ProstateMD Review (2024 Updated) Legit or Just a Scam?

James Cunningham, BSc, CPT
Published by James Cunningham, BSc, CPT | Staff Writer & Senior Coach
Last updated: December 20, 2023
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Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is prostate gland enlargement. BHP causes leakage, nighttime urination, difficulty to empty the bladder completely, and frequent urination.

About 90% of men in the US start suffering from BHP by the age of 85.

Enter ProstateMD. This is an organic supplement intended for men who suffer from an enlarged prostate.

ProstateMD claims it improves the health of the prostate and that it can decrease enlarged prostate effects in three months.

As a health and performance coach, I decided to do my research. I tried the product myself, tested it with my team, consulted with a health professional, and checked other people’s reviews.

Here’s my ProstateMD review.

What is ProstateMD?

What is ProstateMD Product CTA

ProstateMD is an organic supplement that helps prostate health. It’s made for men who are experiencing enlarged prostate symptoms.

It’s a mix of 11 ingredients that help prostate cell function and urinary tract health.

It promises to reduce issues such as nighttime urination and provide comprehensive prostate support.

ProstateMD is made by 1MD, a nutritional supplement company located in California. The company was founded by Dr. Daniel Brison, a board-certified urologist.

The company offers organic health and wellness supplements that aid heart, eye, digestion, and brain health.

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What is ProstateMD Product CTA


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Ingredient quality

ProstateMD Benefits

Woman stretching

ProstateMD has a range of benefits connected to overall prostate health and alleviating BPH symptoms.

Based on our tests, ProstateMD can promote a healthy prostate due to the ingredients it contains.

ProstateMD Ingredients

Here are the most significant ingredients this dietary supplement contains.


A droplet extract of a palmetto

This is the ProstateMD patented blend of saw palmetto extract. It’s the only saw palmetto extract that got verified by US Pharmacopeia (USP) and Consumer Labs.

USPlus is third-party tested, and the manufacturer claims it has 85% to 95% total fatty acids and three times more beta carotene than other saw palmetto extracts.

Saw palmetto is a fatty acid that comes from dwarf palm tree berries. It’s anti-inflammatory and can help reduce swelling.

Studies have been done on the effect of saw palmetto on prostate enlargement and its efficacy in treating BPH symptoms. Based on the article found on the Harvard Health Publishing website, the results are mostly inconclusive. [1]

However, a recent review from the BJUI International website concluded that saw palmetto has a solid safety profile and can be used in therapy for men with mild BPH symptoms. [2]

Clinical trials say that 320mg of palmetto oil is the effective dose, and this is exactly how much ProstateMD contains.

Apart from saw palmetto, USPlus also contains plant sterols, proven to support urinary tract function. [3]


Pygeum is the bark extracted from the African cherry tree. This is also one of the most researched BPH remedies.

A 2012 study showed that Pygeum can slow prostate cell growth and prevent BPH development. [4]

Pygeum also helps with urinary control. This means you can empty the bladder all the way, so you won’t feel the need to urinate when sleeping.

Pine Bark Extract

Pine bark extract comes from the French maritime pine tree bark.

Maritime pines have health-promoting plant compounds and are antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory.

Pine bark extract can also lower urinary tract symptoms, such as weak flow and struggling to empty the bladder.

Stinging Nettle

Close up image of stinging nettle

Stinging nettle is found in humid and temperate climates around the world.

It’s been used by ancient Egyptians for its anti-inflammatory properties.

120mg of stinging nettle improves urinary flow and helps elderly people empty their bladder. [5]

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin seed oil extract comes from cold-pressed pumpkin seeds.

It has been proven to help reduce urinary tract symptoms together with saw palmetto. [6]

Apart from aiding urinary symptoms, it also helps relax the bladder, making it easier to urinate, and it supports heart health as well.


Lycopene is a plant nutrient and pigment that makes fruits red and pink.

Fruits such as tomato, watermelon, grapefruit, and oranges, are rich in lycopene.

It’s a powerful antioxidant, and some research suggests it lowers the possibility of prostate cancer and helps you have a healthy prostate in general. [7]


Close up image of a healthy eye

Lutein is a carotenoid. This means it’s a pigment that plants produce.

It gives fruits and vegetables a yellow or reddish hue.

It has strong antioxidant properties and can maintain eye health.

There’s some evidence found on the PubMed website that suggests lutein and lycopene can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. [8]

Copper and Boron

Copper and boron are minerals. Boron is found in leafy green vegetables, such as spinach, while copper is found throughout the body.

In general, the body needs a little copper to function properly. If the body has inadequate copper levels, it can lead to benign prostatic hyperplasia.

On the other hand, boron helps regulate male hormones, such as testosterone and estradiol. Healthy hormone levels support prostate health.

ProstateMD Shortfalls

A person tightly holding his groin in pain

The ingredients are the main benefit of ProstateMD, but they also lead to some shortfalls.

The ProstateMD ingredient dosage is problematic. Namely, it’s too low.

For example, the amount of stinging nettle in this prostate supplement is 45 mg. Based on the research done so far, that’s not enough to have a significant effect.

The same goes for pumpkin seed oil. The study I mentioned above states that 320mg of pumpkin seed oil is needed for significant results. ProstateMD only contains 160mg.

This may not be enough to help people experiencing urinary tract symptoms and common BPH symptoms based on the research.

