Eric Burris Weight Loss Journey (His Secrets Revealed)

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Last updated: November 17, 2023
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Eric Burris is a household name in Florida, where he has been one of the longest-serving weather forecasters.

But in 2021, it seemed like there was a new Eric on TV, and he looked an awful lot healthier than before. There was immediate speculation about whether he was dealing with serious health issues.

But it turns out that he just decided to lose weight because it started to jeopardize his health, so we examined his social media posts and anything else that could explain how he did it.

Here’s what we found out about Eric Burris’ weight loss journey.

Quick Summary

  • Eric Burris has managed to lose an impressive 100 lbs ever since he started his weight loss journey.
  • Burris attributes his success to eating small portions, and also paying attention to his calorie intake.
  • Eric Burris underwent gastric bypass surgery.

Eric Burris’s Body Transformation

Eric Burris lost weight, standing in a studio in a suit

Eric Burris spent many years trying to transform his body and shed some of the pounds that had gradually built up.

It seems like he had a constant yoyo effect where he lost a few pounds and then gained them quickly again.

But losing weight became a more serious matter when doctors warned him about diabetes and how it could further cause his health and weight to spiral out of control [1].

Eric Burris’ weight loss journey ultimately came down to surgical intervention, and looking at the before and after photos, this has been a huge success.

What he has spoken about is the importance of a healthy diet and exercise routine, which he believes has helped him gain more energy for work and family life.

Body Stats:

  • Born: April 29, 1984
  • Height: 5’9”
  • Starting Weight: 300 lbs
  • Total Weight Loss: 100 lbs

How Did He Change His Diet?

Eric Burris changed his diet by paying more attention to his macros, and he has also said in interviews that he eats smaller but frequent meals.

This has mainly to do with the fact that he had gastric surgery, which made his stomach smaller, meaning that there’s less room for food before it enters the small intestine.

Eric Burris lost weight by also focusing on more protein-rich foods.

The reason for this is that research has shown that high-protein diets can boost weight loss [2]. And the same studies have also revealed benefits for cardiovascular health as well.

What’s His Exercise Routine?

A person jogging outside

Eric Burris hasn’t shared his exercise routine, but he did reveal that before having surgery, his diet and workouts didn’t result in the necessary weight loss his doctor recommended.

It was when all his efforts didn’t lead to the desired and necessary results that he considered weight loss surgery.

He also had problems with insulin production in his pancreas.

And with insulin levels directly linked to weight fluctuations, it’s quite possible that Eric just had to take these more drastic and invasive steps to avoid potential weight gain from exogenous insulin [3].

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Did Eric Burris Have Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Yes, Eric Burris had gastric bypass surgery to help with losing weight.

The weight loss surgery involves decreasing the size of the stomach and making it into a tiny pouch. This pouch is then directly connected to the patient's small intestines [4].

He mentioned that it was very sore for four weeks after the surgery, but he immediately saw the pounds drop. This would be a normal expectation for such invasive surgery.

“I feel better a little bit each day, but I still pretty much feel like a truck hit me or like they took a kitchen mixer to my stomach.”

- Eric Burris

Eric’s Supplements

Close up shot of vitamin pils

Eric hasn’t said anything about taking supplements, but there are two things that Eric Burris’ weight loss journey has probably relied on.

First of all, due to the surgery, his food intake is much smaller, and he’ll need to take some vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure he avoids deficiencies.

And Eric Burris’ weight loss could’ve relied on some fat-burning supplements as well.

These naturally boost your metabolism to burn off a few extra calories each day. They aren’t magic pills by any stretch of the imagination, but over the months, those smaller increases will pay off a lot.


Has Eric Burris Kept Off The Weight?

Yes, Eric Burris has kept off the weight. Losing 100 pounds has transformed his appearance, and looking at him on TV in recent weeks shows that he’s still a slim and fit-looking man.

Was Eric Burris Morbidly Overweight?

Yes, Eric Burris was morbidly obese. His doctor warned him about the dangers of heart disease and diabetes, and that ultimately convinced him that weight loss surgery was the best way forward to be there for his family.


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