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cbdMD Gummies Review (2023 Updated) Legit Or a Scam?

Tyler Sellers
Published by Tyler Sellers
Fact checked by Donald Christman, BHSc FACT CHECKED
Last updated: December 6, 2022
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Ever since my nutritionist recommended that I start taking CBD products, I have tried a wide variety of them.

Out of all CBD products I have tried so far,  no product has sparked my attention like cbdMD gummies.

Let’s put them to the test and see what it’s all about.

What Are cbdMD Gummies?

Cbdmd gummies

cbdMD Gummies are one of the latest CBD supplements that claim to provide high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD. The company only sources from USA-based hemp farms, and all the processing is performed within the US.

What a lot of people like about them is the fact that they are available in three different dosages:

  • 300 mg
  • 750mg
  • 1500mg

This makes this product more cost-effective and practical when taking it.

The company also says that a third party tests each batch for safety and purity.

This could be an excellent benefit to ensure you gain consistency if you aim to take them long-term.

Finally, I should point out that each bottle comes with a mix of four different flavors: 

  1. Tropical
  2. Strawberry
  3. Orange
  4. Raspberry

The flavors are surprisingly good and refreshing.

One important note, though, is that it contains some artificial flavoring, which may be why some of its users reported that the Tropical flavor tastes a bit fake, even though we liked it.

The strawberry flavor is a personal favorite, though.

Let’s get into the details of what’s in these CBD gummies.

Our #1 Recommendation

Cbdmd gummies

cbdMD Gummies

cbdMD Gummies Ingredients

Not surprisingly, there’s only one main ingredient.

But we’ve also listed out the other ingredients for you to check if there’s anything you might be allergic or intolerant to.


Supplement Facts of cbdMD Gummies

Cannabidiol is an oil extracted from hemp plants, and it contains a whole range of active compounds.

Some of its benefits are:

  • Helps with anxiety and depression
  • Relieves pain
  • Helps with diabetic complications
  • Reduces inflammation

Given all of this, personally, it helped me the most with reducing inflammation.

However, some processing techniques eliminate some of the cannabinoids resulting in CBD isolate.

There are two types of CBD oil:

  • full-spectrum
  • broad-spectrum

The main difference between these two is that the broad spectrum does not contain THC.

Also, this type of CBD oil is extracted from hemp extract, not the cannabis plant, so there’s no risk of any unwanted substances.

Other Ingredients

Here are the main ingredients you need to be aware of if you have specific allergies:

  • Organic Tapioca Syrup (sweetener)
  • Organic Cane Sugar (type of sugar)
  • Water
  • Pectin (type of sugar)
  • Natural And Artificial Flavors
  • Organic Fruit And Vegetable Juice (for color)
  • Citric Acid (kind of preservative)
  • Malic Acid (flavor enhancer)
  • Organic Sunflower Oil
  • Organic Carnauba Wax (thickener)
  • Sodium Citrate (additive)

These ingredients make up the gummy texture and yummy taste rather than delivering any real benefits.

Now let’s take a look at what CBD gummies promise to do for you.

Benefits of CBD Gummies


There has been a lot of research into the benefits of cannabidiol. By taking even the smallest dose available, the company says you should notice changes in the following areas.

1. Counteract Stress

Many studies have shown that CBD may have a calming effect, requiring higher doses.

There have also been positive results from studies on post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and depression.

After taking cbdMD gummies for some time, I’ve noticed that I don’t seem to react as much to everyday triggers.

2. Boost Exercise Recovery

cbdMD also highlights that their CBD gummies may help with recovery time from tough training sessions.

This is one area where we couldn’t find enough supporting studies, even though there have been some reports on how CBD helps with muscle soreness.

It may be linked to the next point, but these are two very different things.

3. Reduced Inflammation

I have personal experience with this due to some back problems I picked up during my college rowing time.

There have been some clinical trials on CBD for inflammation, and I can confirm that it has indeed helped me with my back pain and inflammation.

4. Improve Brain And Heart Health

This is one of the most beneficial areas, and one study, in particular, has shown that CBD may have neuroprotective benefits that help patients who suffer from seizures.

Also, multiple studies have been conducted on how CBD oil may protect from stroke by increasing blood flow.

