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Erin Moriarty’s Weight Loss Journey (Her Secrets Revealed)

Tracy Thompson
Published by Tracy Thompson
Last updated: May 24, 2023

Erin Moriarty has become one of the hottest stars in Hollywood, and the Starlight actress has attracted a lot of attention from the celebrity press.

And I noticed that she looks slimmer in the third season of The Boys.

Now, it’s not uncommon for Hollywood stars to go through changes in their physique, but she has been very secretive on the topic and how she was able to lose weight so effectively.

So, I decided to look into that and dig deep to uncover her secret.

Let’s take a closer look at the Erin Moriarty weight loss journey.

Quick Summary

  • Erin Moriarty is an American actress and her weight loss journey is impressive looking at her impressive body.
  • Moriarty doesn't talk about her diet, but she is keen on her calorie intake.
  • It is believed that Erin enjoys walking and running as a workout routine.

Erin Moriarty’s Body Transformation

Erin Moriarty posing in The Boys

Erin Moriarty's weight loss seems to have started around the time she first became involved in The Boys.

Looking at the American actress from New York City in The Boys season 3, you can tell that she is leaner and slightly more muscular than in previous seasons.

There were also some rumors about Erin having an eating disorder, but I would say you could look up any of your favorite celebs and find the same rumors.

She was in the first three seasons of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video and has also starred in “Captain Fantastic,” “Jessica Jones,” “True Detective,” “Red Widow,” and “Extraordinary Journey Of The Fakir.”

And all that filming comes with Hollywood pressures that can influence eating, exercise, and ultimately weight.


  • Born: June 24, 1994
  • Height: 5’6”
  • Starting Weight: n/a
  • Total Weight Loss: n/a

How Did She Change Her Diet?

Erin Moriarty changed her diet by being a lot more careful with the number of calories and her macro profile.

She doesn’t often talk about dieting in her interviews, but she has mentioned that she aims for more protein-rich foods for breakfast. 

This is good advice for anyone, as eating more protein to burn fat for breakfast can speed up your metabolism and make you feel a lot fuller for longer [1].

Erin Moriarty's fans seem to have eventually dismissed claims in the press that she has an eating disorder.

In fact, in one of her Instagram dinner posts, she referred to her group as “Hedonists (and proudly so)”.

“A city [Brussels] known for french fries and chocolate? FORWARD MY MAIL”

- Erin Moriarty

What’s Her Exercise Routine?

A woman jogging outside

Erin Moriarty hasn’t shared her fat-burning exercises except for the fact that she stays active every day.

However, there have been a lot of photos of the Starlight actress doing outdoor physical activities. She seems to do a lot of walking and running, but we don’t know how she works out in the gym.

Looking at her physique in Jessica Jones and comparing the weight loss and muscle tone to The Boys seems to suggest that she does a fair bit of strength training exercises for women.

It’s one topic I would ask her about in an interview.

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Did Erin Moriarty Have Plastic Surgery?

It does look like Erin Moriarty has undergone plastic surgery, possibly on her face, but there is no official information confirming this.

The Celebrity Post ran a poll, and the majority of people believe that Erin's appearance changes were due to surgery, but she hasn’t officially made a statement about having undergone any such surgery.

For a more educated guess, I asked a plastic surgeon who goes to my gym to take a look.

He said that judging by the contours, it did look like she’s had nose surgery.

There is a chance that it's just clever makeup, so he couldn’t say for sure without close-up images without makeup.

Erin’s Supplements

Close up shot of fat burner supplements

Erin Moriarty hasn’t said anything publicly about what kind of supplements she took for her weight loss journey.

In my professional opinion, the main one she would have relied on is a fat burner supplement.

These work by boosting your metabolic rate and suppressing your appetite [2]. As a result, you’ll burn more calories each day while having an easier time reducing your calorie intake.

And to get the protein boost she mentioned, it’s likely that she had a regular protein shake as well. It's the easiest way to rebalance your macros.


Has Erin Moriarty Kept off the Weight?

Yes, Erin Moriarty has kept off the weight and maintained a very toned physique. The Starlight actress from New York City regularly shares pictures on social media where she shows off her slim body that doesn't look like it has an ounce of fat.

Was Erin Moriarty Overweight?

No, Erin Moriarty wasn’t overweight. There were some rumors that she had an eating disorder that led to weight fluctuations. But it seems like she just focused on getting fitter and stronger for her TV show roles.

Take Extra Steps for Your Weight Loss Journey

If you want to be as successful as Erin Moriarty's weight loss journey, then I recommend you work out a healthy calorie-deficit diet with plenty of protein and add daily physical activities and workouts.

And to speed up the process, try taking a fat burner to boost your metabolic rate. We have tested dozens of these to come up with a recommended list:

You won’t get slim while sitting on the couch, but these supplements can make quite a difference in the long run.


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