Supergreen Tonik Review 2024: Benefits, Ingredients & Price

Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT
Published by Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT | Staff Writer
Last updated: December 23, 2023
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As an athlete and fitness coach, I understand the importance of quality nutrition for overall well-being. Over the years, I've tried and tested numerous greens powder supplements, and today, I'm excited to share my experience with one of them.

Supergreen Tonik is unique in its ability to fill nutritional gaps and provide numerous health benefits. Whether you're super into fitness or just trying to stay healthy, this super greens powder is worth a look.

In this review, I offer my honest opinions on Supergreen Tonik, aiming to provide insights that could significantly enhance your health journey and let you decide if it's something you wanna add to your supplements stack.

What is Supergreen Tonik?

Supergreen Tonik is a comprehensive green powder formulated by ex-triathlete Adam Wright.

It includes a unique blend of 38 superfoods, adaptogens, and essential vitamins, designed to combat chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms, promote overall health, enhance mental clarity, and bolster the immune system.


Our Rating

CTA of Supergreen Tonik

Supergreen Tonik

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Health Benefits

How Does It Work?

Supergreen Tonik works by delivering a mix of nutrients and superfoods that your body needs.

This blend enhances the immune system, boosts energy levels, supports cognitive function, improves sleep quality, and helps manage stress and anxiety.

After a few weeks of taking the powder, I've noticed a significant improvement in several aspects.

Here is my detailed analysis:

  1. I noticed an energy level boost when testing it. This can be attributed to the potent vitamins and minerals in the formula, such as spirulina and kale, which are nutrient-dense superfoods.
  2. I got reduced fatigue thanks to the ashwagandha and rhodiola components. These ingredients assisted in maintaining a sustained level of focus and mental clarity throughout the day.
  3. It reduced my anxiety levels. The calming components, like lemon balm, join forces with ashwagandha to provide a soothing effect that lowers stress levels.
  4. It improved my sleep. The formula's adaptogens also regulate stress hormones, leading to deeper, more restorative sleep.

“Kale should be promoted as a super food in all segments, particularly among the younger, lower-income, and less-educated sections of the population.”

- Hanan A Alfawaz, Ph.D. Professor

Supergreen Tonik Ingredients

Close up shot of different herb ingredients

The Supergreen Tonik ingredients include organic greens blend, a nootropic blend, and an immune blend.

They boost heart health, brain function and can regulate blood glucose levels.

Check these scientifically proven ingredients you’re ingesting when your drink Supergreen Tonik:

  1. Garlic bulb extract (250 mg) [1]
  2. Black pepper fruit extract (24 mg) [2]
  3. Kale (2000 mg) [3]
  4. Organic spirulina powder (2000 mg)
  5. Organic collards leaf powder (2000mg)
  6. Organic spinach leaf powder (1000 mg)
  7. Organic barley grass powder (1000 mg)
  8. Organic chlorella cracked cell wall powder (1000 mg)
  9. Organic horseradish tree leaf powder (500mg)
  10. Ashwagandha root extract (500 mg)
  11. Ginkgo leaf powder (250 mg)
  12. Bacopa leaf powder (500 mg)
  13. Rhodiola root powder (500 mg)
  14. Organic moringa oleifera (500 mg)
  15. Dandelion leaf extract (500 mg)
  16. Olive leaf extract (250 mg)
  17. L-theanine (250 mg)
  18. Stevia leaf extract (100mg)

Over the years, the non-essential amino acids and other organic ingredients have passed through exhaustive processes and controlled randomized clinical trials to refine the Supergreen Tonik formula.

For example, I didn’t like the berry flavor in this super green drink and only drank mint. But I recently got a couple of berry-flavored Toniks, and they are great.

Supergreen Tonik Benefits

A woman doing yoga outside

Supergreen Tonik allows you to stay free from radical damage, can reduce blood sugar levels, and has a detoxifying effect of keeping your body cleaner.

Taking Supergreen Tonik also brings other benefits. Here's what I've noticed since I started using it:

  1. Potential reduction in cholesterol levels [4].
  2. Energy level improvement that boosts revitalization throughout the day.
  3. High contribution to digestive health.
  4. Enhanced cognitive function and better stress management.
  5. Focus and mental clarity improvement, thanks to ginkgo leaf.
  6. Immune system and skin health improvement.
  7. Overall productivity improvement when used in a balanced diet.
  8. Antioxidant properties that improve mental clarity and lower blood sugar levels.
  • Supports immunity, energy, mental performance, sleep, stress reduction, and overall health
  • Includes clear information about the exact ingredient dosage​
  • One-year warranty
  • Uses only high-quality ingredients
  • Its effectiveness may vary according to the person using it

Are There Side Effects?

