Gorilla Mode vs Gorilla Mode Nitric (Critical Difference)

Benedict Ang, CPT, PN1-NC
Published by Benedict Ang, CPT, PN1-NC | Staff Writer & Senior Coach
Last updated: January 26, 2024
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In my years as a personal trainer, I've always been on the hunt for supplements that can give my clients that extra push during workouts. Choosing between two top-tier products from a reputable company has always been challenging.

I remember a heated discussion with fellow trainers about Gorilla Mode and Gorilla Mode Nitric. Both supplements had their advocates, making the choice even more challenging.

I took the initiative to test both products over a few weeks with some of my dedicated clients. I aimed to gather firsthand data to see which one truly stood out.

Here’s what three weeks of research have revealed.

What Are The Key Differences Between Gorilla Mode And Gorilla Mode Nitric?

Gorilla Mode and Gorilla Mode Nitric comparison

The key differences between Gorilla Mode and Gorilla Mode Nitric have to do with additional ingredients and dosage strength.

Gorilla Mind chose those additional ingredients to promote nitric oxide production for vascularity and muscle pumps [1]. As someone who worked with bodybuilders, I was eager to see if this formula delivered its promises.

The other thing to highlight is that Gorilla Mode Nitric has a slightly higher standard dosage per scoop for some overlapping pre-workout ingredients.

In theory, that should trigger better muscle performance, an area we focused on during our testing.

Features Head to Head

Man and woman discussing details while holding pen and paper

Here is a closer look at five key areas that should influence your choice.


Let me share my findings on the typical ingredients between these two pre-workouts and how their potencies differ based on my tests.

I completed a full pre-workout review and tested both supplements to determine their strengths and weaknesses.

Both pre-workout supplements contain L-Citrulline, Creatine Monohydrate, Glycerpump, Malic Acid, Betaine, and Agmatine.

But Gorilla Mode Nitric has 10% more L-Citrulline, 30% more Glycerpump, and 50% more Betaine and Agmatine.

There’s great potential in the higher betaine dosage, as this has been linked to better muscle performance and muscular endurance.

A study from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition showed that daily supplementation of 1.25–2.5 g of betaine per day reduces muscle fatigue in high-endurance training  [2].

And, another study with 32 healthy subjects found that a higher dose of Glycerpump can improve blood flow and muscle pumps [3].


I began by setting a baseline, training for a week without any pre-workout. Then, I dedicated a week to each product, noting the differences in weights lifted, sets, and reps achieved by my clients.

The great thing is that both products showed 10% to 50% improvement, but the average improvement with Gorilla Mode Nitric was slightly higher.

We also heard from the majority of clients that they felt better pumps and found they had more popping veins during training with this stim-free pre-workout.

Supplement Form

A bucket of powder supplements and pills

Both products come in powder form, and there’s a slight difference in the size of the scoops. Gorilla Mode has 15.425 g, and Gorilla Mode Nitric has 17.75 g.

It’s not a big difference and is fully explained by the additional ingredients. More on those shortly.

We also made a comparison to see how quickly a scoop of each powder dissolved in water. After a few test runs, it seems like Gorilla Mode is just a bit easier to mix.


You have the same great choice of flavors with both products. I like it when companies offer many different flavors for a product that you tend to take on every training day.

The variety of flavors in both products is natural and well-balanced, preventing monotony in pre-workout drinks.


Gorilla Mode is available for $49, and Gorilla Mode Nitric costs $59. But you must factor in the higher dosage, additional ingredients, and overall effects.

Gorilla Mode will still give you excellent results if you're on a very tight budget. But if you want to push yourself even further, then don’t let $10 turn you off.

It could be money well spent.

