronounce it; my nutritionist tried to teach me for 5 minutes before we gave up.

What was more interesting is what it might do to your brain through the Alpha Brain supplement.

It’s a type of fat, and apparently, your body predominantly needs it for the membranes in brain cells. Basically, the stuff that holds the brain cells together.

Phosphatidylserine is a fatty substance that protects nerve cells in the brain and enables them to communicate with each other [4].

As your brain is constantly building and replacing cells and connections between them, it’s easy to understand that this substance may play a key role in the overall health and function of your brain and nerve cells.

5. Cat’s Claw Extract

Don’t worry; no animals were harmed to create this extract for the Alpha Brain supplement.

It’s a funny name for an Amazonian rainforest plant, and there is some evidence to suggest that it may help with cell reproduction and repair.

But, our research found more benefits to immune health and as an anti-inflammatory [5]. This might still make it a positive ingredient for your brain, but I haven’t been able to find enough evidence that it’s going to make nootropics more powerful.


6. Alpha GPC


Now we get into what ONNIT calls its focus ingredients for the Alpha Brain supplement.

This ingredient has been scientifically linked to the production of acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter that directly controls brain and nerve function.

What we found very interesting is a study that looked at a link to learning and memory [6]. While they weren’t able to establish that link, they did find results supporting its ability to help with attention span by optimizing neural communication.

The longer you might be able to concentrate on a difficult task, the more likely you’ll come to a solution.

7. Bacopa Monnieri

Here’s another one of the more fascinating ingredients for the Alpha Brain supplement.

Some scientists had believed that it could influence memory function by making it easier to learn new topics or tasks through a healthy brain environment.

But, it turns out it could be more supportive of keeping your attention and focus where it needs to be.

Studies have shown that bacopa monnieri supplementation improves memory and attention, as well as cognitive health, especially among older adults [7].

Apparently, it works by playing a role in the growth of the parts of nerve cells that receive messages, which should help to speed up the flow of signals.

8. Toothed Clubmoss Extract

Toothed Clubmoss Extract

Scientists have long been studying this moss, and the medical industry has found some links that it might help treat people with degenerative brain diseases or other damage.

One study, in particular, managed to show that it has an interesting impact on acetylcholine [8].

It’s not that it promotes producing more of it, but rather that it slows the breakdown to help maintain higher levels.

9. L-Leucine

You might be familiar with this amino acid as it’s one of the BCAAs that many athletes rely on for better muscle function and recovery.

Many athletes rely on L-Leucine as one of the BCAAs for better muscle function and recovery. Several studies have demonstrated the possibility of functional recovery after brain injury, and the remaining, intact motor areas play a significant role [9].

My high school coach and biology teacher always said that the brain is like a muscle in more than one sense. Muscles need to be trained, but you also need to feed them and your brain similar nutrients to help it repair and become more effective.

“Some evidence suggests that branched-chain amino acids may also improve cognition in people with declining brain function due to liver disease.” - Ana Aleksic, MSc (Pharmacy).

L-Leucine may do just that by promoting more effective protein synthesis in the brain, making the Alpha Brain ideal to improve cognitive function.

10. Pterostilbene

Here’s another ingredient in the Alpha Brain that I can’t pronounce, but I did find a study that supported the use of it in nootropics [10].

The study showed a link to maintaining brain cell structures and protecting nerve cells from damage.

Some other studies are still ongoing to determine what effect it might have on memory and other cognitive functions, but I wouldn’t discount it yet.

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Suitable For Men & Women

CTA of Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain

Overall Score 5.0

How Does Alpha Brain Work?

taking pills during breakfast

Alpha Brain works by helping users reach their optimal mental state. With its nootropic ingredients, this supplement supports the production of neurotransmitters and alpha brain waves. It can also significantly improve verbal recall and cognitive function, based on 1st hand experience.

You take Alpha Brain on a daily basis as two capsules with a light meal for alpha waves production. I would suggest taking it first thing in the morning with breakfast to kickstart your day.

Alternatively, you might want to take it about 30 to 60 minutes before you have a particularly complex problem to solve, e.g., an exam or a project at work.

Once you take the nootropic capsules, your body should be able to absorb the active ingredients in less than an hour, optimizing neural communication.

ONNIT claims that the neurotransmitters then start to kick in and improve your cognitive performance. It should feel like you can think more clearly.

One thing I would point out in this Alpha Brain review is that it might take a few weeks to build up in your system to trigger these boosts more effectively.

