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15 Hottest Male Golfers Of All Time (2023 Updated) 

Isaac Robertson
Published by Isaac Robertson
Last updated: April 10, 2023

We have reviewed many articles and videos showing the skill and physics of successful male golfers.

These attractive guys may not all be winners on the PGA Tour, but they surely deserve the public recognition they get because of their dedication.

You don't have to be part of any golf club or even a sports fan to enjoy watching these hot guys perform. Therefore, we have selected the top 15 hottest male golfers.

Let's have a look.

Quick Summary

  • Adam Scott, Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson, Rory Mcilroy, Jordan Spieth, Jamie Dornan, Rickie Fowler, and Morgan Hoffmann are listed among the hottest male golfers of all time.
  • To excel as a professional golfer, you must have a perfect physique, and fitness level.
  • The appearance of these golfers has enabled them to feature in some major advertisements.

15. Jon Rahm

Spanish golfer Jon Rahm won a spot on our list because he is incredibly handsome.

He won thirteen tournaments, including both the PGA Tour event and the European Tour.

Jon Rahm is one of the youngest golf players- born in 1994.

He is still not married, but he has been dating Kelley Cahill for some time.

He did not speak English very well initially, but he learned it by listening to hip-hop music.

He did not speak English very well initially, but he learned it by listening to hip-hop music.


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14. Jason Day

One of the youngest golfers on our list is Jason Day. Apart from practicing the best golf swings, he also managed to win many female fans.

Athletic type, boyish charm, and muscular appearance make him extremely hot.

Jason Day started playing golf at a very young age- when he was only six years old.

He was the youngest winner on the Nationwide Tour, who won the Legend Financial Group Classic at 19.

In 2015, this Australian golfer was the number one player in the world. That season was the best one in his career.

His career earnings reached 49 million dollars, and apart from professional life, he has a rich private life with his lovely wife, Ellie Harvey.

13. Justin Rose

Good-looking golf superstar Justin Rose has participated in more than five championships, nine PGA Tours, and eleven European Tours.

He held the title of the best golfer in the world in 2018 and won an Olympic gold medal back in 2016 in Rio De Janeiro.

His overall career earning is 55 million dollars, and he has a total of twelve tournament wins. Besides golf, he enjoys playing football and tennis.

Justin Rose had the most astonishing achievements when he was only 17 years old, and that's when his professional career started.

He is married to Katie Phillips, and they have two children.

12. Martin Kaymer

Martin Kaymer is a professional golfer from Dusseldorf, Germany, who had numerous victories in his career.

His strong arms, short hair, and serious face are every lady's dream.

He managed to win the European Tour five times, the International Open once in 2008, the Scottish Open in 2009, and many more.

Martin also has two tournament wins at the Abu Dhabi Championship.

His winning attitude put him at the top 100 World Golf Ranking [3].

Martin won two majors in 2010 - PGA Championship and Us Open in 2014. The total number of his victories is twenty-three, while his fortune is at 22 million dollars.

11. Graeme Mcdowell

Graeme McDowell is a Northern Irish golfer with sixteen tournament wins and nearly 20 million dollar career earnings. Women describe Graeme as one of the hottest golfers.

They say it is easy to fall for his seductive eyes and an Irish accent.

He began playing professional golf in 2002 when he won fourth place at the Volvo Scandinavian Masters.

McDowell showed his skills at Pebble Beach when he defeated his opponent Gregory Hervet by only one stroke.

He also got an award from the University of Ulster for golf services.

He is the co-owner of Nona Blue restaurant, located right next to Lake Nona in Florida.

Graeme has been happily married to Kristin Stape since 2013.

He proposed to her in 2012 on top of Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, and now they have two lovely children - Wills and Vale.

10. Niall Horan

Blue-eyed Niall Horan looks familiar because he was a mega music star from the group One Direction.

This One Direction hunk makes golf more interesting for women.

Niall is an entirely self-taught golfer who spent most of his time in the golf tours such as Challenge, USPGA, European and PGA Tours in the last seven years.

Maybe he does not have tournament wins in his career, but watching Niall Horan playing golf is a real treat for the eyes.

His name started to show up regularly in the golf rankings, but he also enjoys other activities.

Niall Horan says that he is also a fan of cricket, rugby, and soccer. His marital status and career earnings remain unknown.

He is also a founder of the Modest golf management [2].

9. Morgan Hoffmann

Although he has not yet reached the list of winners of the PGA Tour, Morgan Hoffman is undoubtedly on the list of the hottest male golfers.

Morgan Hoffmann currently ranks 223rd on the world golf rankings.

The female population loves him because of his stunning blue eyes and redder beard.

Thick, nearly ginger hair is also making him stand out.

Morgan is married to the gorgeous Chelsea Colvard, and I can say that his career earnings are pretty good - 5 million dollars.

Unfortunately, in December 2017, Morgan was diagnosed with facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy.

Muscular dystrophy is a medical disease that causes atrophy of the back, neck, chest, arms, and legs.

8. Rickie Fowler

Married to Allison Stokke, Rickie Fowler is one of the hottest male golfers of all time. In his lifetime, he won a PGA Tour an impressive five times.