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Gorilla Mode Pros And Cons

  • L-Citrulline (10g) boosts nitric oxide, enhancing vascular health and muscle pumps​
  • Creatine (2.5g/scoop) improves muscle strength, endurance, and cognitive function
  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced users
  • May not mix well and can settle at the bottom

Gorilla Mode Nitric Pros And Cons

  • 10,000 mg L-Citrulline per 2 scoops, maximizing NO levels and pumps
  • No beta-alanine, avoiding the common itching side effect
  • Convenient powder form for easy mixing and consumption
  • Sodium Nitrate's high content might not suit sodium-sensitive individuals

Unique Supplement Features

Next, we got our dietitian to help out with researching the unique ingredients.

Gorilla Mode

Gorilla Mode

These are the important unique ingredients we need to highlight in Gorilla Mode.

  • L-Tyrosine: This is a common pre-workout ingredient that has been tied to improved mental and physical performance levels [4].
  • Caffeine: Many studies have shown that caffeine has a direct impact on exercise performance and focus [5].
  • Huperzine: This is another scientifically proven ingredient that has shown improvements in muscle strength [6].

“L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that is used to produce noradrenaline and dopamine; it appears to reduce stress during exposure to acute stressors (which tend to deplete noradrenaline) and may help to prevent stress-induced memory and attention deficits.”

- Kamal Patel, Editor at Examine.com

Suited for Men

Gorilla Mode supplement

Gorilla Mode

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Gorilla Mode Nitric

Gorilla Mode Nitric

Gorilla Mode Nitric also has some interesting additional ingredients.

  • Electrolytes: With added sodium and potassium, athletes should find that they can stay hydrated more easily [7].
  • ​​Nitrosigine: There is evidence that Nitrosigine combined with citrulline can lead to better blood flow and vascularity [8].
  • VasoDrive: This is an interesting ingredient based on lactotripeptides from milk casein, and it has been linked to improved blood flow and pressure [9].

Suited for Men

Gorilla Mode Nitric CTA

Gorilla Mode Nitric

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Nitric Oxide In Supplements

The Molecule's Role

Nitric Oxide optimizes physiological processes such as:

  • Vasodilation
  • Oxygen Delivery
  • Muscle Pump
  • Nutrient Transport
  • Fatigue Reduction
  • Recovery Boost

So, it enhances endurance, promotes faster recovery, and ensures more intense workouts.

Side Effects

While beneficial for enhancing athletic performance, nitric oxide supplements may produce side effects when over-relying on them. Here are five consequences associated with excessive intake:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Stomach upset
  • Diarrhea
  • Heart palpitations
  • Migraines

We’ve known for a long time that when you give migraine patients a compound that generates nitric oxide, such as nitroglycerin, it triggers a migraine attack in a very large number of them

- Dr. Gregory Dussor, Neurologist

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Can You Take Gorilla Mode With Gorilla Mode Nitric?

Yes, you can take Gorilla Mode with Gorilla Mode Nitric. However, consulting with a healthcare professional before combining them is essential.

What Is the Difference Between Nitric and Mode?

The difference between Nitric and Mode is that Gorilla Mode focuses on pre-workout benefits. In contrast, Gorilla Mode Nitric emphasizes enhancing nitric oxide production and blood flow.

Is Gorilla Mode Nitric Healthy?

Yes, Gorilla Mode Nitric is healthy. However, reviewing the ingredient list and consulting a healthcare provider is crucial.

Which Supplement Should You Add To Your Stack?

Based on our Gorilla Mode Nitric review and additional testing results which definitely weren’t decisive, we are inclined to advise our clients and readers to invest in Gorilla Mode Nitric. It just has that slightly stronger dosage of key ingredients and a few extra ones that seem to make the difference.

Everyone in our testing team recorded solid improvements in weight loads and reps during training, so you won’t make a mistake with either of these products.

But Nitric might be worth the extra $10, especially if you’re heading into a long-term fitness routine where you want to get to your goals a bit faster.

Order yours today and find out how much of a difference it can make.

Suited for Men

Gorilla Mode Nitric

Gorilla Mode Nitric CTA

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  • Great choice of nitric oxide boosters for pumps
  • Solid boost in strength, endurance, and vascularity
  • Comes with added electrolytes to help you stay hydrated
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  • It’s more expensive but worth the extra boost you get
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