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Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT
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Last updated: May 10, 2024
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Jane Fonda, a Hollywood icon, impressively maintains a fitness level enviable for those decades younger.

Beyond her acting, Jane's fitness books and videos on workout routines and diet plans have been valuable educational tools. In my years as a holistic nutritionist and personal trainer, I've even sometimes referenced her methods to guide my clients at Taylor Made Fitness.

Upon researching her exercise routine, it's clear that it's beneficial for everyone, not just women.

Jane Fonda’s Workout Routine

woman tying her shoelace, women warming up outdoors

What you won’t find here is the typical celebrity exercise routine with long lists of isolation exercises.

That’s not what keeps Jane fit at her age.

Instead, she focuses on remaining active and limber, both in body and brain.

Her exercise approach, adapting to age-related changes, mirrors what I advise in my health coaching. She does fewer, slower exercises, embodying my mantra at Taylor Made Fitness: do what you can, rather than nothing at all.

1. Daily Stretching

Jane attributes her youthful agility to daily stretching, a practice I emphasize with my clients for maintaining flexibility and preventing cramps and stiffness.

2. Light-weight Training

Working with her trainer, Malin, Jane uses light weights and resistance bands for back and core strength, vital for good posture. Her go-tos include stability ball squats, banded rows, and dumbbell chest presses.

3. Aerobic Exercises

Daily aerobic activities are key to Jane's youthful look. But it's not about marathon treadmill sessions.

She recommend:

  • fast walking or hiking
  • elliptical machines
  • aerobics
  • dance classes (like Zumba)

These exercises are heart-healthy and brain-rejuvenating, as backed by research published in the Trends in Neuroscience journal [1].

4. Outdoor Activities

Jane loves outdoor exercise and is always up for activities like skiing, snowshoeing, or challenging hikes. This variety not only keeps fitness fun but has also contributed to her successful workout book series.

Her Diet Plan

tomatoes, grapes and beans on top of the table, white plate with red sauce stain and a fork

Jane's openness about her past eating disorder and her subsequent self-education parallels the nutrition knowledge I impart to my clients as a holistic nutritionist.

“To overcome bulimia, I had to teach myself to eat all over again, like a child.”

- Jane Fonda

Here are the main areas she focuses on:

1. Avoid The Junk

It's more than just saying no to burgers and pizza.

Jane recommends checking food's shelf life; the longer it lasts, the less healthy it likely is. She opts for fresh produce with shorter shelf lives, often found at farmers' markets.

2. Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Her meals are a rainbow of fruits and veggies. The greater the color variety, the better for your health.

3. Intermittent Fasting

While not explicitly calling it fasting, Jane avoids eating during certain times, akin to intermittent fasting [2].

She suggests using apps like Noom to track food intake and macros. Keeping a close eye on salt intake is crucial too, to dodge blood pressure issues.

Sample Meal Plan


  • Bowl of fresh fruit with yogurt
  • Eggs and whole-grain bread


  • Unsalted nuts
  • Handful of fresh berries


  • Large bowl of salad
  • Small portion of salmon


  • Lean meat, chicken, or fish
  • Brown rice
  • Mixed steamed vegetables

Jane Fonda Supplements

Jane likely leans on a few key supplements for her health and youthful glow.

1. Multivitamin

A top-notch multivitamin for women can bolster a woman's immune system, metabolism, and digestion. It's a one-pill wonder for enhancing various bodily functions.

2. Vitamin D

Considering Jane's glowing skin and likely use of UV protection, she probably supplements with vitamin D, essential for those limiting sun exposure.

3. Magnesium

Given her active lifestyle, Jane's muscles need extra nourishment. While protein is vital, magnesium plays a crucial role in muscle function and relaxation, especially after a busy day.

Her Stats

Born: December 21, 1937
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 130 lbs

As the daughter of Henry Fonda, it didn’t take a huge leap to start a career as an actress in Hollywood.

But she didn’t just focus on making movies and winning Academy Awards.

Despite her age (now in her 80s), Jane has dedicated her time to helping people of all ages to focus more on healthy living.


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