While ProstateMD contains natural ingredients, you should be safe and not experience any side effects.

However, a prostate supplement can still cause allergic reactions and gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea and indigestion.

In case you experience any health issues, contact your local emergency services immediately or a qualified healthcare provider who can provide medical advice and tell you what to do.

  • Promotes prostate health
  • Alleviates benign prostate hyperplasia
  • Helps with frequent urination
  • Gives overall health improvement
  • Expensive compared to other products
  • Not suitable for vegetarians and vegans

My Personal Experience With ProstateMD

Urinating in a rest room

My normal urination schedule has been messed up, and I’ve been having issues with residual bladder volume and a weak urine stream. I sought professional medical advice a couple of months back.

My healthcare provider said he saw some changes in my prostate cells, and he wanted to monitor the situation so this doesn’t develop into a severe medical condition.

So, I started using ProstateMD. I’ve been using this product for three months now, and I’ve had a positive experience. My results came back much better.

I even started noticing the difference before I used up the first bottle. Instead of getting up 4 to 5 times a night, I only get up once, twice at most. Sometimes I get seven hours of uninterrupted sleep.

I like that I can take one pill a day instead of having to distribute several pills, as with other prostate supplements. The pills are large gell and easy to swallow with a small glass of water. As they are swallowed, not chewed, there’s no need to worry about the flavor.

Apart from no longer having frequent nighttime urination, I found that I have a better urine flow, and the flow starts promptly.

Comparison to Other Products

Comparison of other supplements

There are several other products out there that claim to improve prostate function, such as Testogen, Prime Male, and Persona Prostate Support.

The difference between them is that ProstateMD has a more potent blend.

The primary active ProstateMD ingredients, such as palmetto oil, are clinically proven to help prostate size and prostate cells.

Not only will it regulate how often you urinate, but it protects you from prostate cancer.

On the other hand, what doesn’t work for ProstateMD is the price. It’s slightly more expensive than its competitors. For example, Persona Prostate Support is $32.99, and Tongkat Ali Extract 200 to 1 is $24.95.

Where to Buy ProstateMD?

Using a laptop to order online

You can buy ProstateMD only on the official website. It isn’t available from other retailers.

In case you aren’t happy with the results, there’s a 90-day refund policy.

I found the delivery to be on time. I also tested their customer service and never had a problem when I asked for a refund.

Our #1 Recommendation

What is ProstateMD Product CTA


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Ingredient quality

Other Users Experience with ProstateMD

Person rating a product review

Here’s what others had to say about using this product:

“After the second bottle, this took full effect. I now sleep straight through for over 7 hours every night. I no longer wake up having to pee in the middle of the night.” -Gary R., verified Amazon purchase

“I've been taking these for a month now. So far, no changes in prostate and urinary tract functions.” -Brent, verified Amazon purchase

“This combination of ingredients works best for me. Only 1 pill per day took about 2 weeks to notice a difference over the other products I was using. I can sleep all night. Pay attention, do your research to find what is best for you.”  -Randal Cheaps


Is ProstateMD Safe?

Yes, ProstateMD is safe. It’s a healthy supplement rich in plant sterols and natural ingredients. However, ask your healthcare provider or local emergency services for professional health advice before taking this product.

How do I take ProstateMD?

You take ProstateMD once a day, with an 8 oz glass of water.

How Does ProstateMD Differ in Effectiveness Across Various Age Groups?

ProstateMD is designed to support prostate health for men of all ages, but its effectiveness can vary. For younger men, it may help in preventive care and maintaining prostate health, while for older men, it can be more focused on alleviating symptoms and improving quality of life.

Can ProstateMD Be a Substitute for Prescription Medications for Prostate Health?

While ProstateMD can be beneficial for prostate health, it should not be considered a direct substitute for prescription medications. It's best used as a supplement to traditional treatments, and users should always consult with a healthcare provider before making any changes to their medication regimen.

What Impact Does ProstateMD Have on Sexual Health and Function?

ProstateMD may have a positive impact on sexual health by supporting overall prostate health, which is closely linked to sexual function. However, its direct effects on libido or erectile function are not extensively studied, and results can vary among individuals.

Are There Any Long-Term Side Effects Associated with the Use of ProstateMD?

ProstateMD is generally considered safe for long-term use, with no significant side effects reported. However, as with any supplement, it's important to monitor for any adverse reactions and consult a healthcare provider, especially when used over an extended period.

How Effective Is ProstateMD for Men with Advanced Prostate Health Issues?

ProstateMD can be beneficial for men with advanced prostate health issues, particularly in managing symptoms. However, its effectiveness can vary, and it is most beneficial when used as part of a broader health management plan under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Our Verdict on ProstateMD

If you’re having issues with your prostate, ProstateMD could be the product that helps you get rid of it, according to our tests.

It contains potent natural ingredients that have been proven to help with prostate issues and even prevent cancer. Our tests have proven a positive correlation between these two as well.

Moreover, it’s rich in antioxidants, which improve immunity by lowering oxidative stress.

Click here to check out this product and give yourself a fighting chance against nighttime urination and prostate problems.

Our #1 Recommendation


What is ProstateMD Product CTA

Rated With Total Shape's Scoring System

Ingredient quality
  • Promotes prostate health
  • Alleviates benign prostate hyperplasia
  • Helps with frequent urination
  • Gives overall health improvement
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of April
  • Not suitable for vegetarians and vegans
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