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Sculpt Patch Review (2023) Does It Help With Weight Loss?

Isaac Robertson
Published by Isaac Robertson
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Last updated: March 20, 2023
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Several clients I’ve been training for a couple of months now have asked me about the new weight loss patch called the Sculpt Patch, which is currently trending in the diet industry.

So, I decided to conduct my research, talk to a dermatologist friend, and test it myself for 30 days to see if it could help me reduce appetite and boost metabolism, as promised.

So, I've compiled all my data and poured it into this review, including ingredients, benefits, and possible side effects, so keep reading to learn if this topical supplement patch actually helps with weight loss.

What Are Sculpt Patch Topical Patches?

A woman with a patch on her belly

The Sculpt Patch topical patches are aesthetic supplement patches made from organic ingredients intended to help people reduce weight via bypassing the digestive system.

They are made of hypoallergenic materials that are easy to apply to the skin and contain all-natural, vegan, plant-based ingredients.

This cutting-edge technology offers better absorption compared to pills, where most nutrients are lost through the digestive system.

How Do They Work?

Sculpt patches work as post-treatment support for traditional fat loss treatments, removing dead fat cells that have gone through apoptosis (cell death).

Since these treatments kill fat cells in the body, the patches are said to completely remove dead fat cells through the lymphatic system, thereby reducing inflammation [1].

Furthermore, it claims to provide energy and less hunger to anyone, not just those undergoing fat loss treatments. It also promises no side effects usually associated with standard pills as it bypasses the digestive tract completely.

Using the product increased my energy marginally for the first two weeks but did not reduce my appetite even after a month of consistent use.

Sculpt Patch Ingredients

Ingredients found in Sculpt Patch

Sculpt patches contain vegan-friendly ingredients directly absorbed in the bloodstream through the skin, which don’t need to pass through the digestive tract and are included to accelerate fat loss.

These ingredients include:

  • Vitamin B12 - Vitamin B12, or Methylcobalamin, is an essential vitamin required in many bodily functions, including metabolism enhancement and energy production [2].
  • Proprietary blend of Goldenseal and Myrrh - Both goldenseal and myrrh have been shown to have anti-inflammatory qualities that enhance the body's natural cleansing process of removing dead fat cells through the lymphatic system [3].
  • Echinacea - Echinacea is a popular herbal remedy known for its powerful immune-enhancing effect to help fight infection and reduce swelling in the lymphatic system [4].
  • Garcinia cambogia  - Garcinia cambogia is a pumpkin-shaped fruit extract known for its fat-loss benefits due to its hydroxycitric acid content, which aids in appetite suppression [5].

Does Sculpt Patch Have Any Benefits?

Pointing at her stomach

There are some benefits to using this topical patch, such as helping people feel more comfortable after non-invasive fat loss procedures.

Since it’s a patch, it doesn’t introduce any calories, and it can be used while fasting, which can also double the effect of removing dead fat cells as the autophagy triggered by fasting does that naturally already.

Also, the additional natural nutrients support weight loss by increasing physical performance.

One other thing that could be considered a benefit is that a 90-day-supply costs around $84, which comes out slightly less than some other popular weight-loss products. But when you factor in effectiveness, which is the most important thing, this benefit disappears.

After two months of use, I was really disappointed with the product because I didn't see any significant change in my weight whatsoever.

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It may help remove dead fat cells from the system, but like any medication or supplement, this patch can have some minor and temporary side effects.

Among these side effects are the following:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Dry mouth

Before using these fat loss patches, I talked to my doctor to be safe, but thankfully I didn't experience any major side effects.

Alternative Ways to Lose Weight

One proven alternative way to lose weight is to take fat-burning supplements such as PhenQ diet pills, LeanBean supplements, and Instant Knockout for weight loss.

While SculptPatch may support body shaping goals by removing dead fat cells to reduce swelling, the mentioned weight loss pills accelerate losing weight even with less effort.

“Weight-loss supplements contain a whole slew of herbals and other ingredients.”

- Melissa Matteo, RD

They aim to speed up your metabolism naturally, cut the number of calories you eat and improve your physical performance.

Alternatively, you can check our guides on the best fat burners for men and the best fat burners for ladies.

Who Should Use Sculpt Patch?

Woman with two patch overlay

People who have undergone body shaping and fat loss procedures should use Sculpt Patch to decrease swelling and inflammation in the affected area and help their lymphatic system excrete dead fat cells from the body.

Furthermore, fitness enthusiasts who regularly work out to reduce fat could potentially benefit from this product.

Although, they might need some vitamins and minerals because additional natural nutrients support many bodily functions and increase energy production needed to fuel their workouts.

Who Shouldn't Use Slimming Patches?

People with underlying medical conditions such as heart and lung diseases shouldn't use slimming patches.

Certain ingredients in the product, like myrrh, can cause irregular heartbeats and respiratory allergic reactions [6].

Consumer Feedback

User giving feedback online about Sculpt Patch

There are very few online reviews for this product, suggesting that very few people actually use it. Here are three user reviews I found in a Facebook group that I thought were interesting.

"It didn't help. Instead, it caused terrible digestive issues. I had high hopes for this, but it's not worth it and doesn't do what it claims."

- Lyne from Montana, USA

"I'm a little sensitive, so my skin gets a little red, but I still love how much energy I get."

- Elana from Arizona, USA

"I followed the instructions exactly, but it made no difference. I don't recommend buying this product.."

- Daniel from Georgia, USA


When Is the Best Time to Apply Sculpt Patch?

The best time to apply Sculpt Patch is first thing in the morning because it improves energy to get you through the rest of the day.

It is not advised to be worn at night to avoid having trouble falling asleep.

How Long Do You Wear Sculpt Patch?

You should wear Sculpt Patch on the skin for eight hours because wearing the product longer than eight hours may cause itching.

The ingredients in this slimming product are gradually released over an eight-hour time frame.

Can Sculpt Patch Help You Reduce Weight?

After consuming the entire 90-day supply, I concluded that using this topical supplement patch alone is ineffective in assisting me in losing weight.

It may have given me a little more energy, but it did not reduce my hunger as the product claims.

So, I advise my clients to stick to tried-and-tested weight-loss methods such as diet, exercise, and taking legitimate fat burners that increase thermogenesis and reduce appetite.

I've been using PhenQ with my clients for many years, and we've found that it effectively helps reduce weight faster and improve our overall body composition.

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