Between 2007 and 2008, he was ranked the number one golfer globally, and he held the top spot for 36 weeks.

Although it is a great success in itself, it is essential to note that he was only 20 years old at the time.

He is known for frequent changes in his appearance. Some days he prefers his hair long and others short.

His entire look is always stunning- it's hard to determine what style suits him better.

He currently stands out from other golfers with his fantastic mustache, making him look more mature and one of the sexiest golfers of all time.

7. Bryson Dechambeau

Bryson Dechambeau is currently ranked lofty 6th in the PGA World golf ranking with eight PGA Tour titles.

He is a pro golf player from the United States. Dechambeau is known for having a single plane swing.

Bryson has had many victories, although he is only 27 years old.

He won as many as eight PGA Tours and earned his nickname because of his unorthodox style.

We can freely say that he is one of the most accomplished active players today. His career earnings reach 24 million dollars.

Bryson is still unmarried but in a happy relationship with Sophia Phalen. Bryson's life is enviable - tournament wins, great looks, and rich love life; who wouldn't want all that.

6. Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan is one of the sexiest actors in the world and an amazing golf player too.

He still hasn't had his first PGA Tour event, but he made his name in the golf world.

Jamie Dornan took part in the BMW PGA Championship with celebs such as Piers Morgan, Niall Horan, and other golfers.

Jamie's solid arms and tanned skin with a sexy body are pure perfections for women's eyes.

Many women would agree that Jamie is a fun-loving guy, which makes him even more attractive.

5. Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth is also listed as one of the best golf players. He is the founder of the Jordan Spieth Charitable Fund for those people with special needs.

He became junior amateur champion in 2011. Jordan Spieth recently won at the Texas Open in 2021.

Jordan won in two junior tournaments back in 2009 and 2011.

“I’ve told myself I have a chance to make history, and that’s my focus”

- Jordan Spieth, Golf Player

Jordan Spieth is one of the hottest and one of the best golfers of all time. His career earnings are proof of that and pretty astonishing - 46 million dollars.

He has twelve victories behind him and one love of his life - Annie Verret. Jordan Spieth met the love of his life when they were studying at the same college.

4. Rory Mcilroy

As we have reached fourth place on the list of the hottest players so far, it is time to mention Rory Mcilroy.

Rory Mcilroy is known for several things - his lovely northern Irish charm and accent, as well as his beautiful curly hair. Fans adore his Irish accent.

His love for golf started when he was just a boy. Rory Mcilroy became the youngest player to reach the 10$ mark in 2012.

Today his career earnings are 56 million dollars. Rory Mcilroy was voted as the favorite to win the Players Championship held in March 2021.

Rory Mcilroy won nineteen times on the PGA Tour and fourteen on the European Tour. We can say he is one of the best golf players these days.

3. Dustin Johnson

His influence in golf began in 2007, but he made his first victory a bit later at the Stone Resort Championship.

Dustin Johnson won at the Masters' tournament held in 2020, making him one of the best golfers on our list.

Dustin Johnson is originally from the United States, and his wealth reaches as much as 71 million dollars.

His most recent victory was at the Saudi International.

He is known not only for his 24 victories- but also for his love of good suits.

His style and physical appearance brought him to third place on our list of 15 best-looking golfers.

Dustin Johnson usually appears in public with his prettier half - Paulina Gretzky. Pauline is the daughter of one of the greatest hockey players of all-time - Wayne Gretzky.

Today, Dustin holds second place in the PGA world rankings [1].

2. Brooks Koepka

The famous Brooks Koepka had an incredible eight victories in his career.

Brooks Koepka didn't begin playing professional golf on the PGA Tour like many others. He began playing golf at the European Challenge Tour.

Brook's most distinguishing achievement was when he became the first one to win back-to-back championships.

Brooks Koepka became the first golfer to win that many major championships with an overall earning of 35 million dollars.

He is still unmarried but in a happy relationship with Jena Sims.

We can say they have been in a high-profile relationship since they met. Jena is a famous, incredibly hot actress.

1. Adam Scott

With a solid initial showing, Adam Scott holds the title of the most handsome golfer.

Adam Scott is known for his exciting style, sexy ads, and major tournament wins.

Scott's early foray started in 1998 when he won at the Australian Boy's Amateur Competition.

He was the youngest player to win The Players Championship at the age of 23.

Today Adam Scott can boast that he has won as many as fourteen PGA tournaments.

He is originally from Australia, and his career earnings have reached up to 56 million dollars.

In addition to having won many tournaments, he also won many women's hearts. But Adam Scott is happily married to the beautiful Marie Kojzar.

The Australian-born golfer with striking grey eyes and a muscular body deserved the first spot on our list.


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Final Thoughts On The Hottest Golfers

Golf is one of the most sophisticated sports, so it’s no surprise that female audiences adore these sexy, sophisticated male golfers.

But they didn’t achieve their success just by being handsome.

Stunning careers, lots of tournament wins, and excellent psych all contributed to their public recognition.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the 15 most handsome golfers and their stunning successes, and you got inspired to watch their performances more often.

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