CBUM Series Thavage Review (2024 Updated) Does It Work?

Benedict Ang, CPT, PN1-NC
Published by Benedict Ang, CPT, PN1-NC | Staff Writer & Senior Coach
Last updated: July 17, 2024
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As a certified personal trainer, a pre-workout named Raw Nutrition's Thavage came to my attention as many of my clients heard some very good things about it, so they checked with me to see if it’s legit.

So, we conducted one-month-long research and consulted with our nutritionist to gather as much data as we could prior to testing. Then a few of my colleagues volunteered to test out the Thavage pre-workout for two weeks with me.

Here are our insights.

Bum RAW Thavage Preworkout

Rated 4.6/5


User Ratings
Ingredient Quality
Product Effectiveness

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

  • Athletes needing a boost in energy and strength
  • Suitable for those wanting moderate stimulant intake

Who is it not for?

  • Individuals with underlying health conditions

Final Verdict

Cbum Pre-Workout provides a solid energy and strength boost for athletes, though some may find the taste too artificial. It's a good choice for those looking for moderate stimulant intake, but the ingredient dosages could be higher.

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What is Cbum Thavage Pre-Workout?

Cbum Thavage Pre workout product CTA

Cbum Thavage pre-workout is a Raw Nutrition formula signed by 3x Mr. Olympia, Chris Bumstead.

According to the company, Chris Bumsted personally designed this pre-workout flavoring.

Based on our previous research and tests, the company says the product has been developed with some of the market's most popular and scientifically-backed ingredients to ensure it makes a serious impact.

Raw Nutrition claims the formula aids blood flow, cellular hydration, energy, mental focus, and fat burning.

According to the ingredients label, it does contain some of the highly sought-after components for a pre-workout. But is this combo well-balanced, and does it actually give results?

Let's find out.

Suited for Men & Women

Cbum Thavage Pre-Workout supplement product

Cbum Thavage Pre-Workout

Rated With Total Shape's Scoring System

User Ratings
Ingredient Quality
Product Effectiveness

Benefits and Highlights

CBUM Series Thavage claims to enhance pre workouts with improved cellular hydration, promoting gains in lean muscle mass and muscle strength, thanks to its potent blend of amino acids.

To verify the benefits, in the first week of usage, we took one scoop, and in the second week, we took two scoops. After each gym session, we noted the impact and how we felt during the workout.

Increased Energy

After taking one scoop, three of five colleagues felt a noticeable difference. They recorded slight energy boosts and somewhat improved endurance.

Although the other two compared the effect to one shot of espresso, when we started using two scoops the following week, the energy boost was a bit more significant, and I thought it drove me through a few more reps.

Blood Flow

We all agreed that if we should pick one benefit this product provides, it's a decent pump. Just one scoop provides a noticeable blood flow. While doing an extra set of landmine barbell rows, I felt my lats moving much more easily.

Mental Focus

We also marked a slight increase in mental focus as two colleagues said they felt a better muscle-mind connection and stronger contractions.

I felt all I could think about was sets, reps, and barbells. But that's the case for me most of the time, so not sure if the formula had any impact.

Science-Backed Ingredients

Supplement facts of Cbum Thavage Pre-Workout

The product changed over time because neither the original 3g of creatine monohydrate nor the 2g of GlycerSize brand glycerol is present in the new and enhanced Thavage pre-workout.

Thavage pre-workout supplement formula has 15 active ingredients, but we picked a few key ones that, in our opinion, have the most potential to make a difference.

Here is what our nutritionist says about them:.


Based on a study found on the PubMed website, L-citrulline is an amino acid that aids nitric oxide synthesis, which widens the blood vessels and may play a role in muscle building and nutrient delivery [1] [2].

Some articles also suggest that L-citrulline impacts muscle recovery, providing less muscle soreness [3].


One of the systematic reviews found on the Human Kinetics Journal website shows that another vital ingredient, especially when combined with the amino acid L-histidine, buffers lactic acid in the muscles and prolongs muscle endurance [4]. Beta-alanine also gives you those tingling sensations some gym-goers like to feel when taking a pre-workout.

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine works similarly to creatine. It helps your muscles regulate cellular fluids, supporting their strength and protecting them from heat shock [5] [6].


