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Razalean Review (2023 Updated) Does It Really Work?

Michael Garrico
Published by Michael Garrico
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Last updated: May 8, 2023
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Having heard many of my fellow gym-goers raving about Razalean diet pills and how they’ve been a game-changer, I’ve decided to incorporate this supplement into my workout routine to check its effectiveness firsthand.

I used the supplement for six months and teamed up with my dietician to see what was behind its formula.

In this article, I will provide a full Razalean review based on my experience with its pros and cons and a side-by-side test with some of my favorite fat burners.

Read on.

What is Razalean?

Razalean supplement product

Razalean is a weight loss supplement that doubles as a pre-workout.

It’s a three-in-one supplement that eliminates excess fat mass, boosts energy levels, and creates thermogenic action.

The weight loss supplement contains a blend of ingredients that help burn calories, suppress appetite, and boost your energy level.

More on the ingredients shortly.

How Does Razalean Work?

Razalean works by boosting your metabolism and suppressing your appetite. The main purpose of Razalean weight loss supplements is to assist you in losing weight.

All of the Razalean components enter the Krebs power-generating mechanisms in the cell [1]. They function as a catalyst. The cells will then respond, allowing your body to burn fat.

This weight loss supplement may assist you in burning fat by suppressing hunger too.

The pill also has caffeine extract, which increases the heart rate and boosts metabolism (the primary thing helping with faster fat burning) [2].

Now, I understand some users have mixed results with an increased heart rate, but personally, I didn’t experience any problems.

I’m quite sensitive to stimulants, but the green coffee bean extract in the Razalean formula didn’t keep me up all night. Yes, for the first few nights, I was up for a few extra hours, but from day three, I was going to sleep and waking up as normal.

I’ve not experienced any jitters or other issues. Plus, the pill has boosted my energy, and I generally felt better.

Suited for Men & Women

Razalean supplement product


Overall Score 3.7

Razalean Ingredients

Close up shot of powder ingredient spices with Razalean on the side

Here’s a breakdown of all the ingredients in one diet pill.

Cayenne Pepper

The first ingredient worth mentioning is Cayenne Pepper, which was a huge plus for me because I love spicy foods.

Razalean weight loss supplement uses Capsaicin, which is the active ingredient in Cayenne.

Capsaicin is known to help satiate appetite, making you feel fuller for much longer and decreasing your cravings for food [3].

It’s not a miracle pill, but it successfully suppressed my huge appetite and hunger hormones without the sudden urge to eat at the end of the day.

The active ingredient can also boost the body's metabolism. It tricks the internal thermostat and speeds the metabolism, which helps burn fat, shed off extra pounds, and speed weight loss.


The caffeine blend used in Razalean diet pills is perfect even for those who are not really stimulant-tolerant.

The caffeine residues in the substance can be found in three distinct forms. Examples of these forms are citrate, anhydrous, green tea extract, and green coffee beans.

The majority of weight reduction pills on the market would only obtain caffeine from one of the components. However, this product includes caffeine taken from three separate sources.

The fat-burning mechanism is constantly ON as the metabolic rate increases.

The caffeine mixture will keep you up and alert during the day. When combined with vigorous exercise, this weight reduction pill has several benefits.

It provides longer power boosts and keeps me energized for long, without the caffeine tremors.


Close up shot of kelp on a bowl

Kelp is a brown seaweed of the Laminariales family that thrives in highly saline seashores and is well-known for its rapid weight-loss properties [4].

When found in weight loss supplements, kelp may help you achieve your desired weight loss, improve your health, and accelerate your metabolism.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is known to reduce body fat storage. It’ll suppress appetite and regulate blood sugar levels [5].

Along with the other health benefits, I liked this component because it didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth like other apple cider vinegar-based tablets.