So, if the first dose doesn’t seem to do much, then keep with it for a couple of weeks.

Pros and Cons

Onnit Alpha Brain

So, our team took these for a month, and we had a few clients who were willing to help out as well.

Overall, we gathered more benefits than we expected, most notably that the product did seem to improve memory, focus, concentration, and attention span.

We observed that some students reported being able to study and maintain focus for approximately two hours longer than their previous capacity.

Additionally, our clients exhibited an extended attention span, lasting 8 minutes longer than before the testing period.

And our nutritionist confirmed the ingredients were overall classed as safe with enough scientific backing to make them suitable as nootropics.

  • All-natural ingredients seem to be supported by scientific evidence
  • Positive reviews from people about improved focus and memory
  • Dairy, soy, and gluten-free to avoid most common food allergies
  • Some bulk order discounts would be great

Suitable For Men & Women

CTA of Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain

Overall Score 5.0

The only thing I wish ONNIT would do is come up with some bulk order promotions to make long time use more affordable.

Where Should You Buy It?

When it comes to sourcing Alpha Brain, you have two options:

  • Directly from the official company's online store
  • From select reputable online retailers

However, do exercise caution, as it may not always be readily available in all online marketplaces. Opting for the official store is recommended for ensuring product authenticity, as there have been unfortunate instances of counterfeit supplements in circulation.

Basically, don’t take any risks with anything that you’ll put inside your body.

Side Effects


Alpha Brain seems to have little to no side effects based on our experience and all the online reviews we read.

We did notice a few people mentioned that they got some upset stomach, but this could be more related to a sensitive stomach and possibly taking more than the recommended dosage.

Fortunately, this product doesn’t contain any stimulating ingredients (e.g., caffeine), so even when you take Alpha Brain later in the day, it shouldn’t make you jittery or sleepless.

Customer Reviews

ONNIT Alpha Brain Feedback


Michiko noticed that this nootropic seemed to lift the mid-afternoon brain fog without needing to get a sugary treat. She also thought that her memory had improved throughout the day. - Michiko from Seattle

Danny is an architect, and he noticed the benefits of better attention to detail and the ability to spend more time on certain design tasks. - Danny from NY

Comparison With Other Products

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is a stimulant-free product that offers a wide range of 11 natural ingredients designed to improve memory, focus, and concentration.

Both Mind Lab Pro and ONNIT Alpha Brain have a daily dosage of two capsules, but the 1-month supply of Mind Lab Pro costs twice as much as ONNIT Alpha Brain ($65 vs. $34.95).


Brainol is a nootropic supplement with a diverse ingredient list of 16 components for enhancing cognitive functions, including magnesium, huperzine A, and L-glutamine HCL.

Our testing phase showed that Brainol requires a commitment of at least two months to see optimal results. However, ONNIT Alpha Brain reports show that improvements can occur much sooner.


NeuroQ is a nootropic designed by a leading figure in brain health research, Dr. Dale Bredesen. However, compared to ONNIT Alpha Brain, it has less streamlined approach with its ingredient list.

Priced around $60 for a bottle, NeuroQ is on the higher end compared to ONNIT Alpha Brain's price tag.


Does Joe Rogan Take Alpha Brain?

Yes, Joe Rogan takes Alpha Brain and has promoted it on his podcast. He said that the product seems to help him find the right words and formulate better sentences for interviews.

Can You Take Alpha Brain Every Day?

Yes, you can take Alpha Brain every day. However, you might want to start with a lower dose to see how it works for you, but taking two capsules a day shouldn’t have any adverse effects.

Should You Give Alpha Brain A Try?

Yes, based on 1st hand experience, we believe this is one of the more advanced nootropics available, and it has helped our team accomplish tasks a lot more easily.

ONNIT Alpha Brain is a nootropic supplement that helps support cognitive functions and brain performance. With its blend of brain-boosting ingredients, it promotes mental clarity and is one of the top nutritional supplements for enhancing brain functions.

We love the mental clarity, and some of us take it to replace an afternoon coffee.

Order yours today and then report back to us how it worked out for you.


Alpha Brain

CTA of Alpha Brain
Overall Score 5.0
  • All-natural ingredients seem to be supported by scientific evidence
  • Positive reviews from people about improved focus and memory
  • Dairy, soy, and gluten-free to avoid most common food allergies
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of September
  • Some bulk order discounts would be great
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