L-tyrosine plays a role in dopamine and norepinephrine production, leading to increased alertness [7]. Therefore, it may affect your motivation and have an uplifting impact. In sleep deprivation, it works well for cognitive performance [8].


Taurine is like betaine, an osmolyte ingredient that reduces oxidative stress and improves fat digestion and muscle contractions [9] [10]. Some studies even suggest it aids in nitric oxide production [11].

Agmatine Sulfate

Agmatine prevents the breaking down of arginine (which is boosted by the above-mentioned L-citrulline), which results in high nitric oxide amounts for a longer time [12]. Some say it also might manipulate the pain threshold, leading to more pushing through a few last reps.


Alpha-GPC stimulates the brain and body to produce more acetylcholine (learning neurotransmitters). It improves cognitive function and muscle contraction, leading to a stronger muscle-mind connection [13] [14].


Caffeine is known for its effects, such as waking up, energy-boosting, and lower perceived exertion. Caffeine can also boost fat oxidation, leading to fat loss [15]. Cbum pre-workout formula also has added Di-Caffeine Malate, which may aid in caffeine effects coming a bit longer.

Bitter Orange (Synephrine)

Synergized with caffeine, synephrine will increase the body's ability to burn fat [16]. It could also trigger appetite suppression and increase metabolic rate.

Cbum pre-workout also contains Huperzine A, Astra Gin root extract, coconut fruit water powder, Nitrosigine, and L-theanine, as well as some vitamins, minerals, and salt.

  • A fine ingredients combo
  • Effectiveness in energy boosting and muscle pump
  • Nice flavors mixes
  • Some dosages are too low
  • Contains some questionable ingredients like Synephrine

Suited for Men & Women

Cbum Thavage Pre-Workout supplement product

Cbum Thavage Pre-Workout

Rated With Total Shape's Scoring System

User Ratings
Ingredient Quality
Product Effectiveness

Does Raw Nutrition Thavage Have Any Shortfalls?

Yes, Raw Nutrition Thavage has some shortfalls, especially in terms of the dosage of several ingredients.

The dosages of Astra Gin Root extract, Huperzine A, and an Alpha GPC could've been higher. Also, Thravage pre-workout has only 3 mg of creatine, which is the minimum required amount.

On the flip side, we have slightly higher doses of caffeine and the bitter orange synephrine as additional stimulants.

How Does It Compare to Other Products?

Dumbbells with protein powder

CBUM Series Thavage aims to enhance muscle strength and power, improved muscle endurance, combat muscular fatigue, and boost focus and energy through its sports nutrition formula.

CBum pre-workout is definitely not the first pre-workout tested in our sports nutrition series, so we made some comparisons.

Most pre-workout supplements have a similar ingredients list, so we had to take care of details to set our eyes on the differences.

Gorilla Mode

The first one is the Gorilla Mode. This pre-workout has been our favorite for a long time.

Unlike Cbum pre-workout, it has a scientifically proven optimal clinical dose of L-citrulline, creatine, and Huperzine A [17] [18] [19].

Our tests indicate that it also has higher amounts of caffeine and doesn't have questionable bitter orange ingredients.

4 Gauge

The other product that showed promising results is 4 Gauge. It has some similarities in terms of ingredients list compared to Cbum pre-workout, but it also has some unique ingredients such as coconut fruit water powder.

Based on our tests, it has considerably lower doses of creatine and caffeine, which some caffeine-sensitive gym-goers may find attractive.


The same goes for Transparents Lab’s Bulk. Their dietary supplements list is similar, but it has a higher Beta-Alanine amount than Cbum pre-workout. This dose may lead to better muscular stamina.

In comparison to the other two products, our tests show that it has added BCAA, which could aid in the prevention of muscle protein breakdown and improve muscle recovery.

Where to Buy It?

Woman buying supplement online using her phone after workout

You can buy Raw Nutrition Thavage on Raw Nutrition's official website and on Amazon. The price on their website is 49.99$ for a package with 40 dosages.

But, what we've noticed is that currently, it's tough to find and order this pre-workout. On the official website, everything is sold out, no matter the flavor.