Other Razalean Ingredients:

  • Rhodiola Rosavins: A rare arctic plant with adaptogenic properties. It helps to manage stress and fatigue and reduce weight [6].
  • L-Arginine: This component elevates nitric iodide, which enhances blood flow and boosts energy levels [7].
  • Raspberry ketones: It improves fat oxidation and promotes higher energy levels. Raspberry ketones also improve metabolism, which contributes to losing weight [8].
  • Garcinia Cambogia: It blocks enzymes that turn fatty acids into sugar [9].
  • Turmeric root extract: It has anti-inflammatory properties and prevents the body from storing excess fats [10].

Benefits of Razalean

A woman jogging outside with Razalean on the foreground

There’re lots of reasons I would drum up support for this diet supplement.

The main reasons I’d recommend Razalean for anyone looking to lose weight quickly are as follows.

Amplifies Metabolism

I’ve tried a couple of thermogenic weight pills and can tell you they're simply glorified caffeine that provides a slight boost - I'd say it's bull.

But then there’s Razalean weight pills-stuff that works.

It consists of caffeine and other ingredients that will raise your core temperatures and heart rate during its half-life, which raises your overall metabolism.

The boosted metabolic rates translate to more calorie burn and will burn fat even when you’re resting.

Increased Energy

This fat-burning pill also gives you an energy boost, and I always feel rejuvenated after popping the pill.

The increased energy in the brain and muscle tissues makes me want to get physically active and exercise.

And the good thing about the Razalean energy boost is that it’s not destructive.

For some of my previous pills, I would constantly tap on my feet, feel tingling on my lean muscle mass, fidget extremely, and feel like I wanted to stand up and throw chairs.

Not with Razalean.

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Promote weight loss
  • Improves daily energy levels
  • Suppresses hunger and cravings
  • No brand information from the official website
  • Might cause anxiety, sleeplessness, and acid reflux in some users

Appetite Reduction

Close up shot of a woman pushing a burger away

If your eating is running out of control, you should try Razalean.

I was a heavy eater, and my hunger would always be high even when it wasn't supposed to be.

But after I started using the Razalean fat burner, my attempts to reduce food consumption paid off.

The active ingredients in Razalean suppressed my hunger, and I managed to lose weight. Plus, I don't get gassy and feel the urge to visit the toilet.

Blocks Fat and Reduces Stored Fat

The unique ingredients of this fat-burning pill divert your metabolic process by using ketone and fatty acids rather than storing sugar and carbs in your liver.

This way, your body becomes acclimatized to using the fatty acids for energy instead of the potential energy deposit.

I’ve found this health benefit quite handy, especially on my fatty thighs and belly areas.

Doubles as an Inflammatory Agent

Finally, the active ingredients in this thermogenic fat burner are handy at providing your body with a natural shield against inflammation.

It’s a great benefit, especially if you’ve arthritis, Crohn's disease, or other joint conditions. The pill eases joint pain while at the same time countering weight gain.

Potential Razalean Side Effects

A woman holding her stomach

The components in Razalean are all powerful, pure, and genuine. There is a small risk that you will encounter negative side effects due to this. The trick is to stick to the appropriate dosage.

Unless you overdose or you are allergic to particular components in Razalean, you may notice changes in your sleep schedule and a more energetic mood. This is because the supplement contains caffeine in various forms.

The other thing that might be problematic is acid reflux and heartburn. I had these issues during my first week of using this diet pill.

So, if your digestive system is generally sensitive and doesn’t tolerate stimulants well, you should skip this product.

How to Use Razalean?

You should use Razalean by taking 2 pills a day - one at least 1 hour before breakfast and the other one at least 1 hour before lunch.

Razalean is a dietary supplement that should be stored at room temperature.

To preserve its active components in excellent condition, just seal the container whenever you open it and store it someplace dark and cool.

Who Should Take Razalean?

People who want to lose body fat should take Razalean. But understand it's not a substitute for working out and a healthy diet/balanced diet.

The supplement will give the best results if it's combined with other weight-cutting measures.

Who Shouldn’t Take Razalean?

People with allergies, sensitive digestive systems, and low caffeine tolerance shouldn't use Razalean due to its active ingredients.

