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Is Terron Beckham On Steroids Or Natty? (Revealed)

Michael Garrico
Published by Michael Garrico | Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Last updated: July 16, 2023

Terron Beckham has had a unique career that should have gotten him to the NFL long ago. Unfortunately, he made some sporting mistakes in college and had to prove his speed and strength in other sports.

It's precisely that speed, along with a huge physical build, that has attracted a lot of steroid accusations.

As a personal trainer, I've seen all the side effects that athletes end up with from anabolic drugs, so I decided to spend a few weeks researching Terron to see if I could answer the common steroid questions.

Here's what I found.

Quick Summary

  • Terron Beckham isn't on steroids, but has attained his bulked body by playing rugby, and focusing more on bodybuilding workouts.
  • Beckham also participated in Men's physique class c arena, a competition that doesn't tolerate any substance abuse.
  • Tough training, supplements, and diets can help you bulk up like Terron Beckham.

Does Terron Beckham Take Steroids?

Terron has been asked in several interviews about whether he has taken performance enhancers to achieve his extremely ripped body.


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Unfortunately, Beckham puts his answer into a bit of rant and ramble on most occasions.

As a result, he has struggled to change people's minds about the steroid questions, with some even speculating that the way he addresses the question is an example of roid-rage.

I believe that's a weak argument as those rage side effects are known to be very rare [1].

"If they feel like, 'What you look like or what you do, you can't do that without having whatever substances.' It's crazy. All I have to say is that I'm here, and they've done their tests or whatever. I'm cool. I've never had to do anything, and I'm fine."

- Terron Beckham

Why Do People Believe Terron Takes Steroids?

silhouette of a bodybuilder

I looked at three common physical effects of steroid use to answer that.

1. Extreme Vascularity

Those popping veins you get during a workout when you're fully pumped up are normal, but they are a common side effect of anabolic drugs, even when you're just relaxing [2].

Because most of Terron's online photos are taken in the gym, at photoshoots, or on competition days, I had to look for videos to see if he's extremely vascular. And looking at some YouTube interviews, I would say that Beckham doesn’t show signs of extreme vascularity.

2. Large Breast Tissue

While soft breast tissue is a common problem for steroid users, it can be handled through medication [3]. But even then, it's hard to hide, and I couldn't find evidence that Beckham has ever had this problem.

3. Fast Bulking Process

It's the main reason athletes turn to anabolic medication, and any professional gym is a great environment for them to get tempted by an extremely fast bulking time [4].

I would say here that you have to put Beckham's muscle progress in the context of being ripped before he even got to college.

Terron's Stats And Accomplishments

  • Born: July 28, 1992
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 220lbs

Because he wasn't the one who played football during college, he didn't stand much of a chance to get into the National Football League (NFL). Instead, he has focused on playing rugby and bodybuilding, where he has been competing in the Men's Physique Class C arena.

He has also become a fitness model and publishes online training classes [5].

What Would It Take To Bulk Up Like Terron?

shirtless man and a stack of meds

If you want to look like Beckham, you have to make some tough lifestyle choices and commit to them for several years.

Diet & Supplements

The first thing you need to look at is how you’re dieting and taking supplements. You'll need to eat more carbs and protein to fuel the workouts and provide nutrients for muscle recovery and bulking [6].

But that doesn't just mean taking whey protein shakes.

If you don’t have great genetics to help with your muscle growth, then a bulking stack of legal steroids can speed your progress up significantly. That way, you can get the benefits while avoiding the side effects of performance-enhancing drugs.

Tough Training

Even if Beckham has great genetics that favors bulking up faster naturally, he still had to spend many years perfecting his physique. It means working out 90 minutes a day for five or six days a week.

And if you keep that going for five years, you'll start looking like Terron.

Was Terron Tested For Steroid Use?

hand view of a person preparing a syringe

Terron has mentioned in several interviews that he has never tested positive for anabolic drugs.

And considering that he has taken part in professional sporting events, it would have been difficult to avoid such drug tests.


Was Terron Beckham Ever Banned for Using Steroids?

No, Beckham has never been banned for steroid use. He has played professional rugby and participated in bodybuilding events where drug testing is mandatory.

Does Terron Beckham Have Health Issues Due to Steroids?

No, it doesn't look like Terron has health issues due to steroids. Long-term use may cause significant issues like ulcerated acne and kidney failure, which would be very visible.

Final Verdict: Is Terron Natty?

While he has achieved a very large muscle mass, I don't believe his Men's Physique Class C success is out of the ordinary, considering how long he has been working out. It's more likely that he has great genetics and professional coaching support.

If you want to achieve a similar body, you have to start with a strict and clean diet and work hard at the gym.

Once that's in place, you should consider adding legal and natural steroid supplements for men to your strategy. It can help you boost your testosterone, improve your strength, and help you overcome those low-energy moments that can hold you back.


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