“As a neuroprotectant, CBD helps reduce damage to the brain and nervous system and encourages the growth and development of new neurons. Oxidative stress caused by ischemia, traumatic blows, or autoimmune and genetic disorders can cause temporary or permanent neural damage, but studies have shown that CBD is able to protect against this damage and improve recovery.” -


Pros and Cons

Cbdmd gummies

The first thing I liked about the cbdMD Gummies was that I could order them with a different dosage.

You have a choice of 300 mg to 1,500 mg per gummy.

Most other companies would simply require you to eat more CBD gummies, which gives you some flexibility when taking it.

There’s also an excellent money-back guarantee, which kind of gives you a risk-free trial period.

The company makes a big deal out of the flavors; my personal favorite is strawberry.

But, there’s one thing that needs to be noted, you need to keep your CBD gummies in a cool place because they could stick to each other if exposed to higher temperatures.

Our #1 Recommendation

Cbdmd gummies

cbdMD Gummies

  • Good choice of different dosages of CBD, ranging from 300 to 1,500 mg per gummy
  • With a variety of refreshing and yummy flavors
  • Gluten-free
  • You have 60 days to test them out and ask for your money back
  • The subscription option seems to be a good value
  • No bulk orders available

Side Effects

eating gummies

So far, none of our clients have reported any issues or side effects from taking these CBD gummies.

The excellent news with cbdMD Gummies is that they are also gluten-free, which should make them pretty much suitable for anyone.

I have to point out that if you’re taking any kind of medication for physical or mental health, you should discuss taking any form of CBD product with your doctor.

On another note, I also didn’t experience or find any negative effects.

Customer Reviews

cbdMD reviews

Here are a few summaries from online reviews of cbdMD Gummies.

We try to add these to provide some balance and, hopefully, some credibility to our research.

Sarah has been taking cbdMD Gummies and topical oils for 6 months and finds they work well for joint pain. Even at the higher doses, she’s happy with the results with no side effects.-Sarah from Pittsburg

This customer took cbdMD gummies for 4 weeks but and saw a great improvement in reducing her anxiety with the minimum dosage required. -Cheryl from Charleston

Jon thought that the cbdMD gummies worked well and seemed to improve his overall mood and response to stress factors. He’s just not a big fan of all the flavors and would like to see them available in separate bottles.

-Jon from San Diego

What Is the Price?

The price of cbdMD Gummies depends on the dosage you will avail:

  • 300mg dose - $29.99 for 30 gummies
  • 750mg dose - $59.99 for 30 gummies
  • 1500mg dose  - $89.99 for 30 gummies

It’s important to note that this information was acquired when writing this review so that some price changes could be possible.

The gummies can be found on their official website and Amazon and other shopping websites, but the best price is in their official online store.

They also offer many different discounts over the year, and there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Shipping usually takes 2-5 business days for the U.S.


Is cbdMD Good Quality?

Yes, cdbMD is good quality, as the company offers broad-spectrum CBD. It is also independently tested for quality and purity to verify that its CBD gummies don't contain any significant traces of THC.

Is cbdMD Legal?

Yes, cdbMD is legal. The cannabidiol is extracted from hemp plants containing tiny trace amounts of THC. The oil is also generally considered safe to take as a dietary supplement and is not part of a controlled substance group.

How Many cbdMD Gummies Should You Eat?

You should eat just one cdbMD Gummies daily to ensure you tolerate the ingredients. If you think you might benefit from a higher dose, I suggest ordering the more potent cbdMD gummies.

How Long Before cbdMD Gummies Start Working?

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes for cdbMD gummies to start working. This is how long it takes for the gummies to be digested and absorbed into your system. You may also need to take them for a few days to start feeling a noticeable change.

Would We Recommend cbdMD Gummies?

Apart from the artificial flavors added, I enjoyed my experience with cbdMD Gummies

The company makes good CBD products overall, and their CBD gummies are no exception.

I like that it's hemp-based and THC-free, making it free of any psychoactive substance while still working to alleviate chronic pain and promote relaxation, as reported by many of our clients, especially when taken for at least 3-4 weeks.

The flavors are interesting, too.

My personal favorite was strawberries, and they taste natural and not overly sweet.

Order your cbdMD Gummies today and let us know how much they improve things for you.

We Recommend This Product

cbdMD Gummies

Cbdmd gummies
Overall Score 5.0
  • Good choice of different dosage of each gummy
  • You have 60 days to test them out and ask for your money back
  • The subscription option seems to be a good value
  • With a variety of refreshing and yummy flavors
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of February
  • No bulk orders available
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