It's also not suitable for those who think of the pill as a substitute for working out and dieting.

Where to Buy and Price?

Close up shot of a woman using her phone in the kitchen

You can buy Razalean from Amazon, their website, or different online retailers.

You could also get Razalean from the brick-and-mortar store, but it's usually unavailable or stocked in the physical stores.

From my experience, though, I've found it much cheaper, around $23, and more convenient sourcing my Razalean from online retailers.

Suited for Men & Women

Razalean supplement product


Overall Score 3.7

Customer Feedback

Close up shot of a woman using a laptop in the kitchen

I also scoured the internet to see the Razalean customer reviews, and here’s what they had to say:

Most weight loss pills are usually fake, but Razalean is different. I've taken it twice over the pandemic and lost over 40 pounds, so I can tell you it works.

- Jeremey P, Alberta

I've tried a few dietary supplements before, but they never worked. So I figured I'd give Razalean a go, based on the positive reviews, and it works. I'm happy.

- Dave. C, Reddit

If you take this, plan on going to the bathroom 3 or more times a day. I also had diarrhea some days. Had to quit taking it. Took a few days to get back to normal.

- M. Shapu, Miami

How Does Razalean Compare to Other Products?

Razalean VS other products

I’ve set aside quite some time to study the effects of Razalean compared to some of my all-time favorites, like Leanbean, PhenQ, and Instant Knockout.

Let’s see how they weigh up.


Drawing on our LeanBean review, it concludes that this is a natural weight loss aid. It has similar functionality to Razalean and works by suppressing your appetite, burning fat, and boosting your metabolism.

However, Leanbean has a price benefit. It's priced more affordably than Razalean, and its ingredient Glucomannan is clinically proven to work [11].

My only concern with Leanbean is that it's specifically tailored for women, making Razalean a better option because it caters to both sexes.

Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is a popular weight-loss supplement that boosts metabolism and suppresses appetite allowing your body to burn fat.

As its name suggests, the Instant Knockout is developed for MMA fighters and boxers. It guarantees a fighting-fit physique, so I'd not recommend it for casual users.


PhenQ CTA supplement product

Our expertise shared in the PhenQ review is that it is among the top dietary pills and ticks all the boxes for the most effective weight loss supplement.

PhenQ fat burner contains a potent combination of stimulant ingredients like Capsimax powder and caffeine, dietary fiber like nopal cactus, hunger suppressants like chromium picolinate, and vital amino acids like calcium carbonate.

Other ingredients that help weight reduction are also included in the PhenQ diet tablet.

PhenQ is a trusted brand, clinically proven, and will help you burn stubborn fat.


Is Razalean a Good Weight Loss Pill?

Yes, Razalean is a good weight loss pill that works. The pill will help you lose weight, eliminate excess body fat cells, and boost energy levels.

Does Razalean Come with Any Side Effects?

Razalean might come with some harmful side effects. Depending on your tolerance, you might experience disturbance in sleeping patterns, digestive problems, and hyper mood because of the strong caffeine content.

How Long Does it Take Before I Experience Weight Loss on Razalean?

It will take around two weeks before you can experience weight loss on Razalean. The results vary from one individual to the next.

Razalean Weight Loss Pill: Is It Worth the Money?

Razalean's secret mix aids in weight loss by inhibiting fat production. Some substances have been demonstrated to bind fats in the digestive tract and aid fat cell decomposition during exercise.

However, when compared to other Capsimax-based products, its appetite suppression potential is slim.

That's why my hearty recommendation goes to PhenQ.

PhenQ diet pills contain natural components that have few to no negative effects and may considerably help you lose weight. An added bonus is that its main ingredient, Capsimax, is clinically proven to increase calorie burn during and after exercising.

We Recommend This Instead


PhenQ CTA supplement product
Overall Score 4.9
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Blocks body fat production to stop weight gain
  • Improves your mood and energy levels
  • High-quality, all-natural formula
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of June
  • Can be only purchased through the company website
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