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Provasil Review (2023) Read This Before Buying

Tyler Sellers
Published by Tyler Sellers
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Many of my fitness clients worry about cognitive impairment and physical decline as they age.

As such, we take a multi-faceted approach to the fitness plan, including taking a nootropic supplement like Provasil.

To see if Provasil is an effective nootropic to suggest to my clients, I had our nutritionist examine the ingredients.

I also tested it out with a group of clients who submitted a feedback form and performed a few online cognitive tests at the beginning and end of the test period.

Here’s an in-depth Provasil review so you have all the info.

What is Provasil?

A woman doing yoga in the park with Provasil on the side

Provasil is a nootropic supplement with only natural ingredients promising to boost brain function and mental fatigue.

The Provasil formula has 15 primary ingredients to combat brain fog, cognitive decline, and memory loss.

Cognetix Labs is behind Provasil and manufactures the supplement in FDA-inspected facilities while following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards.

Our #1 Recommendation

CTA of Provasil
Overall Score 4.1

How Does Provasil Work?

Provasil works by targeting brain neurotransmitters and chemical production.

It may also help recoup nutritional deficiencies and combat damage by free radicals, though we will take a closer look at that in the next section when we discuss ingredients.

Provasil Ingredients

Provasil has a complex formula, so let’s briefly examine the potential benefits of each primary ingredient.

1. Vitamin C

Most people know that vitamin C offers great immune system benefits, but the 300 mg in Provasil may also play a role in improving memory [1].

Vitamin C is a key player in the nervous system in terms of the synthesis of neurotransmitters, converting dopamine to serotonin, and increasing impulse transmission speeds, which can all positively affect mental alertness, brain function, and mental performance and counteract cognitive decline [2].

2. Folate

Close up shot of a person's hand with a pill with Folate

This B vitamin, also known as folic acid, is one we acquire from food, and evidence suggests that it can improve cognitive performance and support brain health, particularly in older people [3].

Additionally, low folate levels link to Alzheimer’s Disease, cognitive decline, and dementia [4].

Our nutritionist noted the formula offers a significant 1000 mcg of dietary folate equivalents (DFE), a whopping 250% of the daily recommended value.

3. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of the essential nutrients from foods like chicken, eggs, fish, and dairy.

Along with its role in red blood cell production and DNA, vitamin B12 is also significantly involved in brain and nerve cell production and function [5].

Some evidence suggests that healthy B12 levels can boost memory and improve cognitive function, so the 300 mcg in each dose could go a long way in supporting brain health [6].

4. Choline Bitartrate

This essential nutrient is the precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter critical for memory and learning [7].

Each dose contains 150 mg to promote memory and focus, increase mental alertness and counteract cognitive decline because studies show choline bitartrate supplementation supports brain health [8].

5. Biotin

Biotin is one of the complex B vitamins the body uses to convert food into energy [9]. The 150 mcg of biotin in each dose may also improve brain health related to mood, stress, anxiety, and depression [10].

Feedback from our test group revealed reduced stress and improved mood while taking the supplement.

6. Phosphatidylcholine

Grass and a graphic of Phosphatidylcholine

The chemical phosphatidylcholine helps produce acetylcholine.

As we discussed earlier, acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter essential for memory and learning.

There are promising studies that show improved memory recall in mice with dementia [11].

7. Bacopa Monnieri

This herb, long used in Ayurvedic medicine for its ability to enhance cognitive function and improve memory and focus, is an exciting addition to the formula [12].

I came across a systematic review that supports Bacopa monnieri’s ability to lift brain fog and give you a mental edge [13].

“Bacopa monnieri contains active compounds called bacosides, which have been shown to have antioxidant effects, especially in the brain.”
- Ryan Raman, MS, RD.

8. Phosphatidylserine

Like other antioxidants, phosphatidylserine protects the body, including brain cells, from the stress of free radicals [14].

Research shows phosphatidylserine benefits cognitive function [15].

The areas of cognitive functioning include:

  • Short-term memory formation
  • Memory recall
  • Focus and concentration
  • Mental agility
  • Problem-solving
  • Language skills
  • Communication

9. L-tyrosine

A bunch of pills with L-tyrosine graphic

L-tyrosine is an amino acid and precursor to catecholamine, which affects dopamine and norepinephrine, neurotransmitters that control mood and well-being [16].

According to our nutritionists, it is common for people to take L-tyrosine as a stand-alone supplement or in a pre-workout or weight loss supplement because they believe it can reduce stress, improve mental alertness and enhance cognitive performance.