A woman with a headache holding her forehead

There haven't been any side effects since I started drinking Supergreen Tonik.

Most people generally tolerate ingredients like spirulina, chlorella, or ashwagandha.

Yet, here are some considerations when consuming this powder:

  1. Spirulina and Chlorella: Some users may experience mild stomach discomfort.
  2. Garlic Bulb: It might cause a mild body odor on rare occasions.
  3. Black Pepper: Vast amounts might cause a slight stomach upset, but the quantity in Supergreen Tonik is within the safe range.
  4. Ashwagandha: It could lead to drowsiness in very high doses.

Let me highlight that these side effects are infrequent. Moreover, the carefully calibrated blend in Supergreen Tonik is designed to maximize benefits while minimizing potential side effects.

How to Use This Superfood?

Close up view of a superfood smoothie

You can use the Supergreen Tonik by mixing a scoop with 12 oz (340 gr) in cold water.

This will provide you with all the nutrients you need.

And from my experience as a user, I've developed a routine to exploit its benefits fully and have a better lifestyle.

Here's how I usually incorporate this potent supplement into my day:

  1. The first thing I do after waking up is to prepare a Supergreen Tonik mix. I add it to my morning smoothie. It enhances the taste and packs more nutrients than I need.
  2. I take it daily to maintain a consistent supply for long-term benefits.
  3. While some prefer taking it with their meals, I've found that consuming Supergreen Tonik before breakfast works best for me. It ensures maximum nutrient absorption, giving a kick-start to my metabolism for the day.

Remember that this is my personal routine, which I found effective in enhancing cognition, reducing anxiety, and boosting my immunity.

However, you should stick to the manufacturer's instructions and adjust your superfood intake based on your health requirements and preferences [5].

“The term “superfood” is linked to food that is beneficial to health. However, there is no legal or clear scientific definition, and little is known about individual perceptions of this food group.”

- Gaby-Fleur Böl, Head of the Department for Risk Assessment

Who Should Take Supergreen Tonik?

A couple doing yoga outside

The people who want to supplement their diet, improve their overall health, and have nutrient deficiencies are the ones who should take Supergreen Tonik.

Adam Wright also suggests that this powder could benefit people with chronic fatigue.

Here's more detailed information about the individuals that should take Supergreen Tonik:

  1. Health-conscious People: Supergreen Tonik offers a convenient way to boost daily nutrient intake, particularly for those mindful of their health.
  2. Busy Individuals: When time is scarce, nutrition suffers. Supergreen Tonik provides a quick, nutrient-dense solution for those with packed schedules.
  3. Fitness Enthusiasts: Supergreen Tonik's natural energy boost makes it an excellent choice, whether you hit the gym casually or are a dedicated athlete. Ingredients like ashwagandha and L-theanine help in post-workout recovery.
  4. Stress and Fatigue Fighters: Supergreen Tonik's blend of adaptogens, such as rhodiola root extract and bacopa herb extract, is perfect for combating chronic fatigue, managing stress, and improving focus.
  5. Immunity Seekers: Supergreen Tonik is the right pick for those aiming to fortify their immune system. Immune-enhancing ingredients like a garlic bulb, which, according to the study published on the PubMed website, has been shown to modulate several biomarkers in different diseases in multiple ways, along with the detoxifying benefits of dandelion leaf extract, make this an essential tool to fight viruses and diseases [6].

Who Shouldn't Buy It?

A pregnant woman holding her belly

You shouldn't buy Supergreen Tonik if you're allergic to any ingredient or have medical conditions or dietary restrictions.

Here are other groups of people that shouldn't take the powder:

  1. Pregnant or nursing women must speak to healthcare professionals before adding this to their regime due to potential side effects.
  2. People with pre-existing medical conditions, especially related to liver or kidney health, should seek medical advice before incorporating this supplement. Certain ingredients might react with specific medications.
  3. People under 18 need to consult a healthcare doctor. This is because most supplements are not evaluated for safety and efficacy in this age group.

Where to Buy Supergreen Tonik?

A woman online shopping on her phone

You can purchase Supergreen Tonik on their official website.

I found their page to be the best place to get one (or two). It's not just about authenticity but also the exclusive offers that come with buying this highly-rated greens powder directly.

When purchasing from their official site, you have a one-year guarantee, which gave me added assurance in my purchase.

You can also get it on Amazon and other stores. However, I can't give a vote of confidence about the product's quality or process if you get the Tonik in other stores. I've seen that people usually complain when purchasing from other places rather than the main site.

