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Was Dale G Renlund Sick or He Just Lost Weight?

Connor Sellers
Published by Connor Sellers
Last updated: October 17, 2022

Being a trainer who’s helped people with their fitness goals for over a decade, I always find it amazing to see people achieve significantly visible weight loss.

One transformation that shocked me recently was that of Dale G Renlund.

He is an American religious leader and former cardiologist who serves in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Having looked at his transformation photos and the barrage of social media posts on his weight loss, I figured this could be a learning opportunity for my clients.

So, I took a week to study his posts, workout routine, and diet plan. Let’s dive in.

How Much Weight Did Renlund Lose?

Renlund lost a total weight of 20 pounds, which doesn’t sound all that impressive, but visually it feels much more significant.

His wife, Ruth, alongside him, had successfully lost weight as well (although we don’t know how much).

Dale had never been obese in his entire life. But his transformation was so shockingly visible that his fans thought he had fallen ill. ​

However, Dale clarified that he didn’t get sick and that his weight loss was a result of working out.


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In fact, he reported feeling much better than he did when he carried extra pounds.

“As President @NelsonRussellM invited us at General Conference to identify the debris that we should remove from our lives. I thought of my physical health. Together, Ruth and I have supported each other in making healthy food choices and getting plenty of exercises this past year.

- Dale G Renlund, Cardiologist

How Did Renlund Lose His Extra Weight?

Renlund lost his extra weight by following a strict diet and workout regimen.

Let’s take a look at what exactly Dale did to achieve his fitness goals.

His Workout Plan

Renlund did not go out to exercise during the Covid-19 pandemic, so he and his wife would exercise at home.

Given that he was in his late 60s, Renlund did not do any intense cardio or lift weights to burn calories.

His routine included yoga, cycling, and running at home.

His Diet Plan

A watermelon juice

Dale's first step toward shedding fat was fixing his diet plan. He began by cutting out from his plate any foods that were high in calories.

He also kept a close record of how many calories he consumed every day.

Renlund would start off his day with a glass of fresh fruit juice.

For lunch, he'd usually go for a salad, and only sometimes, chicken along with it.

He kept dinners extremely light and avoided any excessive eating. You can also combine a good diet and exercises with natural fat burners for men and fat burners for women.

Compared to what he’d eaten in the past, Renlund added more fruits and vegetables into his diet, which is known to assist in weight loss [1].

His Weight Loss Principles

Old man exercising and healthy keto diet

The pillars of his weight loss are, of course, nutrition and exercise. Let’s explore those in a bit more detail.

Making Healthy Food Choices

One of the first things Dale did was avoid junk and eat wholesome food.

That’s a basic principle I teach my clients before putting them through any workout.

Some people may find it difficult to curb their hunger pangs when trying to shred fat. In cases like this, I highly recommend taking a natural fat burner.

It can boost your body’s ability to burn fat by curbing hunger pangs, blocking fat production, and increasing overall energy levels.

Working Out

Instead of lifting weights and doing intense cardio, Dale took a much different route with his workout routines. He stuck with light cardio and yoga to shed pounds.

A study on the effects of yoga on overweight and obese adults showed that it has a long-term impact on losing weight and other health-related benefits [2].

“Getting rid of unhealthy debris – physical, mental, or emotional – in our lives is a powerful way to grow closer to our savior. I testify that he is willing to help in all aspects of our lives.”

- Dale G Renlund, Cardiologist


When Did Dale Start His Weight Loss Journey?

Dale began his weight loss journey at the start of 2020. When most places were in lockdown, Dale and his wife decided to take steps toward losing weight and improving their physical health.

Did Dale Have Weight Loss Surgery?

No, Dale did not have weight loss surgery. He lost weight through exercise and healthy eating choices.

Final Thoughts on Renlund’s Weight Loss

A transformation like Renlund helped me demonstrate to my older clients that it’s important to feel stronger and healthier every day.

However, as many of them grow older, they find it more challenging to burn fat and stay energized like Dale. I usually recommend a natural fat burner supplement like PhenQ for such clients.

So far in my practice, this supplement allowed most of them to take their health to another level by giving them extra energy for their workouts, enhancing fat loss, and controlling their hunger pangs. You can check our Phenq review for more information.

It’s not a magic pill or meal replacement, but it can help you achieve your fitness goals faster.


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