Jen Psaki Weight Loss Journey (Diet & Exercise Revealed)

Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT
Published by Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT | Staff Writer
Last updated: July 18, 2024
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The former White House press secretary Jen Psaki has had a long career in the political world, but one thing I noticed while watching videos of her from the past few years is that her weight seemed to fluctuate quite a bit.

From the early days of working on political campaigns to her time at the White House, you could notice significant changes in her appearance.

So, I decided to look into how she lost weight and whether she has spoken about her health in the past.

Here’s what I found out about the Jen Psaki weight loss journey.

Jen Psaki’s Body Transformation

Fit young woman

Jen Psaki, consistently maintaining a healthy appearance, experienced weight fluctuations likely due to her demanding political career.

Notably, a comparison of her photos from before and after her tenure as deputy press secretary reveals a slight weight loss.

This change coincides with her extensive career commitments, starting from her role as campaign manager for Tom Harkin in 2000 and extending through her involvement in the Democratic Congressional campaign committee.

But it only got busier when she became the White House press secretary for Joe Biden.

And it was during that time that she contracted Covid, and it looked like she had lost quite a bit of weight when she returned to work a few weeks later.

It's important to address the long-term health implications of rapid weight changes, especially for individuals in demanding careers like Jen Psaki's, to understand the holistic impact of such lifestyle changes on overall health.

Body Stats:

  • Born: December 1, 1978
  • Height: 5’5”
  • Starting Weight: n/a
  • Total Weight Loss: n/a

How Did She Change Her Diet?

Jen Psaki didn’t share whether she changed her diet in any of her public interviews.

I can only make an educated guess about what she did to lose weight in the past, but one thing I noticed is that she seems to have been able to lose weight quite easily after her two pregnancies.

From my experience as a personal trainer, focusing on balanced nutrition post-pregnancy can lead to effective weight loss.

It’s perfectly normal for women to gain weight when pregnant, but drawing from my experience with clients who had kids, it’s careful attention to macros and higher protein intake that can help to lose the baby fat [1]. 

Add to that some good old-fashioned portion control diet and adequate exercise, and it can become a lot easier to drop a few pounds.

What’s Her Exercise Routine?

A woman walking outside with a yoga mat

Though Jen Psaki's exact fitness routine is unknown, in my training experience, a job as active as a White House press secretary often naturally incorporates elements of physical fitness.

It's plausible that she engaged in regular walking, a common activity for parents, and possibly included anaerobic exercises to maintain her physique.

And studies published in Journal of Physical Therapy Science have also shown that varying the intensity helps with weight loss too [2].

In addition to her physical health routine, it's crucial to consider the psychological aspects of weight management in high-pressure jobs like Jen Psaki's role as a White House press secretary, where stress management techniques can play a vital role in maintaining a healthy weight.

“Anaerobic exercise, like sprinting or weightlifting, is short, intense activity that has you working to the max, and it can’t be sustained for long.”

- Peggy Pletcher, MS, RD, LD, CDE at Healthline

Did Jen Psaki Have Surgery?

There's no indication that Jen Psaki underwent weight loss surgery.

Her consistent appearance over the years suggests that any weight loss she experienced was likely due to natural methods like dieting and physical activity, rather than surgical intervention.

As a trainer, I've seen similar natural transformations through dedicated diet and exercise routines.

Jen’s Supplements

Close up shot of fat burner pills

In my experience as a trainer, one-way moms with very busy jobs, such as Jen Psaki, were able to achieve faster and easier weight loss without compromising their busy schedules with products like fat burners.

These are based on natural ingredients that help to boost your metabolism and also include appetite suppressants.

As a result, you should be able to burn a few more calories each day and extend your fasting periods.


Has Jen Psaki Kept Off The Weight?

Yes, Jen Psaki has kept the weight off and maintained a slim and healthy figure. She never had any major weight issues but may have had a few fluctuations due to pregnancy and a busy work schedule.

Was Jen Psaki Morbidly Overweight?

No, Jen Psaki wasn’t morbidly overweight. She has always managed to keep her weight management under control, from the first time she became deputy press secretary to the most demanding job she has today. She just decided at a few different stages to lose weight to stay in control.


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