Still, always compare prices and deals on all platforms before finalizing your purchase.

Our Rating

CTA of Supergreen Tonik

Supergreen Tonik

Rated With Total Shape's Scoring System

Health Benefits

Shipping and Delivery Details

A man delivering a package

Supergreen Tonik dispatches orders within one business day through trusted carriers like FedEx, UPS, or USPS.

Once shipped, you receive an automated shipping notification via email for tracking your order.

For those in the continental US, your order typically arrives within 3-7 business days.

For international orders, expect your package to arrive within 10-21 business days, depending on your country of residence.

Supergreen Tonik Honest Testimonials

"I like the Supergreen Tonik taste, and the effects of the product seem positive. I wake up excited to start my day with a glass. It definitely helps me feel sharp and energized throughout the day."

- Drew, from California

"I love the taste-super easy; goes into solution very easily. I like the way I feel drinking it every morning."

- Wanderlust, from Virginia

"I like this greens drink mix quite well. I've tried many greens powders and have been using them for several years now and am a believer in the health benefits - and this one might well be better than most."

- Pmb, from Florida

Alternatives to Supergreen Tonik

A woman online shopping for supergreen tonik

This Supergreen Tonik review compares three alternatives if you want to test your options. Yet, I haven’t found a solution that includes organic spirulina powder, ashwagandha root extract, organic spinach powder, garlic bulb extract, bacopa leaf powder, and rhodiola root powder in the same drink.

Related: Red Tonik by Human Tonik

Green Juice - Organifi

Organifi Green Juice is a dried powder that bolsters immunity, stimulates fat burning and facilitates daily detoxification.

With 11 nutrient-rich superfoods, this blend stands out from the usual mix of common veggies.

The ingredients undergo an extraction and drying process, making it an easy-to-consume daily green powder supplement.

However, the taste may be an issue for some, and too expensive for the benefits offered, especially compared to Supergreen Tonik's 17 superfood ingredients.

Related: Best Green Superfood Powders: 2024 Updated

Beyond Greens - Live Conscious

Close up shot of Beyond Greens

Beyond Greens by Live Conscious is a greens powder supplement focusing on immune health, energy, and digestion.

It aims to boost well-being through gut health, using a mixture of nutrients and probiotics.

While this green powder offers some benefits, it lacks the ingredient diversity found in Supergreen Tonik.

Some users also report an off-putting taste, making it less attractive than other options.

Supergreen Tonik surpasses Beyond Greens in providing wide-ranging nutrients. Its superior taste and complete formula encourage individuals to drink it regularly, reinforcing its advantage over Beyond Greens.

Supergreens - Plantrise

SuperGreens is a powder blend of 72 ingredients that promises various health benefits. It can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, brain fog, chronic illnesses, vitamins and minerals, and more.

However, this Supergreen Tonik distinguishes through transparency by offering a detailed list of ingredients and their exact doses per serving.


What Makes Supergreen Tonik Different from Other Greens Powders?

What makes Supergreen Tonik different from other greens powders is the company's transparency. They make customers aware of what they're ingesting, compared to many competitors that employ proprietary blends, obscuring the precise doses of ingredients. They are also constantly improving their flavors over time.

Is Supergreen Tonik Vegan?

Yes, Supergreen Tonik is entirely vegan-friendly.

Should I Take Supergreen Tonik Daily?

Yes, you should take Supergreen Tonik daily for optimal results and benefits.

Are Green Powders a Meal Replacement?

No, green powders aren’t a meal replacement. If you drink Supergreen Tonik or other green juices, you should still eat food to meet daily calorie values. This super green drink is only a dietary supplement.

Should You Buy Supergreen Tonik?

I used to struggle with unpredictable energy dips and frequent bouts of illness, but that's changed now. After several months of incorporating Supergreen Tonik into my daily routine, I've genuinely felt a shift in my health and well-being.

It's not just any green powder; it's a powerful blend that has noticeably boosted my energy levels and immune system. The mix of superfoods, adaptogens, and nootropics has improved my mental clarity and sleep quality.

In short, Supergreen Tonik has been a real game-changer, offering a straightforward yet highly effective way to nurture my overall wellness. From my own journey with it, I can vouch for its reliability as a supplement for anyone aiming to boost their health.

Our Rating

Supergreen Tonik

CTA of Supergreen Tonik

Rated With Total Shape's Scoring System

Health Benefits
  • Supports immunity, energy, mental performance, sleep, stress reduction, and overall health
  • Includes clear information about the exact ingredient dosage​
  • One-year warranty
  • Uses only high-quality ingredients
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of June
  • Its effectiveness may vary according to the person using it
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