Pre Jym Pre Workout Review (2023 Upd) Legit or Just a Scam

Benedict Ang, CPT, PN1-NC
Published by Benedict Ang, CPT, PN1-NC | Staff Writer & Senior Coach
Last updated: November 25, 2023
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As a personal trainer and strength coach, I work with clients that take all kinds of different pre-workout supplements from different companies.

I always monitor their progress and the impact of these supplements and one that I noticed more regularly at the gym was Pre Jym pre-workout.

The best way to assess such products is to go through a trial period. I spent countless hours researching its ingredients, and I got a few clients to volunteer. Over four weeks, we did extensive testing to see how well it performed for a bulking phase.

Here’s what we found.

What Is Pre Jym?

Pre Jym product close up image

Pre Jym is a pre-workout supplement that promises to deliver strength, energy, endurance, and muscle growth by using natural ingredients.

The Jym supplement science also promises that you can experience a much sharper mind to focus on your training.

The Pre Jym formula is based on ingredients like branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), beta-alanine, and citrulline malate. According to an article on WebMD, L-citrulline ensures better blood flow to muscles during intense workouts [1].

A study published in the National Library of Medicine says that beta-alanine and BCAAs have been shown to improve high-intensity performance [2].

The formula has remained unchanged since it was first released, and my dietitian pointed out that almost all the ingredients had positive scientific evidence that they should help with exercise performance.

Suited for Men & Women

CTA of Pre JYM

Pre Jym

Overall Score 4.2

Benefits and Highlights

To test out what benefits it delivers, we started with one week of training with no pre-workouts to establish a baseline. Then we spent three weeks working out with Pre Jym and kept a journal of weight loads and reps.

Boosted Strength

What you want to see is either an increase of weight on the barbell or some more reps than the baseline.

Both myself and my clients noticed a modest improvement in my lifting capacity. During the second week of use, I was able to add an extra 5 pounds to my usual bench press weight. This increase wasn't as significant as I had hoped.One explanation would be that the beta-alanine dosage looks a bit too low based on what studies have used [3].

Muscle Pumps

We did record a positive effect on better pumps and vascularity.

What my dietitian pointed out was that it contains a good dose of L-citrulline, which has an impact on nitric oxide levels (the same effect comes with beetroot extract) and how easily blood flows to your muscles [4].

“L-Citrulline, or simply just citrulline, is a nonessential amino acid. It is efficiently turned into L-arginine in the kidneys after supplementation, which makes it a good choice for increasing nitric oxide synthesis in the body.”

- Antonis Damianou, Personal Trainer & Fitness Writer at

Supplement Form

Like most other pre-workouts, this one comes as a powder that you mix with cold water. We all found that it mixes easily.

It's available in several flavors, such as orange mango, lemon razz, and green apple gummy. Each flavor in the Pre JYM lineup is crafted to provide a unique taste experience, balancing the natural bitterness of active ingredients like amino acids with carefully chosen sweeteners and flavor enhancers.

For example, my favorite flavor was orange mango, which combines the zesty, refreshing taste of orange with sweet mango.

However, I don’t like that they used artificial ingredients to flavor it, which could have an impact on your gut health.


  • Delivers good results for pumps and vascularity
  • The powder mixes easily and tastes quite good
  • The company doesn’t hide behind proprietary blends to make stacking easier
  • It contains a very strong dose of caffeine that could make you jittery
  • There are some artificial flavors and sweeteners that most people prefer not to take

Does It Have Downsides?

A fit person holding his head with towel

Pre Jym does have a few downsides that we encountered during our research.

Now, it’s not like it causes bloating or other stomach issues, but compared to other pre-workouts, the improvement in training performance was quite limited.

You also have to consider that Pre Jym contains a lot of caffeine.

The dose is 300 mg, which is about the same as three cups of coffee. A safe upper limit per day is 400 mg, so you wouldn’t want to drink much coffee with Pre Jym [5].

If caffeine is not what you are looking for in a pre-workout, check this list of pre-workout supplements without caffeine.

How Does It Compare To Other Products?

The huge advantage we have when it comes to testing pre-workouts is that we have done this with many different products over the years. That gives us a load of test results data to compare new ones too.

When we looked at the training data from Pre Jym pre-workout and compared it to Gorilla Mode, we immediately noticed that it didn’t deliver anywhere near the amount of strength boost.

Gorilla Mode just has a stronger combination of key ingredients like creatine to boost strength [6].

4 Gauge pre-workout is another product that our bodybuilder clients have had a lot of success with. It has a good dose of acetyl-l-carnitine, which has been linked to improved exercise performance and muscle recovery [7].

And then there’s Transparent Labs Preseries.

What we like about this company is that they have a stimulant-free and caffeine-based version so that you can train early in the day and evening time without messing up your sleep.

Suited for Men & Women

CTA of Pre JYM

Pre Jym

Overall Score 4.2

Who Shouldn't Take Pre Jym?

Woman gesturing to stop

Anyone with significant underlying health conditions, especially heart-related diseases, shouldn’t take Pre Jym pre-workout.

Caffeine is one of the most popular ingredients for pre-workouts, and Pre Jym includes enough to raise your blood pressure and heart rate [8].

We also think that performance athletes shouldn’t take this supplement, as it doesn’t deliver enough strength and endurance improvements.

It works reasonably well, but you’ll find better pre-workout supplements to enhance your performance.

In addition, you should also avoid taking this supplement if Pre Jym price is too high for you since you can find other supplements that yield the same benefits for the same or lesser price.

Other User Reviews

Part of our research also involved looking for comments from users about how they experienced Pre Jym. Let’s have a look at a few interesting user reviews.

She found that the only downside was the taste. She got reasonable results for performance but simply struggled to drink the shake as the flavors were so sweet. - Hazel from Portland

She mentions that the results for strength and endurance were average, and it didn’t help her with fat loss. She also found that the volume of water needed with Pre Jym was a bit much. - Lisa from NY


Can You Take Pre Jym Pre-workout Every Day?

Yes, you can take Pre Jym pre-workout every day. All the natural ingredients, including beetroot extract, n-acetyl-l-cysteine, and toothed clubmoss extract, are easy on the stomach. And the longer you take it, the better your body should adjust to the ingredients.

Does Pre Jym Contain Stimulants?

Yes, Pre Jym pre-workout contains stimulants in the form of caffeine. There is a total of 300 mg of caffeine, which is enough to make a lot of people jittery. And you’d want to avoid taking this for an evening gym session.

Our Verdict on Pre Jym

Overall, we think that Pre Jym is a good pre-workout. But it’s just on the same level as some of the other products we’ve had a lot of long-term success with.

If you're seeking an extra edge, you should consider Gorilla Mode. In my experience, Gorilla Mode steps up the game with a stronger ingredient profile, particularly in boosting strength and endurance. It worked best on days when I needed that additional push.

It has a much higher dosage or critical ingredients, and your training journal will reflect that with more reps and weights.

Give Gorilla Mode a try and experience the difference in your workout intensity and performance.

Our #1 Recommendation

Gorilla Mode

Gorilla Mode supplement on podium platform
Overall Score 5.0
  • Contains nitric oxide for insane pumps
  • Many positive comments about good endurance and energy boost
  • High dose of caffeine may help with mental focus and fat burning
  • Tastes good
  • Get 10% off using code: TOTALSHAPE
  • Does not list calorie count
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