10. N-acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR)

This amino acid and antioxidant helps get rid of free radicals in the brain resulting in improved mental performance.

Also, N-acetyl-L-carnitine is a precursor to dopamine, which is involved in cognitive performance [17].

ALCAR also increases acetylcholine levels in the brain, boosting memory, learning, and recall and reducing brain fog [18].

11. Ginkgo Leaf

The helpful components of Ginkgo leaf include flavonoids, potent antioxidants, and terpenoids, which improve blood flow [19].

Several peer-reviewed studies looking at the efficacy of Ginkgo leaf supplementation for age-related diseases and declining cognition encourage additional research to better answer the question [20].

12. L-Glutamine

Our nutritionists note that the amino acid L-glutamine is an excellent addition to any nootropic because it may reduce cognitive impairment brought on by stress [21].

L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and may help gut and immune function and other body processes, particularly during times of stress [22].

13. Resveratrol

A close up shot of blueberries with Resveratrol graphic

Resveratrol is in a group of compounds called polyphenols which act similarly to antioxidants [23].

According to our nutritionists, resveratrol can be in the skin of grapes, peanuts, red wine, and berries.

One 14-week trial evaluates the effects of resveratrol on cognitive functioning and finds it may help to improve memory, learning, and focus [24].

14. Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)

Docosahexaenoic acid is an omega-3 fatty acid found in fish like salmon and tuna. Although the evidence is limited, many believe it boosts memory and thinking skills [25].

15. Panax Ginseng Root

Panax ginseng root is a common ingredient in supplements, including nootropics, perhaps because it is an adaptogen that helps the body fight stressors and promotes a sense of overall well-being.

An online review evaluating the benefits of Panax ginseng on cognitive functioning suggests it does and encourages further research [26].

Another study found that Panax ginseng supplementation enhanced brain function in those with mild cognitive impairment [27].

“Occasional doses of Panax ginseng may help improve mental function, but more research is needed on its long-term effectiveness.”
- Erica Julson, MS, RDN.


A woman doing yoga with the benefits of Provasil

Provasil is one of the dietary supplements with substantial antioxidant benefits and the potential to improve cognition.

For customers who suffer from cognitive struggles, Provasil may be helpful.

It may:

  • Protect the brain from free radicals from ingredients with antioxidant properties
  • Boost memory and overall recall
  • Prevent age-related cognitive decline
  • Support neurotransmitter synthesis, particularly related to mood and feelings of well-being
  • Support overall brain health

Provasil appealed to our test group because of its stimulant-free formula.

Our testers didn’t report any major side effects, some experienced minor stomach discomfort, and others reported a horrible taste.

However, cognitive test results before and after testing show no significant improvement in cognitive function.

Our test group reported moderate improvement in feelings of well-being and mental clarity, but most felt the efficacy didn’t match the price tag and wouldn’t continue using Provasil.

Provasil Side Effects

Provasil is generally safe for most healthy adults; however, including some natural ingredients like ginkgo Biloba and Bacopa monnieri may cause some adverse side effects [28].

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Heart palpitations
  • Upset stomach
  • Constipation
  • Allergic skin reactions

Some individuals working with us for this Provasil review reported a bit of gastrointestinal discomfort if they took it without food.

Stomach upset was the only adverse effect reported by our testing group during the trial period.

  • A good amount of folic acid to help with folate deficiency and cognitive decline
  • Stimulant-free, so it doesn’t disrupt sleep
  • L-tyrosine influences neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine for mood.
  • Users report an unpleasant taste
  • The complex formula of 15 ingredients, and some lack solid evidence as a nootropic
  • I would expect more significant improvement from premium-priced nootropic

How to Use It

A woman drinking water in the mountains while doing yoga

According to the official website, the manufacturer recommends taking one or two Provasil tablets in the morning with food.

People at Congentix Labs also understand that navigating through the course of a day can lead to a need for an additional boost to information processing and mental clarity, so you can take one or two extra tablets in the afternoon with food.

Some in our test group took the additional afternoon dose on days when they felt brain fog was more of an issue and reported mixed results.

Who Should Use Provasil?

Healthy adults with no allergies or sensitivities to the ingredients, who are experiencing some memory loss, concentration difficulties, high-stress levels, or another cognitive decline should take Provasil.

Before taking any supplement, I always advise my clients to discuss their physical and mental health and medication interactions.

I encourage you to do the same if you are currently considering a nootropic supplement.

Our #1 Recommendation

CTA of Provasil
Overall Score 4.1

Who Shouldn’t Use Provasil?