There are some supplies on other websites but be prepared to pay more and potentially be double-crossed. At its worst, you'll likely receive fake or expired products that do nothing but harm your body upon consumption. There's also a possibility that you won't even receive anything.

We managed to snatch a small stash beforehand for our testing, but It was out of stock during our entire testing phase.

This could be unpleasant for some who are not used to switching between their pre-workout supplements.

Who Should Take Thavage Pre-Workout?

CBUM Series Thavage is designed to support exercise capacity and athletic performance in healthy adults through improved mind-muscle connection during resistance training, but individual results may vary, so it's essential to assess its effectiveness for your specific needs.

Pro athletes and gym-goers with high caffeine dose tolerance should take Thavage Pre-workout.

Based on our tests and my personal experience, it may increase your energy, muscular endurance, and pump. Unfortunately, taking two scoops to get these benefits will shorten the lifespan of this hard-to-get product.

Who Shouldn't Take Thavage Pre-Workout?

Anyone who isn't used to more than one stimulant shouldn’t take Thavage Pre-workout. In my opinion, this formula is a bit of an overkill for regular gym-goers.

If you aren't a professional or competitor, my tests indicate that it may be better to choose a more well-balanced pre-workout formula with less chance of provoking side effects.

Other Users Testimonials

Man in yoga mat using laptop

Here are some user testimonials from social networks and the official website.

"I think Raw wanted to get away with selling this as a 40 dose container instead of a 20 dose container. The dosages look a little closer to effective at the "double dose." Overpriced IMO."

- DonRedGotti, Reddit

"3 taste like bubblegum. Solid pump. Doesn't give me the shakes like some other brands. Wish more supply was available."

- Reed S, Official Website

"I have this. Really excited for it and I've tried it twice now, it's not that great imo. The ingredients are great, but for me, I had better pre-workouts that helped me a lot better than CBum."

- Coleeg69, YouTube


Why Is It Called Thavage?

It is called Thavage because CBum has a lisp, so instead of calling it 'Savage,' he's calling it 'Thavage' to make fun of himself, apparently. It's interesting seeing Mr. Olympia not take himself too seriously, though.

Does Chris Bumstead Own a Jacked Factory?

No, Chris Bumstead doesn't own a Jacked Factory. They will keep the original dosages and ingredients but undergo rebranding since Chris parted ways with them.

What Is the Scientific Backing Behind the Ingredients in CBUM Pre-Workout?

Each ingredient in CBUM Pre-Workout is selected for its specific contribution to enhancing workout performance, such as increased energy, improved focus, and enhanced muscle endurance. Scientific studies support the efficacy of key ingredients like caffeine for energy, beta-alanine for endurance, and citrulline malate for improved blood flow.

Are There Any Long-Term Effects or Tolerance Issues with Continuous Use of CBUM Pre-Workout?

With continuous use, some individuals may develop a tolerance to certain ingredients like caffeine, potentially leading to diminished effects over time. It's recommended to cycle the use of pre-workout supplements and monitor your body's response to maintain their effectiveness and prevent tolerance buildup.

Is CBUM Pre-Workout Cost-Effective?

CBUM Pre-Workout is generally considered cost-effective, given its high-quality ingredients and the benefits it offers in terms of enhanced workout performance. When compared to other high-end pre-workouts, its price is competitive, offering good value for money for those seeking a premium workout supplement.

Our Verdict on CBUM Pre-Workout

According to our research, it has a good blend of ingredients, and it doesn’t seem like one of those products that invests more in marketing than in quality.

However, the dosages of those well-picked ingredients could be better, and we, besides caffeine, aren't fans of that many stimulative ingredients, like synephrine.

The better choice of pre-workout, in our opinion, would be the formula that C4 Original has.

It has higher doses of potent ingredients, and in our experience, it provides better endurance and strength and has even provided faster fat loss for some of our clients.

We Recommend This Instead

C4 Pre-Workout

C4 original pre-workout supplement CTA container product

Rated With Total Shape's Scoring System

  • Contains creatine for increased energy
  • A good boost of vitamins linked to muscle endurance
  • Possibly one of the largest selections of flavors
  • Very good subscription options at an affordable price
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of July
  • Some amounts of ingredients are hidden behind proprietary information
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