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Last updated: June 21, 2024
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Jessica Biel rose to fame as the basketball-loving Mary on 7th Heaven, but the actress has never been far from her character in reality.

Like her fictional character, Biel has always tried to stay in shape and take care of her health.

Many of my clients see her as a role model, so here's Jessica Biel's workout routine and diet plan to inspire you!

Jessica Biel's Workout Routine

From my perspective as a Certified Personal Trainer, I find Jessica's commitment to working out five times a week, blending strength training and cardio, exemplary. It mirrors the routines I design for my clients, emphasizing balanced fitness for sustainable health.

Mondays and Fridays

A woman working out at home

On Monday and Friday, Jessica usually does three sets of 11 exercises.

This routine includes:

  • Cardio warm-up
  • Walking lunges — three sets, 15–20 reps
  • Jump squats — three sets, 15–20 reps
  • Pushups — three sets, 20 reps
  • Side planks — three sets, 30 sec. hold
  • Squat to press — three sets, 15 reps
  • Pullups or lateral pull-downs — three sets, ten reps
  • Bent-over rows — three sets, 15 reps
  • Lateral lunges — three sets, ten reps
  • Step-ups into the bench — three sets, ten reps
  • Straight leg sit-ups — three sets, 15 reps


A lady having her exercise routine outdoors

Tuesdays are even rougher, and Biel hits 14 exercises:

  • Walking lunges
  • ½ mile jog
  • Sprints — two sets, 200 meters
  • Sprints — two sets, 150 meters
  • Sprints — two sets, 100 meters
  • Stair jumps — 20 minutes

After this cardio workout, Biel does some yoga:

  • Sun salutes
  • Reverse Warrior
  • Chair pose
  • Low-boat pose
  • One-arm side plank
  • Forearm plank and leg lift
  • Temple pose
  • Tree pose


A fit woman standing in the gym

On Wednesdays, Biel tones it down a notch and does a total of 11 exercises:

  • Cardio warm-up — five minutes
  • Walking lunges — three sets, 25 reps
  • Jump squats — 30 seconds
  • Twisting dumbbell press — three sets, 10–12 reps
  • Seated Russian twists — three sets, 15 reps
  • Pushups with burpees — three sets, 15 reps
  • Medicine ball lunge with a twist — three sets, ten reps
  • Planks —three sets, 30 seconds
  • Dumbbell squats —  three sets, 15 reps
  • Dumbbell rows — three sets, ten reps
  • Hanging leg raises — three sets, 20 reps


A woman doing yoga exercises

Thursdays are for winding down and doing yoga, during which Jessica Biel does a total of eight exercises:

  • Sun salutes
  • Reverse warrior
  • Chair pose
  • Low-boat pose
  • One-arm side plank
  • Forearm plank and leg lift
  • Temple pose
  • Tree pose

Saturdays and Sundays

The weekend is the time when Biel takes a rest.

Other workout routines:

5 Jessica's Workout Principles

A woman using a machine in her workout

Jessica Biel has been working with her trainer, Jason Walsh, for years. He's been working with many celebrities, musicians, actors, athletes, and actors.

He ensures her workouts are a mix of yoga, sprinting, cardio, and walking lunges.

  1. She goes all-in for every single workout - not even a super-tough workout during which Ben Bruno, her other trainer, counts painfully slowly.
  2. She appreciates balance - There’s a video of her sneaking some extra exercise between filming scenes for Cruel Summer, where she does lunges while eating cake. Multitasking at a whole new level.
  3. She’s a dedicated yogi - She's been practicing yoga for over ten years. Biel says she was intimidated by all the crazy poses, but now she wants to demystify yoga and bring it closer to everyone.
  4. Workout dates are her thing - Jessica Biel appreciates a good workout buddy, no matter if it’s her husband or her coach.
  5. She loves challenging her body - Jessica isn't satisfied with just staying active; she tries to challenge her body with compound exercises. She works her legs, glutes, and core and strengthens her stabilizing muscles.

Jessica Biel’s Diet Plan

A top view of a healthy diet meal

As a holistic nutritionist, I appreciate Jessica's approach to nutrition, which focuses on clean, protein-rich foods and limits alcohol.

Yet, maintaining a strict diet with a hectic shooting schedule and family duties is tough, which is why she also loves having cheat days when she has pasta and red wine for lunch and drinks “a million cups of coffee in the morning,” as she says.

But let’s see what she eats:


Biel's breakfast consists of pancakes, green tea, and fresh juice.

Based on a review in the Current Medicinal Chemistry journal, green tea remarkably enhances brain function and reduces the risk of heart disease, while also aiding in fat burning [1].

Meanwhile, fresh juice is a rich source of essential vitamins.


For lunch, Jessica typically eats a veggie burger with a side of salad.


The movie star usually snacks on pretzels.


Biel feasts on salmon with some green veggies for dinner. Salmon is one of the healthiest foods, as it contains tons of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B, and protein, as stated by the Washington State Department of Health [2].


To help her stay healthy and fuel her gains, Jessica uses:

Career Achievements

Jessica Biel during a photoshoot

Drawing from my experience as a health coach and university instructor, I see Jessica Biel's journey from gymnastics to soccer and dance as foundational to her acting success.

Her athletic skills have undoubtedly played a role in her diverse roles, embodying physicality and presence that resonate on screen.

"I'm aware of how my muscles feel, what it feels like when anything changes. Playing sports and being physical helps me maintain that sort of relationship with my own body."

- Jessica Biel, Actress

Her discipline extends beyond her fitness, evident in her diverse acting roles and her ability to balance the demands of motherhood with her professional commitments.

At 39 years old, Biel's dedication to fitness and health remains integral to her career longevity and success in Hollywood.


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