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9 Best Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Flavors (2023 Upd.)

Tyler Sellers
Published by Tyler Sellers | Senior Coach
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Last updated: May 31, 2023
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When it comes to whey protein powders, no brand has yet surpassed Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey in the rankings.

However, nailing down the top Optimum Nutrition flavor is quite tricky, considering that you have to choose from over 20 varieties.

We tried them all and scoured through tons of user reviews to squeeze out the best Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard protein powder flavors.

The Best Optimum Nutrition Flavors As Ranked By Buyers

1. Double Rich Chocolate

chocolate bar

True to its name, this Optimum Nutrition flavor has a very rich chocolate flavor. It's creamy, milky, and tasty - it almost feels like you're drinking real chocolate milk.

Despite being "double rich," its sweetness is not overpowering, which a lot of people appreciate. Its light sweet flavor and cocoa powder taste have made it a crowd favorite.

The Optimum Nutrition Double Rich Chocolate also mixes extremely well (even with just a stick) and has the same thin consistency whether you combine it with water or milk.

Many companies also have this flavor, but the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Double Rich Chocolate can easily surpass most of its competitors. If you want something more chocolate-y, consider Extreme Milk Chocolate instead.

You can buy this supplement here.

  • Mixes extremely well
  • Maintains the same consistency when mixed with water or milk
  • Not overly swee
  • Does not taste as good at room temperature

2. Chocolate Hazelnut

Chocolate Hazelnut

The first on this list is quite controversial, as people seem to have a love-hate relationship with it.

Despite that, it still came out as one of the top flavors mainly due to its mixability, which is crucial in choosing the best whey protein powder.

This Optimum Nutrition variant easily dissolves in a shaker or a standard blender bottle, so preparing it was a breeze.

As I read through the reviews, I've seen many people saying that it doesn't mix well with hot water. This could be a bummer if you want to have a drink during the cold months. Otherwise, it's not much of a concern.

Well, there's actually an easy fix for that. Just mix the whey protein powder with about an ounce of cold or room temperature water and stir for 2-3 minutes before mixing it with the hot liquid.

I was kind of hoping that the Optimum Nutrition Chocolate Hazelnut would taste like Nutella, but it doesn't, so manage your expectations if you ever decide to try this Optimum Nutrition flavor.

You can buy this supplement here.

See our list of the best-tasting chocolate whey protein powders.

  • Dissolves well in cold and warm water/milk
  • Has a pleasant chocolate milkshake taste
  • Has a smooth texture
  • Its hazelnut flavor is too subtle and tastes quite artificial

3. Chocolate Malt

Chocolate Malt

After trying out Optimum Nutrition's Chocolate Malt flavor, I was instantly hooked.

I mixed this one with milk, and the best way I can describe its texture is smooth and velvety, which I just love.

It brought back memories of me as a child buying milk chocolate ice cream from our local shop.

I also like that it's not too sweet. However, I would say that it leaves a weird aftertaste, which most protein powders tend to have.

As a self-confessed chocoholic, I admit that I have my biases. But I genuinely believe that even those who aren't chocolate lovers will enjoy this flavor.

You can buy this supplement here.

  • Tastes great with both water and milk
  • Has just the right amount of sweetness
  • Doesn’t clump when mixed with a blender
  • Might leave a weird aftertaste
  • The powder easily sticks to spoons or glasses, making manual mixing difficult

4. Chocolate Peanut Butter

Chocolate Peanut Butter

This one has become a favorite among Gold Standard Whey protein fans, and it's easy to see (or taste) why.

Despite having a chocolate base, this variant strikes the perfect balance between chocolate and peanut butter. Neither one dominates the overall flavor.

I think Chocolate Peanut Butter just tastes wonderful, especially when blended with almond milk and half a banana.

It mixes smoothly and doesn't form clumps.

It also didn't have the dreaded chalky texture that other protein powders tend to have, which is a big plus.

The PB taste is so good that this one might just help you skip real peanut butter so you can cut on a few calories.

You can buy this supplement here.

  • Tastes delicious and mixes well
  • Provides a balanced flavor of chocolate and PB
  • Has a smooth, non-chalky texture
  • Might have a slightly chemical-like aftertaste
  • Some users say that it has a weird taste and smell that is hard to place

5. French Vanilla Crème

genus vanilla orchid on a table

Vanilla is often a hit or miss when it comes to protein shakes, but this one from Optimum Nutrition is most definitely a hit.

It tastes delicious and feels a lot like you're drinking melted vanilla ice cream or a vanilla milkshake that isn't too sweet, which is ah-mazing.

I've never had problems with the powder getting all lumpy when mixed with water/milk using a standard blender bottle.

It also smells heavenly, but I recommend adding this to milk instead of water to bring out its yummy vanilla flavor.

So if I were you, don't write off this French Vanilla Crème Optimum Nutrition flavor just yet because it's pretty good.

You can buy this supplement here.

See our list of the best-tasting vanilla protein powders.

