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Heidi Klum Diet Plan & Workout Routine

Isaac Robertson
Published by Isaac Robertson | Co-Founder & Chief Editor
Last updated: August 3, 2023

Fashion icon Heidi Klum is beautiful, successful, and doesn't seem to get old.

I've been following her trainers in hopes of discovering the exercise routine that helps her look incredible, and here's what I found out!

Quick Summary

  • The best Heidi Klum workouts are plank variations, medicine ball rotations, arm rotations, leg lifts, and side lunges.
  • When not in the gym, Heidi enjoys hiking, bicycle riding, walking, and jumping on the trampoline to keep fit.
  • Heidi Klum gets the energy to exercise from her diet which includes vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, healthy fat, and fruits.
  • Mixing the different workouts helps Heidi work out on the different body muscles.

Heidi Klum Workout Routine

heidi klum wearing a two piece for VS fashion show

The 47-year-old model has always been in good shape, even though her exercise routine has changed throughout the years, and she gave birth to four kids.

Luckily, her desire to stay healthy and fit has remained the same, but let's see how Klum used to train when she was Victoria's Secret model and what her exercise routine looks like today.

Working Out as a Victoria’s Secret Model

Heidi Klum walked around the VS runway for the first time in 1999 when she moved to New York City and walked in each show until 2009.

As a VS model, Klum trained incredibly hard to keep her body lean and toned. The model worked with the celebrity trainer David Kirsch, who also trained Karolina Kurkova and Anne Hathaway.

Since Klum was never a fan of three-hour-long workouts and tried to get in and out of a gym in 45 minutes, Kirsch attempted to create a focused and effective workout.

Lots of jumping and bodyweight exercises are Kirsch's signature. His fitness routines typically include:

  • Back and side lunges
  • Plank variations
  • Leg lifts
  • Arm rotations
  • Medicine ball rotation

However, Klum didn’t only do Kirsch’s workout. Her fitness routine also included running and yoga.

Her Workout Routine Today

woman doing side lunges with a kettlebell, woman doing medicine ball rotation

Klum says that nowadays, she doesn't have too much time for going to the gym to exercise, as she's focused on raising her kids and working, so her weight sometimes fluctuates.

Even though she doesn't have as much time to spend in the gym as she used to when she was a runway model, Klum stays fit by focusing on her diet and including some more natural exercise.

Heidi Klum says she loves spending time with her kids and dogs and going for walks. But, Klum is also known for loving to jump on the trampoline.

“My kids keep me really active. Whether we’re jumping on the trampoline in the backyard or taking our dogs to the park, they definitely keep me in shape.”

As the model reveals, hikes and bike rides are also their passion.

When possible, Klum loves to run on the treadmill she has in her house. She also keeps dumbbells, ankle weights, and a pilates ball in case she decides to use them.

Here’s one example of her home workout you can try. Klum actually did the workout while answering emails! Another proof of how incredible she is.

Her Diet Plan

fresh green leaves and salad on the table, fresh eggs in a bowl

Looking at Klum's body, many think she starves herself, but this is so far from the truth you wouldn't believe it. She doesn't follow any specific diet, and she likes to eat healthily.

As she says, she loves filling her plate with nutrient-rich food each week, such as carbs, lean protein, veggies, and fruit.

As she's a mom of four, Klum tries to cook as much as she can and avoids eating out. She wants to know what goes into her food and body, and that's why her meals are healthy and nutritious but simple.

Klum likes to eat three big meals a day, and she eats her dinner with her four kids at 6 pm every night. She believes that having an early dinner helps her body digest the food easier [1].

1. Breakfast

As Klum tries to keep things simple and healthy, her typical breakfast includes an egg and vegetable combo.

She usually goes for eggs cooked with cheese and vegetables, and she also likes to add some fruit and tea to her meals.

Klum also starts every morning with a filling smoothie. Her favorite smoothie is made with chia, matcha rich in antioxidants [2], acai berries, and protein powder.

She told one magazine she keeps cut up produce ready to chuck in the blender in the morning.

2. Lunch

Klum likes her lunches full of lean protein, whole grains, vegetables, and a bit of healthy fat (such as olive oil). Her diet includes different types of stir-fries and eating grilled fish or poultry with a salad.

3. Dinner

Klum’s dinners aren’t very different from her lunches. Eating vegetables, whole grains,  lean protein, and healthy fats are a part of it.

4. Dessert

No diet is complete without a dessert, and Klum doesn't like depriving her body of anything.

Most days, she has a dessert after her last meal of the day, and this typically includes sorbet and juice or fruit paired with yogurt or dark chocolate.

5. What She Eats in a Day

There are no secrets to Klum’s diet — she eats everything in moderation. Here’s an example of what she’s eating on a typical day:

Breakfast: She has organic scrambled egg whites with spinach with a small bowl of fresh fruit and tea.

Lunch: For lunch, Heidi has turkey with basmati rice or quinoa and stir-fried vegetables.

Dinner: Lastly, for dinner, Heidi has grilled chicken, pan-tossed zucchini, kale, onions, and tomatoes with a mixed baby green salad dressed with ½ a tablespoon of olive oil.

Dessert: Yogurt, fresh sorbet, or 70% dark cocoa chocolate.

Her Advice to Other Women

heidi klum raising a two thumbs up while smiling

Being in the public eye, Klum has faced some backlash for gaining or losing as much as five pounds.

But, she says that she doesn't feel bad.

She loves her body because it's hers and hopes that all women will learn to embrace and love themselves.

Heidi Klum’s Diet & Workout: The Final Tips

Going for a long run and enduring arduous workouts will help you stay fit and healthy.

However, Klum reminds us that sometimes staying active means running around with your kids.

The important thing is you find balance, and you'll stay and feel healthy.

So, are you all set, and ready to start your run and some tasty food? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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