A pregnant woman drinking water indoors while doing yoga

Pregnant or breastfeeding women and those who have certain medical conditions like liver conditions or diabetes shouldn’t take Provasil.

The ingredients are all-natural, but the risk to developing babies is unknown.

Certain ingredients may interfere with diabetes management or exacerbate liver conditions [29].

Consult your doctor to discuss any health conditions and medications before taking Provasil.

Where to Buy Provasil

You can buy Provasil directly from the manufacturer’s website or from third-party online retailers like Amazon.

Provasil is one of the more pricey nootropics, however, purchasing it through the official website will provide you savings for bulk purchases.

If you are on the fence about taking Provasil, you should know that the manufacturer offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Shipping and Delivery

The Provasil website offers free shipping for minimum purchase, so I chose that option at checkout over expedited shipping.

I ordered before 1:00 pm on a Monday and received the package by Friday, right in the 3-5 business days window.

User Testimonials

One of the best ways to determine a nootropic supplement’s efficacy is to look at user reviews.

I looked online at numerous Provasil reviews and hand-picked a few to give a good picture.

He thinks it is working as promised but finds it is too costly.
- Larry from Ohio

She has taken it for a while and has yet to experience much-improved focus.
- Sharon from Missouri

He says it is a magic pill for clearing up his brain fog and uses it daily.
- Javier from Pennsylvania

He sees no benefit and states that it tastes terrible.
- Robert from Nevada

Provasil vs. The Competition

A picture of Provasil and competition pills on wooden spoons

This Provasil review would be incomplete if we didn’t look at how it stacks up against the competition.

We hand-picked three comparable nootropic supplements and had our test group break into three groups and try them for an additional test period.

As for the Provasil test, they gave feedback and performed cognitive tests at the beginning and end of the test period.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is another nootropic with only natural ingredients produced by Opti Nutra.

Like Provasil, Mind Lab Pro offers a good dose of B vitamins to promote brain health and cell protection.

They both also have Bacopa monnieri in their formulas, but Mind Lab Pro has a more optimal dose at 150 mg, according to our nutritionists.

Unlike Provasil, you take Mind Lab Pro on an empty stomach. This nootropic is vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

Alpha Brain

A woman doing yoga with Alpha Brain on the side

Onnit provides an all-natural formulation of stim-free ingredients promising to promote better memory and boost focus and concentration, but amounts are hidden behind proprietary blends..

We know that Alpha Brain contains some well-known nootropic ingredients like alpha-GPC, which is made from choline, supporting acetylcholine levels, which we discussed earlier, can help memory and learning.

Gorilla Mind Smooth

Gorilla Mind offers another stimulant-free nootropic with all-natural ingredients; however, the capsule is gelatin, so it is unsuitable for vegan users.

Saffron is a unique addition, so I pointed this out to our nutritionist, who confirmed this spice that comes from the Crocus plant is a positive addition, as studies link it to improved brain function [30].

Additionally, Gorilla Mind Smooth contains Kanna, a tribal, South African herb chewed before stressful situations. Research supports this benefit [31].

All in all, Gorilla Mind is a good nootropic that comes in at a more economical price point than Provasil.


What Is Provasil Good For?

According to Cognetix Labs, Provasil is good for improved working memory, focus and abstract thought processes, thinking speed, concentration, and stress reduction. They claim their formula consists of research-backed ingredients designed to boost all areas of cognitive performance.

How Many Provasil Tablets Do You Take a Day?

You can take as many as four Provasil tablets a day. Take 1-2 in the morning with food, and if you experience symptoms like brain fog in the afternoon, you can take an additional 1-2 tablets with food.

So, Should You Take Provasil?

Taking a nootropic is a great way to reduce stress, enhance cognitive abilities and keep your brain healthy. While Provasil is a good choice, there are better choices than Provasil.

Provasil offers an overly complex formula offering some cognitive benefits, but some ingredient dosing needs to be corrected.

Mind Lab Pro contains natural nootropics included to promote brain health and combat symptoms of declining cognition, and our test group supports these claims.

The Mind Lab group’s test results showed significant improvement in mental clarity, focus, and thinking speed, leading us to throw our support behind this nootropic.

We Recommend This Instead

Mind Lab Pro

  • Doesn’t cause jitters, as it’s stimulant-free
  • It’s easy to consume, as it only requires two capsules a day
  • It’s safe and third-party tested
  • There are no hidden ingredients
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of January
  • It is a bit pricey compared to some other products of the same type
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