  • No chalky texture and weird aftertaste
  • Not too sweet
  • Blends really well
  • Contains soy, a major food allergen
  • Might taste bland for some when mixed with only water

“The use of post-workout protein shakes is essential for anyone participating in weight training, and a dose of 30-40 grams is widely accepted as being the optimal amount for recovery and growth.”

- James Castle-Mason, Fitness Trainer

6. White Chocolate

a plate with a white chocolate bar

This White Chocolate from Optimum Nutrition is another whey protein flavor that those with sweet teeth will surely love.

If you don’t like sweet treats—or actual white chocolate—then you won’t be as much of a fan of this one as I am.

Personally, I think it’s super delicious that it’s almost hard to believe that I’m taking a supplement.

To me, it tastes more of a milkshake. And you don’t even need to mix it with mik to achieve this taste; just water is fine.

I also like that it doesn’t have an extravagant flavor that is overwhelming. But some users think otherwise and say that that subtlety made it too bland.

  • Tastes like a milkshake
  • Tastes great with water
  • Not too sweet
  • Subtle white chocolate flavor made it too bland
  • Gives sort of an artificial taste

Other Optimum Nutrition Flavors To Consider

different sweet flavors

If you're not too crazy about the Optimum Nutrition flavors listed above, here are other flavors that didn't make it to the top but are also worth trying.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Like French Vanilla Crème, I can say that Optimum Nutrition's Vanilla Ice Cream flavor tastes exactly just like its name.

The only difference is that this Optimum Nutrition flavor has a richer and sweeter taste than the French variant. So if you don't mind the extra dose of sweetness, you'd probably like Vanilla Ice Cream one better.

You can buy this supplement here.

Rocky Road

When you hear "rocky road," you immediately think of chocolate, walnuts, and marshmallows.

That would be a pretty accurate description of this Optimum Nutrition flavor, except for the nuts part. This one has more of a chocolate-cherry taste, which I think is delightful. It's not too strong or sweet, either.

You can buy this supplement here.

Extreme Milk Chocolate

Extreme Milk Chocolate tastes quite similar to Double Rich Chocolate, but it has an even sweeter and richer milk chocolate flavor.

Although it tastes terrific with milk, I think Extreme Milk Chocolate is better mixed with just water because of its inherent sweetness. If you're a chocoholic, you can't go wrong with Extreme Milk Chocolate.

You can buy this supplement here.

Delicious Strawberry

Despite being a common protein powder flavor, strawberry remains one of the most popular choices. It might be too sweet for some people, but it's creamy and thicker. As such, it tastes less like medicine compared to most popular protein powder brands around.

The delicious strawberry flavor is your best bet on a hot day, especially when you put ice. It works with both water and milk, so choose based on what you prefer.

You can buy this supplement here.


What Does Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Do?

Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein delivers 24 grams of high-quality whey protein and 5.5 grams of naturally occurring BCAAs that support muscle growth and help repair and rebuild muscle fibers after training [1].

Does Gold Standard Whey Help You Gain Weight?

Gold Standard Whey can help you gain weight if you consume a diet with more calories than you burn.

If you're trying to increase your muscle mass, you should consume extra calories per day from quality foods—including whey protein—and commit to working out regularly.

Is Optimum Nutrition Whey the Best?

Optimum Nutrition Whey is the best product of its kind. It contains whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey peptides that support lean muscle mass growth [2].

The company adheres to the highest production standards, and third-party testing companies have verified each ingredient as safe and potent. It's no wonder it's still the world's #1 selling protein powder.

How Can You Tell if Gold Standard Whey Is Real?

You can tell if Gold Standard Whey is real by checking the seal, the bottom crease, the inkjet printing on the bottom or side of the tub, and the cardboard vacuum barrier under the cap.

The bottle should have a gold hologram seal on the black plastic neckband.

Next, the crease on the bottom of U.S. made tubs is a mold mark from plastic thermoforming, which looks the same on every tub.

Third, there should be inkjet printing on the bottom or side of the tub indicating the manufacture date, expiration date, and batch code.

Finally, there should be a cardboard vacuum barrier that helps hold the powder under the cap.

When should whey protein be taken?

Whey protein should be taken first thing in the morning or 30 minutes before or immediately after training.

Simply mix one rounded scoop of this protein powder in 180-240 ml of cold water to avoid clumping.

The Best Flavor of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Is…

Based on user feedback and our team's own standards, we've determined that the best Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard flavor is Double Rich Chocolate.

Most people rave about its real chocolate milk taste that hits the taste buds just right. It isn't overly sweet and mixes really well, even without a blender.

With over 20 options to choose from, we know picking the best-tasting Gold Standard flavor can be difficult. So we really hope that this guide helps you do just that.

Give these top flavors a try, and let us know what you think of them.

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  1. My favorite supplement brand is Optimum Nutrition. Others taste excellent, but I think ON is the greatest overall. My pre-workout, protein, and multivitamins are all excellent. Absolutely the best gold standard whey protein!

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